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Thank you
Linda DeJong
Secretary USBCHA







The Cattledog Finals Website has a totally new facelift, thanks to Nicole Rhodes.
USBCHA National Cattledog Finals


March 18, 2016

Board of Directors met by conference call

The Board of Directors met by conference call on March 16, 2016. Those minutes are available on the website – click “Association” then Minutes. At that meeting, the Board agreed to begin paying the Secretary as of January 1, 2017. The demands on the Secretary have increased over time and the majority of the Board felt that some payment was long overdue. To pay for the Secretary, the sanctioning fees on sheep trials will be raised $0.50 per dog effective August 1, 2016. Fees collected between August 1 and the end of the year will go to the general fund and will hopefully assist us in upgrading the website. As of January 1, 2017 the additional fee will be paid to the secretary. We anticipate that the total amount paid will range between $6000 and $8000 a year. Officer terms, including the secretary’s term, ends on December 31. Information about each position will be provided prior to the nomination period later this fall and will be open to anyone who is interested.

The Board also addressed a couple of rules. Again, I refer you to the minutes or check the Rules. Any rule changes that have occurred this year are in red. As for future rule issues, we will create a new link on the web page to “Rule Proposals.” Any rules under consideration will be posted there. The fact that they are “under consideration,” however, does not mean that they are on an agenda for a vote, so please read posts to see if they are actually subject to a vote in the near future.

We have recently received information on the 2017 World Trial. It is posted on the site under “Major Events.” It appears that the USA will have 10 slots this year. Those interested will need to submit a statement of interest through the last day of the Finals, September 18, 2016. The form will be available on May 15.

Finally, I want to remind everyone that we will not be mailing Director Nomination forms, Director Ballots or Finals Entry Forms to members. They will all be available on the website. Entry forms and Director nomination forms will be posted on May 15. We are working on a mass email program to also send nomination forms and ballots to members. Please keep your eye on the website for more information.



If you have changed your address or email and did not update it on your membership renewal, or just want to make sure membership email information is correct, please let the secretary know so we can get membership contacts updated. We are getting bounced emails when we try to contact some members.



2016 National Cattledog Finals

The 2016 National Cattledog Final will be held September 22-25 at Creston, Iowa.

The host is Curtis Travis.

News and updates about the upcoming 2016 USBCHA National Cattledog Finals will be available at



USBCHA Secretary Change

Effective March 1, 2016, Linda DeJong will take over as the Secretary for the USBCHA. For those of you who were at Alturus, you will remember Linda as the substitute secretary for the 2015 Finals and she did an incredible job. I would have been lost without her.

For those of you who don’t know Linda, she has been training and trialing Border Collies in USBCHA sanctioned trials since the early 1990s, primarily in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. She has also competed in Canada, Wyoming and Montana. Linda ran in the National Finals in South Dakota in Open and Nursery. She also helped to organize and put on a USBCHA sanctioned trial for 3 years.

For over 15 years, Linda has worked on an excel program to do the score keeping at USBCHA sanctioned trials. She has used her program to score keep at numerous trials, many of which she has done annually, including Vashon Island (Maggie McClure’s trial) and Palm Cottage (Laura Vishoot’s trial). She has also done the scoring for Sue and George MacDonald, Trailing of the Sheep and Ray Crabtree in Idaho, as well as miscellaneous other trials over the years. Other trial organizers, including the Utah Stockdog Association, have used Linda’s programs successfully.

Linda’s excel program does a random draw following USBCHA guidelines for run orders, prints scribe sheets and does a host of other things required by our rules for the National Finals.

I am sure I speak for all Directors that we appreciate all that Annemarie has done for the Directors and the Association and we hate to see her go, but we are very fortunate to have someone so skilled ready to take over.

Thank you Annemarie for everything.
Welcome Linda.

Carol Clawson

New contact information for the secretary:

Linda DeJong
1556 Harding St
Enumclaw, Wa 98022
(360) 280-2820

Please download and use the new forms for trial approval and trial results that will also have Linda’s contact information.



Judges for the National Sheepdog Finals 2016
Andrew Dickman
Michael Gallagher
Johnny Robinson
Patrick Shannahan

Click here for their Bios



The Board of Directors voted to return to the original rule regarding judges, which states:

The BOD must elect at least one North American judge for the National Finals. At least one of the National Finals judges must be (and all could be) a one-year resident of North America. No judge who is listed on an AKC approved judging list may judge the Cattle or Sheepdog Finals.

As with the vote on the motion to amend the rule, it was not unanimous. This is an important point. The Board had a very thoughtful debate and did not agree on the result. Similarly, the emails I have received are basically evenly divided. In other words, there are different opinions on this and many other matters and, as an Association, we need to accept the diversity of opinion that is bound to exist among its members and as reflected on the Board of Directors.

The Association is fortunate to have a Board that honors and respects others opinions, even if they disagree. It is also a Board that takes their responsibility seriously – every one of them. Contrary to some speculation on social media, there was nothing inappropriate or unethical in the way this matter arose or was acted upon and I hope that such speculation and personal attacks relating to this matter will now end.

Moving forward, I hope that, in Association matters, we can embrace the environment of our trials – an environment that, even though competitive, I have always found to be welcoming and supportive. The Board welcomes input, but let’s respect each other’s opinions just as we respect each other’s efforts on the trial field.

Carol Clawson, President




“Happy New Year to all”!

Reminder that we are accepting nominations for the 2016 Sheep and Cattle finals. Select the “Forms” tab on the USBCHA website or email me.

Nominations must be received no later than January 21, 2016.

Also, if you have not already done so, it is time to renew your membership for 2016. Memberships are based on the calendar year; annual memberships expire on December 31st each year.





Thanks to the good work of our team – Annemarie, Joanne and Marianna – you can now join or renew your membership online. Click on “”Membership Information” on the left side menu and scroll to the bottom of the page. You can pay using PayPal or indicate you are paying by check. If you are not a member of PayPal, you can also pay by credit card – click paypal and there will be a link.

