USBCHA Trial Resources

Trial Management – USBCHA Recommendations on holding a dog Trial

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Scribe Directions

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Scribe Sheets

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Score Sheets – Calculations for scoring a Trial

Excel formatted Score sheet


Preparing for a Trial – Step by Step Trial Preparation Procedures

  1. As entries are received

    • Put entries in spreadsheet
    • Notify handlers by email that entry was received
  2. Two to Three Months Ahead Minimum

    • Sanction Trial
    • Get Insurance
    • Obtain sheep
    • Choose field
    • Line up judge(s)
    • Line up setout crew
    • Send out entries
    • Prepare budget


  3. One week after entry deadline

    • Send email with draw


  4.  After draw out date

    • Cash checks
    • Pull running Order
    • Send email with running order


  5. Pre Trial

    • Prepare spreadsheet for score breakdowns
    • Line up Clerks
    • Line up course director(s)
    • Contact judge and ask food preferences
    • Order Porta Potties


  6. One week before trial (if field is available ahead of time)

    • Set up setout pens
    • Set up course
    • Print score board (blow up spreadsheet at Staples)
    • Print score sheets
    • Buy snacks, water, soda for judge, clerks and setout crew
    • Send out email with updated run order, weather and time of handler’s meeting


  7. One to Two days before trial

    • Haul rest of items to field
    • Receive sheep
    • Haul hay for sheep
    • Porta Potties arrive


  8. Post trial

    • Send results in 21 days max or pay penalty
    • Post results on website if you have one


Additional Trial Management Resources:

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