Qualifying Nursery Pts. 2020-Sheep


1. Age requirement:
(a.) A dog is eligible for the Nursery Finals if its
      third birthday falls on or after July 1 of the year in which that
      Nursery Final is held. [Any dog born on or after July 1, 2017 is
      eligible for the 2020 Finals.]

Posted Nursery Trials for 2020 Finals

Qualified Nursery Sheep Dogs 2019

Qualifying Nursery Pts. 2020 (Update 12/12/19)

AbramsGeriMazeFar Out Fetching Flockers Arena Trial 110/25/1951
AndersonRoseHutch16th Annual Crook & Whistle Trial 29/7/195116th Annual Crook & Whistle Trial 39/7/1951
BarrettTyKaraOaktree Fall Classic SDT Trial 210/06/1981Oaktree Sooner SDT Trial 111/2/1981
BatzPaulRaffyJimmie's Farm SDT Trial 110/20/1971
BatzPaulReynForfar SDT Trial 110/19/1961
BenzBethShaynaWitches N Bitches Trial 110/27/1951
BergCorinneEveLacamas Valley SDT Trial 18/20/1961Lacamas Valley SDT Trial 28/20/1961
BishopBillyBeanLinden Hollow Fall SDT Trial 111/2/19512019 Lazy J Farm Trial Trial 211/9/1951
BishopBillyKaiMississippi State Fair Trial 110/8/1961
BludworthJackieJimAquilla Open SDT Trial 110/26/1982
BoyceDawnSlim Bob2019 Lazy J Farm Trial Trial 111/8/1951
BradleySueRossWitches N Bitches Trial 210/27/1951
BrannenConnieRaleighShady Acres SDT Trial 29/1/195116th Annual Crook & Whistle Trial 19/6/1951
BurkeyRonDaleAquilla Open SDT Trial 210/27/1982Armadillo SDT Trial 111/3/1992
CarringtonCindyCarsonGSDA Fall Trial 110/5/1961Coppar Creek Farm SDT Trial 211/1/1951
CashBrianThymeMississippi State Fair Trial 210/9/1951
ChristensenJackKaleighGlen Rose Nursery Trial 211/30/1951
ClawsonCarolMysticFlock N Paws Trial 111/15/1981
CunninghamLoriRopePossum Hollar Farm Trial 209/29/1961Keepstone Farm Trial 1 Open9/21/19505
CunninghamLoriVincentWay to Me Farm SDT Trial 111/15/19112
DearEileenKizzyOaktree Sooner SDT Trial 111/2/1982
DearEileenPeatOaktree Fall Classic SDT Trial 110/05/1981Oaktree Fall Classic SDT Trial 210/06/1982
DuffyMary AnnJeanPine Belt SDT Trial 111/23/1951
ElliottChrisRelWay to Me Farm SDT Trial 211/15/19102
EnzerothRonFritzSand Rock Ranch Classic Trial 110/11/19132Sand Rock Ranch Classic Trial 210/12/19132
FlanaganMargaretKittBittersweet Novice Trial 211/10/1982
FonkalsrudKellyMillieOaktree Fall Classic SDT Trial 110/05/1982
FrenchRobinBeccaKeepstone Farm SDT Trial 109/21/1951Keepstone Farm SDT Trial 209/22/1951
GlenScottPipFido's Farm November Trial 111/22/1961Fido's Farm November Trial 211/23/1961
GoodCindyGriffonShady Acres SDT Trial 18/31/1991
GoodCindyRainShady Acres SDT Trial 18/31/1992
GourleyShaunaQwynFlock N Paws Trial 111/15/201982
LaubLoganBlakeGSDA Fall Trial 210/6/1951GSDA Fall Trial Trial 2(Open)10/6/19482
MacDonaldGeorgeChicMacDonald's Winter Series #2 Trial 111/17/1951
MacRaeAlasdairTedWay to Me Farm SDT Trial 111/15/19111Rural Hill SDT Trial 211/9/1951
MillsAllenTomRiley/Young Open Trial 29/29/1971Sand Rock Ranch Classic Trial 110/11/19133
MorelandCookieCoolieGlen Rose Nursery Trial 111/29/1961
MurrayTerryCrowNippersink "Meet the Scotts" Trial 2(Open)10/12/19351
RayBarbaraFloRapidan Nursery Trial 210/14/1982
RileyChuckBenSand Rock Ranch Classic Trial 110/11/19131Sand Rock Ranch Classic Trial 210/12/19131
RoegnerLarryCaliCoppar Creek Farm SDT Trial 111/1/1951Way to Me Farm SDT Trial 211/15/19101
StrangBridgetFlickaSand Rock Ranch Classic Trial 210/12/19133Ettrick Kennels Steve Munson Memorial Trial 110/17/1961
ThomsonChrisJazzRiley/Young Open Trial 19/28/1982
WestCarolynGaelBittersweet Novice Trial 111/9/1951Bittersweet Novice Trial 211/10/1981
WilliamsCharlesBeauxRiley/Young Open Trial 19/28/1981