New members may pay online but will still need to submit a completed membership form via email or regular mail.

Renewal memberships can simply be renewed online. If your contact information has changed, please email Annemarie at

NOTE: The “recent trial & date” field holds 30 characters – it may be necessary to abbreviate (i.e. Pt Pleasant 10-31-15).

You will note that we have included a PayPal handling fee of $2.00 in your annual membership if you choose to pay by PayPal, so your total for an annual membership is $27.00. Similarly, we have included a $10.00 PayPal handling fee on the life membership for a total of $260.00 for a life membership. We welcome your comments on this new feature.



2016 National Sheepdog Finals

The 2016 National Sheepdog Finals will once again be held at the beautiful Strang Ranch, Carbondale Colorado September 13-18 2016. We thank them for allowing us to have this event on their property.


Report from the 2015 USBCHA Annual Meeting

First, I apologize for not doing this sooner, but I have been on the road since the Finals!

The Annual General Meeting for the USBCHA was held at the National Finals in Alturas, CA on September 23, 2015. After a brief review of some business items, those in attendance met in small groups (6-8 members per group) for “Discussion Items.” Each group was asked to pick a “scribe” to take a few notes and report back to the entire group on the discussion. This report summarizes the discussion that followed.

Discussion Topic #1: Single Day Qualifying

The Board has previously been asked to consider altering the way dogs qualify from the preliminary round into the semi-finals and to adopt “single-day qualifying.” Under this method, the top 10 dogs from each day would qualify instead of the top 40 from 4 days.

The issue of single day qualifying will be presented to the Board for a vote early next year. If you have thoughts on the matter, you are encouraged to contact your District Director.

Discussion Topic #2 – Nursery Qualification and Finals

This was a wide-open discussion on the Nursery program.

Again, if you have thoughts on the Nursery program, please contact your District Director.

One final discussion item that came up was the concern about non-members entering sanctioned trials. Our sanctioning fees are down, yet many trials are over-subscribed. It was suggested that we charge a surcharge for non-members ($3.00 was suggested). It has also been suggested that members be given preference in the draw for over-subscribed trials. These ideas will be submitted to the Rules Committee.

All in all, it was a very interesting and hopefully productive discussion. I know that I enjoyed it and I hope that others did as well.

Other items on the agenda, such as election results, have previously been reported on the website. One other item that I mentioned was our desire to upgrade our website. If anyone has some resources for someone who can help with that project, please let Annemarie know.

Thanks again to Geri Byrne, Amy Coapman, Lana Rowley and their incredible crew – it was a great Finals!

And thanks to all who came to the meeting. I look forward to the next year – we still have work to do!

Carol Clawson



At Large
    Lana Rowley
Joni Tietjen
Bob Salmon
Kay Stephens
Jim Valley
Lyle Lad
Maria Amodei
Dwight Parker
Jim Murphy
Bob Stephens
Laura Vishoot



Item 1: Accepting and Restated Bylaws: 96 yes, 19 no (so we have a 2/3 majority)

Item 2: Dues being set by Directors: 90 yes, 9 no

Item 3: Six (6) year term limit for directors: 99 yes, 0 no



Thank You

My thanks to Susan Carvalho for creating the well-received Hall of Fame nomination for Vergil, to the members of the HOF committee for conferring this honor on Vergil, to Lyle for accepting on his and my behalf with grace and good care, and to the border collie community as a whole for the way that each of you helped to shape his legacy.

You are a special community





“The final date to scratch from the USBCHA Finals and be guaranteed a refund is August 31, 2015.”

Annemarie Holland




USBCHA members:

In the next few days you will be receiving a package containing the ballots for the Directors as well as a ballot seeking your approval of the Proposed Amended and Restated Bylaws for the USBCHA. First, I appreciate all the interest that has been expressed in running for vacant positions on the Board. Please take the time to vote for your District Representative and for an at-large Directors as instructed on the ballot.

With respect the Proposed Amended and Restated Bylaws, the Board has worked diligently over the last several months reviewing the Bylaws and updating them to enable us to operate more efficiently. The changes are generally as follows: (1) the Bylaws have been reorganized and formatted so that they are easier to follow; and (2) the Bylaws have been updated to be consistent with current “best practices” and to allow for more electronic communication. The original Bylaws simply did not anticipate the electronic age. Certain provisions have been added that are required should the Association apply for tax-exempt status.

In addition to general updating and cleanup, there are two substantive changes. The first would allow the Directors to set dues. No increases have been proposed or considered but the members elect Directors to oversee the operations of the organization and they have the fiduciary responsibility to manage the Association finances. The decision to alter dues properly resides with the Directors. The second substantive change provides for term-limits for members of the Board – 3 terms, or six consecutive years.

The ballot has three items for your vote on the Bylaws. Item 1 is a vote to accept the Amended Bylaws as general. This does not include the two specific provisions noted above – dues and term limits. Those two provisions are subject to a separate vote (Items 2 and 3). I join the Board of Directors and strongly recommend a yes vote on all three items.

Finally, on the ballot return, there is a place to update your information – please do so – our database is out of date, particularly for lifetime members. If you do not have regular access to email, there is also a place where you can indicate that you need to receive material by mail. PLEASE RETURN YOUR BALLOTS TO THE USBCHA SECRETARY BY AUGUST 30, 2015.

Also please note that we have updated the format of the Rules under the Sheepdog Rules page. I hope you find them a bit easier to navigate!

Thank you for your participation.

Carol Clawson, President




Reminder that the final post mark for entries is August 7, 2015. Please be certain that your envelope


  • includes a postmark
  • it is legible.
  • Also, if you choose to send using a means of delivery confirmation, for most expeditious receipt of your entry, choose the “delivery confirmation” option which provides a barcode for tracking and is scanned to show actual delivery, but does not require a trip to the post office for my signature.
  • Finally, if you are planning to camp on site and you did not send in your $25 fee, please do so ASAP.


