July 29th Directors Meeting

The USBCHA Board of Directors met in extraordinary session by teleconference on July 29th to further discuss issues arising from the COVID-19 pandemic and other matters.

  • Due to the amount of work involved in addressing legal and liability issues arising out of COVID-19, the USBCHA will investigate the feasibility of engaging independent counsel to draft the appropriate policies and procedures.
  • The liability waiver has been removed from the website pending review and resolution of concerns raised by members concerning the indemnity language.
  • Interim rule 3 was amended to add that USBCHA would reimburse trial hosts for entry fees lost due to handlers withdrawing due to COVID-19 exposure within 14 days of the trial.
  • Exploring feasibility of a 30-day comment period for any future proposed rule changes.
  • Discussion ongoing with NCA as to the feasibility of some future collaboration.

Full copy of the minutes are available here