Friendly Forms

I am currently tinkering with a number of the forms with the aim of making them more user friendly. If you use any of the various forms please feel free to send me feedback-both what you like and what you think would improve them.

Thank You

Linda DeJong

Trial Hosts may pay for Sanction Fees via PayPal


    1. Email the USBCHA Trial Results Form(s) to Please list the top 20% of handlers/dogs that compete in the trial in order of finish (score not required). To verify the number of dogs running, you may EITHER fill out one of the standard forms (scores not required) OR attach a run order (or similar list) noting any scratches or dogs running non-compete. You may use a standard form or send the information in Excel or other program so long as the requested information is included. Please do not send scoring breakdowns.
    2.  Submit a current email address. An invoice will be generated and submitted to the Trial Host or Trial Secretary for payment.
    3. Trial Results will not be posted on the USBCHA website until payment is received.
    4. PayPal Charges: Trial hosts will be responsible for additional fees associated with this convenience. There will be a charge of 2.9% plus 50¢ for each trial. The total amount will be reflected on the invoice.?

Please remember that there is a USBCHA rule in effect regarding the timely submission of results and fees: The sanctioning fee, along with the trial results form, is to be mailed to the HA Secretary’s office not later than twenty one (21) days after the trial.

The Secretary shall assess a penalty of $25.00 per class for all reports filed after the 21 days. If a trial report is late for two consecutive years, the trial host shall be referred to the Grievance Committee and the trial will not be sanctioned in the following year without pre-payment of sanctioning fees in an amount equal to 10% more than the prior year’s fees. Any overage shall be refunded when and if the results are filed in a timely manner.