Please call 859-327-0450 or email me with any questions.




Please do not include your social security number on your entry form, regardless of whether the form has a space for it. Updated forms are posted.

Thank you




There seems to be some confusion regarding the timeline for submitting sanctioning requests. The request is due 30 days before the entry open date. For example, if your entry open/postmark date is August 15, 2015, your request for sanctioning should be to me by July 15, 2015.

Contact Annmarie Holland with any questions.




Ray Edwards is unable to judge the Nationals. He had a bad fall and damaged his ankle which is causing some on-going problems and his doctor advises against the travel.

The next person on the list is Richard Hutchinson and he confirmed his willingness to serve as a Judge in the National Finals.

See also Judges




The Board of Directors is in the process of reviewing and updating the Association’s Bylaws and Rules. Proposed amendments to the bylaws will be presented to the membership for vote at the same time as members vote for directors. As a first step to updating and reorganizing the Rules, the Board of Directors has passed provisions entitled “Part II: STANDARDS OF CONDUCT – PROTEST/COMPLAINT AND DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURES. These provisions replace what were Section 3 and Section 4 of the Rules (both cattle and sheep). As an interim step, we have deleted Sections 3 and 4 and placed what will become Part II of the reorganized Rules at the end of the Rules on the website. The Rules Committee is currently working on the remainder of the Rules, which we will post as soon as approved by the Board of Directors. We apologize for any confusion this may cause while we complete the process. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding any rules, feel free to contact your Directors or me.

Thank you.



The 2015 National Finals Sheepdog Entry form is now available online — see link on the home page or on the Forms page. THE ENTRY WILL NOT BE MAILED absent a request. Entries are due August 7, 2015.



CONGRATULATIONS to Dwight Parker and Craig – the 2015 USBCHA National Open Cattledog Champion, and to Bob Johnson and Ruby, the Reserve National Champion. Dwight was also the Nursery Champion with Allie, followed by Niyole Livingston and Tiff.

And a big thank you to Thad Fleming and his family for hosting such a wonderful event. I had the great pleasure of attending two full days and as much of the last day as I could before leaving for the airport. The dog and handler teams were truly impressive. I enjoyed watching the runs and meeting so many new people. The handlers were all so very welcoming and I learned so much watching and talking to many of the handlers. What a wonderful event. I have posted a few photos from the event on my website and there is also a USBCHA cattledog finals facebook page where several people have posted some great pictures.
My site:

Thank you Thad and all the handlers!



The 2015 National Cattledog Finals Judge is:Paul Tucker

His Bio is located here




The 2015 National Sheepdog Finals Judges are as follows:
Ray Edwards
Bruce Fogt
George Gardner
Derek Scrimgeour
Bruce and Ray will judge the Open preliminary round and the nursery final
Derek and George will judge the Nursery and the Open semi-final
All four judge the final
Their Bios are located here



“Reminder to all Cattledog Finals entrants- please remember entries must be postmarked no later than April 1, 2015!”




The following have been nominated to judge the 2015 National Sheepdog Finals. Nominations close on March 15 and this list will be updated on March 16. The USBCHA Directors and the ABCA Directors will vote for the judges with four being selected. Thanks to everyone who has nominated a judge and for the nominees willingness to serve.


Bill BerhowJim Cropper

Shirley Cropper

Norman MacDonald

Derek Scrimgeour

Calvin Jones

Richard Hutchinson


Ian ZoerbBill Orr

Bruce Fogt

George Gardner

Joyce Geier

Ray Edwards



Rule Reminders

Rules reminders for trial hosts are posted on the website in the lastest news section.

As we get into the spring trialing season, be certain your membership is up-to-date before you go to the post! You may email me for a membership form or find it on the website.

Judges nominations for the Sheep finals are being accepted through March 15, 2015!

Cattle Finals entries must be postmarked no later than April 1, 2015 – entry forms are on the website or email me for a copy.


Rule Reminders

Now that the trial season is in full swing, trial hosts and handlers are reminded of a few of the rules where there is frequent confusion.

1. You must be a member (includes associate members) prior to your run to receive any qualifying points.
2. Trial hosts must apply for sanctioning (using the form on the website) to the HA Secretary at least 30 days prior to the trial entry opening (postmark) date. If you submit the form less than 30 days prior to the entry opening date, we will ask you to move your opening date so that it is 30 days from the date received by the HA Secretary.
3. There is a little confusion over member vs. non-member when it comes to calculating the top 20% for results. The percentage (Results reported) is based on the number of dogs/handlers to the post, regardless of USBCHA membership. So, although a non-member does not receive any “benefit” (i.e. points or “legs”) from his/her placing, the placing is not then given to a member. (Ex: If a non-member places 2nd, the points associated with that placing “disappear” and do not flow down to the 3rd place dog). Dogs that run “non-compete” are not counted in the total number of dogs running and should not be reported on the results form.
4. The $3.00 sanctioning fee, along with the trial results form, is to be mailed to the HA Secretary’s office not later than 21 days after the trial. The sanctioning fee is calculated based on the number of dogs/handlers to the post. Results will not be posted until the sanctioning fee is received.
5. Although not a rule, as a courtesy to handlers, please inform handlers within a reasonable time if they are “in” your trial. If the trial is overs-subscribed and you have a waiting list, please let handlers know their status prior to the refund date. Many handlers travel long distances and require adequate notice to make arrangements. I get lots of complaints from handlers for not knowing whether they are in a trial until the last minute or until the refund date has passed.


From the Secretary

“If you are wondering where to send trial postings/results/etc., please note that although we have added a webmaster to help facilitate/expedite posting of information to the web, you should still send the information directly to the USBCHA secretary at

Hope that helps clear any confusion”

Annemarie Holland



From the Secretary

It is time to nominate judges for the 2015 USBCHA Sheepdog Finals!

Members- Please submit your nominations using the form located in the “Forms” section of the USBCHA website. Be certain to check with your nominee(s) that they are interested in and available to judge prior to submitting the nomination. Nominations are due by March 1, 2015

Thank you
Annemarie Holland



From the President

I would like to announce the appointment of Lori Perry (District 5) and Emil Luedecke (at-large) to the Board of Directors. Lori fills the open position from District 5 for a term of 2 years. Emil fills the vacancy left when Barb Ross resigned from a at-large position. He will continue through the end of that term, which is December of this year. Welcome Lori and Emil.

Carol Clawson



Trial hosts – approval forms must be submitted 30 days before entries open: Just a note to those of you hosting trials – the trial approval form must be submitted to the Secretary 30 days before the opening date for entries. If you have recently sent in an approval form that does not comply, we will be asking you to change your opening date for entries.

Thank you.


From the President – updates and news

2016 National Sheepdog Finals Bid Proposals

The USBCHA is now soliciting bids for the 2016 National Sheepdog Finals. The Bid Proposal Guidelines are posted under “Forms and Applications” on this website or you can email Carol at   Bids are due on April 15, 2015. The schedule will be advanced for 2017, with proposals due by December 20, 2015.

Trial Approvals and Trial Results

The forms for trial approvals and trial results have been updated on the site. Please make a note of the new mailing information on the forms. All forms are to be submitted to the Secretary, Annemarie Holland.

Director-at-Large Vacancy

Barb Ross has resigned as a Director At Large. We thank Barb for all her service. The Bylaws direct the President to appoint someone to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the term, which will be through December 2015. If you are interested in serving, please email Carol Clawson at




2015 Dues are now due.  Please mail to (2915 Anderson Lane, Crawford, Tx.  76638).  The responsibilities of the Treasurer will be transferred to Marianna Schreeder over the next month.  We will notify members on this website of any changes to mailing addresses for dues, trial approvals and other items when the transfer is complete.  Thank you for your patience.



The USBCHA received a complaint from a spectator at this National Finals, alleging that a dog was mistreated following its run on the Nursery field.  Acting President, Geri Byrne appointed a committee to investigate the matter.  The committee reviewed statements from the complainant as well as the individual against whom the complaint was made.  Statements were also received from other witnesses to the event.  Upon completion of the investigation, the committee found no basis for the serious allegation of abuse as outlined by the USBCHA. The Board of Directors approved the committee’s recommendation.  The complaint has therefore been dismissed as unsubstantiated and the parties have been informed of the results of the investigation.

While the allegation in this instance was not substantiated, we appreciate the spectator bringing it to the attention of the USBCHA.   It also serves as an important reminder that at many trials, including the Nationals, non-members are observing handlers and their dogs, and not all spectators are familiar with sheepdog training.  What a handler may view as an acceptable correction is often perceived as too harsh.  We need to be aware of and respect the perceptions of those who attend our trials.

Carol Clawson, President


12/1/2014:  A brief note to introduce myself as your new President of the USBCHA.  The Board of Directors has asked me to take office as of December 1, 2014 instead of waiting until January 1, so I guess I’m “it.”  I am excited to become more involved in the Handlers’ Association and look forward to working with the members and the Board of Directors. 

I am sure that, for most of you, I am an unfamiliar name.  I live outside Heber City, Utah (recently moved from Salt Lake) with my husband a five border collies. (My son is in law school at Duke.)  I have had horses and border collies most of my life but am a relative “newcomer” to sheepdog work, having started about 10 years ago with a puppy.  We didn’t quite make it as a team, but I was hooked.  I started trialing in the open competition about 5 years ago and I am currently running two open dogs, both of which were trained by Lyle Lad.  (I decided to learn how to be a “handler” first and leave the training to a pro).  For the past 6 years, I have been the President of the Utah Stockdog Association.  We put on two to three trials a year and assist with the Soldier Hollow Classic as volunteers. 

Professionally, I have been a practicing attorney for 28+ years and am now semi-retired, focusing primarily on dispute resolution (mediation and arbitration).  I also work as an administrative law judge.  I work mostly at home, which is another way of saying you can usually get a hold of me. 

When the newly elected Board members take office in January, we will begin working on a few new projects.  The website is in the process of being updated and the Board will be looking at the bylaws and rules, with the hope of making them more easily understood and accessible.  We will also be gearing up for the 2015 Finals and begin planning for 2016. 

As we as a Board move forward, I hope that you, the members, will feel free to offer your suggestions, comments and concerns.  Your first contact is, of course, one of your district representatives on the Board.  Contact information for all members of the Board will be updated soon.  I am also happy to hear from any member and can be reached at

Thank you all, and I look forward to meeting many members (and their dogs) as the year progresses.

Carol Clawson, President





Sept. 17, 2014
Board of Directors of Sept. 9, 2014 and Conference call has been posted on “Meetings & Minutes” link.


Francis Raley as been appointed to serve as Dist 4 director for 6 months.

October 29, 2014

The following are the decisions of the Board of Directors of the USBCHA regarding the complaint filed by Amanda Milliken and Barbara Ray against Herbert Holmes regarding an incident which took place at the Board of Directors Meeting on September 9, 2014. The Board held a conference call on October 28, 2014 with 19 Directors on the call. The following items were voted on and passed.

 The Board concurred with the Hearing Committee’s conclusion:

 1)   Herbert’s actions were offensive and highly inappropriate and violated rule Section 4, M-13.

 2)   Herbert did not violate Section 4, M-10.

  The Board voted for the following disciplinary actions and to modify the Hearing Committee’s recommendations #2-4:

 1)   Herbert will write formal apology letters acceptable to the Board to Amanda Milliken, Barbara Ray and the Membership of the USBCHA. The letter to the membership will be posted on the USBCHA website.

 2)   A 6 month suspension commencing immediately from all USBCHA privileges will be imposed upon Herbert. This would necessitate removal from current office and removal from directorship during the 6 month suspension.



Carol Clawson of Heber City, UT has been elected as president of USBCHA for the 2015 & 2016 term.

9/17/14  Newly Elected Directors

Dist 1 – Terry Folsom
Dist 2 – David Soppe
Dist 3 – Cathy Scott
Dist 4 – Herbert Holmes
Dist 5 – none elected
Dist 6 – Paul Tucker
Dist 7 – Chris Bowen
Dist 8 – Marianna Schreeder
Dist 9 – Amanda Milliken
Dist 10 – Scott Glen
At Large – Robin French

8/25/14  Nursery Schedule

Nursery schedule

Wednesday:  Field closes at 7:30 am, 8:00 am handlers meeting, 9   am start, run dog number 1 through 38
Thursday   Field closes at 8:am   Star 9 am, run number 39 through 76
Friday,   field closes at 8:am, run number 77 through 113
Saturday, finals, top 40% of dogs run. 7:30 handlers meeting, 7:30 field closes, 8:am start time


Please check run order.  Dogs with 15.4 points have been placed in run order.

ABCA annual meeting, Wed night at trial site.


Now that the Finals running order is posted, I hope to hear of more folks wanting to take advantage of the FREE BAER (hearing) tests that will be offered on Wednesday, 9/10 and Thursday, 9/11 at the Finals. We are especially interested in testing dogs with known or suspected hearing problems, or those from lines known to produce dogs with hearing issues.  We have about 56 test spots available and I am compiling a priority list.
Please contact me ASAP with the names, ages, and whether the dog has issues or is from lines with issues. I will be at Soldier Hollow and can take signups there as well. The best email address to contact me
Amy Coapman
ABCA Health & Genetics Committee


2014 National Schedule:

2014 Annual Meeting, Sept. 10th – Trial Site

2014 Directors Meeting, Sept 9th

  • There will be golf carts available for rent for the week and some by the day.  These must be rented and a deposit paid in advance.  More info to follow, please contact us for reservations and information.Practice Field:  Probably open (Sat?) for sure Monday-Thursday at the ranch. Signed release and $25 a dog for 20 minutes or 4 sheep which ever runs out first. Reservations to be made through email at 2014finals@gmail.comEntries must be postmarked on or before Aug. 1 in order to accept entries.  No entries will be taken after that date.

    The board voted to fill drop outs at the national finals up until the day before the trial starts.
    To be guaranteed your money back, you must drop out before September 1. After that, the only way to be given a refund is to have your spot filled.

    With that in mind, The secretary will continue to update the website, entry’s received, on a daily basis. For the most part, it is updated withing the hour of receiving a cancellation. With that in mind, please do not call Francis to see if you are in. LOOK at the website. The website will be updated until the 6th of September.

    After the 6th of September the only way to get into the finals is to personally be at the secretary’s trailer on the Monday before the finals starts, before 5:00 pm, and sign the provided sheet.


    At 5 pm on that day, Francis will remove from the running order the cancellations made after the 6th and fill those spots with the dogs on the sign in sheet.

    The dogs on the sign in sheet have to be entered  by the August 1 entry deadline and will be given entry into the trial based on qualification points.  Herbert Holmes
    Open & Nursery Entries received listed below.

    If you need to cancel your entry in the National Finals you  may send an email stating you want to pull out of the finals, but must call to verify your message was receive or 254-715-1290.  It is handler’s responsibility to make sure your message was received and proper action was taken.  Run order updates are posted within minutes after cancelations are received, so please check to see if cancelation has been pulled.


Newly elected officers for 2015 & 2016 are:

Anne Marie Holland, KY – Secretary
Joanne Murphy, ON – Web Master
Marianna Schreeder, GA – Treasurer



2014 – Annual Membership Meeting, Wednesday, Sept 10th, at trial site.

2014 – Directors Meeting, more information later.


Directors nomination form and National Finals entry form have been mailed, if you didn’t receive a mailings please email me with correct mailing address

National Finals entry form is on web – under forms.


USBCHA Officer Selection Announcement

The BOD of the USBCHA would like to announce the retirement of Herbert Holmes as President and Francis Raley as Secretary/Treasurer. Their current terms will expire at the end of 2014. The BOD would like to thank both Francis and Herbert for their selfless and dedicated service to the USBCHA. Their personal sacrifices have gone beyond the call of duty on many occasions.

Candidates for an Officer position (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) must be members in good standing and may be nominated by any member. Officers will be appointed following a vote by the Board of Directors on the nominated candidates. Officer positions have a 2 year term.   These positions are not salaried; however, travel expenses associated with attending the National Finals (both Cattle & Sheep) as well as day-to-day business expenses will be reimbursed.

The BOD plans to separate Francis’ existing duties into Secretary, Treasurer and an appointed position of Web Administrator.  Persons interested in one or all of these positions may apply directly to a District Director or Director-at-Large, or members may put forward a nominee for any of these positions to a Director. Nominees must have given permission to have their names considered.

Although a formal resume is not required, outlining the experience a nominee would to bring to the position(s) is important, such as a thorough understanding of trial management, personal references and an understanding of common computer programs (Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat & QuickBooks for Treasurer).

The future Secretary-Elect and Treasurer-Elect will be required to attend the 2014 Sheep Finals in Carbondale, CO for training.  The future President-Elect will be required to attend the 2014 Sheep Finals as well as begin the planning process for the 2015 National Sheep Finals. Travel expenses for 2014 will be reimbursed for Officers-Elect.

Nominations for Secretary, Treasurer and Web Administrator will be open until June 30, 2014. Please apply directly to a District Director. There is no termination date for nominations for President at this time. The BOD will announce when nominations will be closed.

Members may contact their local District Director or Director-at-Large for further information on the application process.


USBCHA invites bids for National Finals for the years of 2015 & 2016.
Requirements and information is available from the secretary’s office.
Remember this is an attraction for selected areas to promote tourism for this exciting event.

5/2/14   Cattle Finals Scores

To view Cattle Finals Scores go to “Major Events”, then cattle, finals, then “results.



Judges for the 2014 National Finals are Alan MacDonald, Faansie Basson, Hefin Jones and Lyle Lad.



It is time to nominate judges for our National Finals, you will find nomination form under “association” on home page.  Please get nominations in as soon as possible.


thanks,  fr

January 13, 2014, 3:46pm (CST)

Local problems with a power pole are preventing Francis from accessing the Web. Crews are working to resolve the issue. Updates to the website will resume as soon as possible. Your patience is appreciated.

                                                                                                                    November 30, 2013

SUBJECT:  Formal apology for prior actions              

TO:  U.S.  Border Collie Handlers Association

Meeker Classic Sheepdog Trial Committee

2013 Meeker Classic Judge, Mr. Bevis Jordan

This letter of apology is submitted in response to the USBCHA ruling dated October 31, 2013 and your recent letter dated November 30, 2013.

I sincerely regret the comments made by me on a social network site referencing the Meeker Classic Sheepdog Trial and the judge Mr. Bevis Jordan in a negative manner.  I do understand the seriousness of my statements and accept your decision to ban me from competing in the 2014 USBCHA Finals.

To the USBCHA Committee:  I understand you have a job to do and through your committee’s deliberations have found me in violation of “Unsportsmanlike conduct”.  I do understand the seriousness of my actions and offer you a sincere apology.  I have been a part of the USBCHA for several years, supporting the organization in many ways.  My husband and I along with our kennel “Canines N Ewe” will continue to support the USBCHA in the future.  I assure you, negative actions/comments from me or my husband will not happen again.

To the Meeker Classic Trial Committee:  Your trial has always been a top notch venue and known for the strong competiveness of the sheep and handlers.  My comment was not intended to show any disrespect towards your committee, the other handlers and your overall venue.  For this I do apologize.  If allowed by your committee, my husband I would like to continue supporting your trial in a professional and favorable manner.

To the 2014 Meeker Classic Judge – Mr. Bevis Jordan:  I know your job as the judge at Meeker was difficult and challenging.  I am sorry for making it even more so through my actions.  This was unprofessional and I offer you my sincerest apology and would like to assure you that this will not happen again.

Your decision to ban me from the 2014 USBCHA Finals has had a serious impact on me and my family.  It’s been hard for me to talk about it to anyone.  This matter is not trivial to me and please don’t think this.   Due to the stress of the situation, I have had to seek medical attention.  Therefore, “NO” I am not thinking this as a small matter.  The people that know me,  know that I love this sport and give it all and take it serious.  Again I apologize for my actions and accept your decision for the 2014 Finals ban and ask for this matter to be done.


Jennifer A. Clark-Ewers

10-23-13 -2014 World Trial

If you are interested in entering the 2014 World Trial please send me an email stating you want on the list.  Most likely it will be after the first of the year before we receive more information other than what we have now. Rules below for qualifying for World Trial.

2014 World Trial will be held at Fearn Farm, By Tain, Ross Shire, Scotland

September 3 thru September 6, 2014

Send name of member and dog if you want to be considered HA office.

More information will be available soon. ISDS web site

Qualifying for the 2014 World Sheepdog Trials

The USA has been allotted 15 spots to form the U.S.A. Team for the 2014 World Sheepdog Trial. Handlers who are interested in representing the USA must be USBCHA members in good standing, and must indicate their interest by applying to the USBCHA Secretary. Entries open ________ and the deadline for entry is ___________. [All entries must be accompanied by a check for entry fees of $XXX].

Team members will be selected using USBCHA qualifying points from the 2012 and 2013 seasons. The top applicant from each USBCHA District in the USA (therefore excluding District 9, and 10) will be offered a place on the team (8 places) with the remaining places (7 places) awarded to the second highest point earner in each district in descending order of points earned.

A handler who wishes to enter two dogs, must qualify both dogs through the applications process. However, any handler who is selected to the team may choose to bring an alternate dog to the trial in the event that the qualified dog is unable to compete for medical reasons.



Newly elected Officiers for 2014 & 2015 are

Dist 1 – Lana Rowley
Dist 2 – Terry Murray
Dist 3 – Thad Fleming
Dist 4 – Ron Burkey
Dist 5 – Pearse Ward
Dist 6 – Lori Cunningham
Dist 7 – Barbara Levinson
Dist 8 – Dwight Parker
Dist 9 – Jim Murphy
Dist 10 – Scott Glen
At Large – Bob Washer


Cell is active now – call land line or cell.

thanks,  fr

I lost my cell phone so please use house phone number 254-486-2500 till Sunday.

thanks,  fr



If you need to cancel your entry in the National Finals you  may send an email stating you want to pull out of the finals, but must call to verify your message was receive 254-486-2500 or 254-715-1290.  It is handler’s responsibility to make sure your message was received and proper action was taken.  Run order updates are posted within minutes after cancelations are received, so please check to see if your entry has been deleted. Thanks,  fr


Handler’s meeting:  Open at 5 pm, Oct. 7th
Nnursery 5pm, Oct. 8th


Practice field for National Finals: Susan Rhodes is running the practice field again during the Finals. All inquires should be made through her contact us tab on her website please


Please check “entries received” to make sure your entries/points are correct.  Click on “mayor events” then click “National Sheepdog Finals”. On entries received page you will find rules for withdrawing from the finals.

Thanks,  fr



Good morning,

The sponsorship challenge is heating up! Which Handler/Dog team(s) will you be
rooting for this year??

Don’t let your champion walk to the post without hearing the name of their supporter(s)- yes, that is you!!- announced over the PA system. What a lonely walk that would be…

For the price of $100 you not only show support for your mentor, friend, partner, spouse, sibling, child… (you get the picture!) But you also will receive a listing in the Finals
program, a special sponsors only cap, one event pass and are eligible for a drawing for a free event jacket!

The Handler who receives the most sponsors will also win a free event jacket. So,
don’t hesitate to show support for a team that you know someone else is already

Now is the time… Support your favorite competitor individually or gang up on them with your sponsorship team! Sponsors pick their Team & Teams can have multiple sponsors.
Sponsorships are tax deductible to the extent allowed by tax laws, receipt provided.
Please gather together and show your support for the 2013 National Finals! (If you contribute as a team, please indicate the one lucky duck who will receive the goodies…)

How do I support my Champion, you ask?? Print a form from the files section of Sheepdog-L or process your entry online by accessing the website and selecting “Sponsor a Team” on the left hand side.

Thanks for your support!

Laura Hanley





Reminder: 2013 National Entry Forms must be postmarked on or before Aug. 1, 2013 to be accepted. Please note on entry form that parking fees for RV parking at finals must be paid with entries.



2013 National Finals Open Judges will be Paul Turnbull & Colin Gordon.
Nursery Judges will be Todde Laambe & Lavon Calzacorta.

The Sheepdog Finals store is open for business!  We have hats, unisex T shirts, ladies T shirts, and a great raffle donated by Carol Campion.  On the way are visors, more shirt styles (rumor has it there is a tie-dye style on the way), and dog sponsorships. Don’t forget to check back for new items.  Support the finals and look great at the post.



Nominations need to be made for 2013 cattledog finals judges. You may find nomination forms under “association” – Forms & Applications.  This need to be done ASAP.

Thanks,  fr


We need to get these nominations in ASAP.

thanks, h


Herbert Holmes



It might be some time before “qualifying points” can be posted to web, because of the storm in the east.

Thanks,  fr


To purchae a DVD of the National Finals go to



Newly Elected 2014 Directors

Dist 1   Pat Shannahana
Dist 2 Dennis Edwards
Dist 3 Cathy Scoty
Dist 4 Herbert Holmes
Dist 5 Mike Schragel
Dist 6 Barbara Rae
Dist 7 Roger Millen
Diat 8  Marianna Schreeder
Dist 9 Amanda Milliken
Dist 10  Scott Glen
At Large Bara Ross


I can’t receive a fax till Monday.  If you need to send a ballot please
give me a call 254-486-2500.

Also I have added two handlers to the run order.  Please run order daily.

Thanks,  fr



Open handlers meeting at 5:30 Monday, Sept. 24th.  Will start Open at 8 AM and Nursery at 9 AM each weekday. Saturday will start at 7 AM and Sunday at 8 AM.   Dinner, Dance and Calcutta for Saturday night?


The board voted to fill drop outs at the national finals up until the day before the trial starts.

To be guaranteed your money back, you must drop out before September 1. After that, the only way to be given a refund is to have your spot filled.

With that in mind, The secretary will continue to update the website, entry’s received, on a daily basis. For the most part, it is updated withing the hour of receiving a cancellation. With that in mind, please do not call Francis to see if you are in. LOOK at the website.

The website will be updated until the 20th of September.

After the 20th of September, the only way to get into the finals is to personally be at the secretary’s trailer on the Monday before the finals starts, before 5:00 pm, and sign the provided sheet.


At 5 pm on that day, Francis will remove from the running order the cancellations made after the 20th and fill those spots with the dogs on the sign in sheet.

The dogs on the sign in sheet have to be entered  by the August 1 entry deadline and will be given entry into the trial based on qualification points

Herbert Holmes




Reminder all cancellations must be into HA office by Sept. 1 to have fees returned.  The draw will be done Sept. 1st and posted on Sept. 2nd.

Please check the entries received for the National Finals (pull up major events).  There has been some cancellations and the 150 cut off of points is how 19.4.


It is sad to report that Robert Barlow passed away this morning after a lengthy illness.  Robert lived in Counce, TN. and was a long time member and friend of USBCHA.  Robert and Peggy had sheep trials for many years, and he ran in both sheep and cattle trials. The memorial service will be help Sept. 18th in Counce, TN.


You can sign up now for practice field times for National finals  at

Thanks, Geri



Reminder:  Aug 1 is deadline for entering the National Finals, no entries will be accepted that is postmarked after that date.

Directors nomination form and entry form was mailed to members prior to July 1st.
By-law: Article V:  Nominations must be received in the HA Office on or before (July 30, 2012 at least sixty (60) days prior to the Annual Meeting. Sept. 28, 2012, Klamath Falls, OR.  Nomination  form has been mailed to members.

For more information on National Finals check finals web site


Below are photos and videos of 2012 Cattle Finals.:

Award photos and videos of the Champion and Reserve Cattledogs can be found at, along with links to other videos and photo galleries.

Videos taken during the Finals on Sunday can be found on the 2012 USBCHA National Cattledog Finals You-Tube Channel:

We are processing in excess of 1800 photos from Saturday and Sunday that Pam Wolf took, are located on Flickr:


There is a link on Facebook for USBCHA discussions.
For the ones not on Facebook directions: Type www.facebook and either sign in or sign up. Under “search” at the top of the page type usbcha and it will bring up 3 links.

Elected judges for 2012 National Finals
Alasdair MacRae, MO
Andy Carnegie, Scotland
Bruce Foft, OH
Allisdair Lyttle, Ireland

Elected judges for 2012 Cattle Finals
Gary Westbrook, AR
Pete Gonnet, SASK


April 1st is the deadline for enteries the National Cattle Finals.  Send entries as soon as possible.  Entry form found on “Association” pull up “forms and applications”

Thanks,  fr


Beginning Jan. 1, 2012:  “A three (3) dollar per dog sanctioning fee shall be charged for each dog entered in Open and Nursery competition at all sanctioned trials. The one (1) dollar increase will be specifically designated for the National Finals Committee in order to meet expenses. The funds are not considered a loan, and the USBCHA will continue to share in any profits associated with a current year National Finals.”



There has been only one person nominated for 2012 National Sheep judge and the deadline for nominations is Jan. 15, 2012.  Please get your entries in.  Will select four judges and one mut be from US.  Reminder that you must have approval from person(s) you nominate.  Nomination form may be found on this page “Forms & Applcations”




Have had only one person nominated for cattle judge so opening up nominations till January 1, 2012.  Reminder that you must have approval from person you nominate.

Sheep Nominations are open till January 15, 2012.  Will select four judges and one mut be from US.  Reminder that you must have approval from person(s) you nominate

Nomination form may be found on this page “Forms & Applcations”..

Thanks,  fr

12/4/11, Earnest Coggins

Our sheepdog community lost a very special individual tonight. Some will remember and mourn, some will not have known him, but ALL of us have benefited from him and the others that have come and gone before. They gave to each us and to the sheepdog world and what they gave was then passed down, and down, and down again. Do not forget or take for granted what these men put into the world we enjoy now.

Please say a prayer for Earnest and his family tonight.

I also ask for anyone who has any photos, or stories of Earnest,  to please forward them to me. If it was significant to you, it will be significant to his family!

Ann Coggins
285 Curtis Brown Rd.
Tallapoosa, Ga. 30176

Anita Young






Because of the snow storm in NJ the open sheep and cattle “qualifying points” pages can not be pulled up.  Gene Sheninger said it may be as late as this Friday before it is restored. It may be Monday (11/7/11) before I can post points.


Oct. 24

Corey Perry has been elected as Director in the run-off for District 10.  Corey will serve 2012 & 2013.

Francis Raley,  10/24/11

Sept. 15, 2011

Results of Director elelction, 2011, Class of 2013

District 1 – Geri Byrne
District 2 – Dan Keeton
District 3 – Thad Fleming
District 4 – Ron Burkey
District 5 – Pearse Ward
District 6 – Lori Cunningham
District 7 – Barbara Levinson
District 8 – Dwight Parker
District 9 – Jim Murphy
District 10 – Tie between Corey Perry and Wendy Schmaltz, run off ballot has been   mailed.
Director at Large – Robin French
Jan 1 new Directors will begin serving their term.


9/5/11:  There is still time to fax your Director’s voting ballot.  I will be leaving Sun. Sept. 11.  If your balolot is not received by Saturday it will not be counted.


8/30/11:  It is that time of the year again to nominate judges for National Finals.  Nonimation forms are found on this page (click on Forms & Applications). Cattle nominations for 2012 must be in the office by Oct. 1, 2011.  Please get your choices in early.

8/30/11:  Because of the storm in New Jersey the server for qualifying points is down.  No way of knowing how long this will last.

8/26/11:  The cattledog TV program is complete and ready to go, the airing time and dates are :Sept 5 at 8pm EST and Sept 6 at 11am EST. This is a link for the commercial that will play this next week on RFD to advertise the program,

8/25/11:  Remember the last day to pull out of the 2011 National Finals is Sept. 1st in order to get refund of entry fees.  Must received cancelations by midnight on the 1st.  Run order will be posted on Sept. 2.

8/25/11: The 2012 National Cattledog Finals will be held in Redding Iowa May 24 – 27, 2012.. The contact people are Jeff Mundorf and Greg Sharp.

8/23/11:  Handlers winning awards in 2010 please remember to return traveling trophies to National Finals. They can be mailed/UPS to Strang Ranch, % Bridget Strang, 393 CR 102, Carbondale, CO. 81623

8/18/11:  September 1st is the last date to cancel any entries from the National Finals.
After that date no fees will be returned nor handlers/dogs added to the run order.

I will be leaving for National Finals on Sept. 11th, must received Director’s ballots before that date in order for them to be counted/  Fax number  254–486-2271

9/10/11:  Believe all National entries have been received.  Please check your points and email me if there are any errors.  The draw will be done later in the month and run order posted on Sept. 2.  Entries that don’t make the top 150 will be returned after Sept. 1st.

Thanks,  fr

8/2/11:  More entries wil be coming in the next few days.  When you are certain you have qualified, please take the following steps:

1.  Familiarize yourself with the Handler Section of the web site:

2.  Make your parking reservations (mandatory):

3.  Provide information for the Announcer, the web site,  and the Trialer Data Pool Project (not mandatory but encouraged):

7/30/11: Entries for National Finals must be postmarked on or before Aug. 1, 2011 to be accepted.  Please check received entries (Major Events) to be sure your points are corrected and your entries listed as received.

7/20/11    Forms & Applications.  Clicking the “submit” or  “E-mail” button to send a completed form requires sofeware capable of creating PDF documents be installed on your computer.  If you can’t create a PDF document fill out the forms on line, print and either mail or fax (254-486-2271) to me.

Trial Host:  If you have not sent in results of your trials please do so ASAP.  Trials being held the next two weeks please email me your results so handlers will get credit for their placings.

Thanks,,  fr

7/15/11:  No nominations will be taken after midnight July 16th central time.  May fax form to 254-486-2271.

Thanks,  fr

Attention Nomination for class of 2013 must be received in the HA office on or before July 16. Please send in your nomination ASAP. You may fax copy of form to 254-486-2271.


July 1, 2011

I hope everyone enjoys our new web site,

Trial hosts please check the “Upcoming Trials” link to be sure your trials are listed correctly.  Contact me at for corrections.  Remember when sending in your approval dates to include a “open and closing date”.  It will be much easier for me if everyone would use the “trial approval form” when requesting sanctioning.  National Sheep and Cattle Finals info will be found under “Major Events”.

Entries for 2011 National Finals must be postmarked no later than Aug. 1, no entries will be accepted after that date.  Last date to cancel entries is Sept. 1 in order to have fees returned.  Running order will be posted on Sept. 2nd, checks deposted first week in Sept.  Please send in your entries as soon as possible, Due date for printing the program is Aug. 10th.  Any entries not making the top 150 will be returned and checks not deposited.

Entries for National Finals will be posted as entries come in.  For information on Finals use website:

Check “Latest News” often.  From now on this is where you will find the latest news. Remember July 16th all nominations for directors must be received.

Thanks and again we hope you will find this new site helpful and easier to use.