Nursery – Final

Cattledog Nursery Running Order and Scores – Finals



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NOHANDLERDOGOut RunLiftFetchFetch 2PostDriveCross DriveY-ChutePenTrailerSCORETIME LINETIMETie BreakerTie Break 2
1Richard HallRosie176151015151510151182.44.569.30.00
2Dwight ParkerJess1810151515151551082.13.4110.00.0028
3Lyle EastOkie1671510151515151081.49.9010.00.0023
4Leon ArmentroutPickett196151515155151052.56.3410.00.00
5Bob AllenGrace20715151515151023.52.9410.00.00
6Dwight ParkerRayl201015151515101004.25.4410.00.00
7Bob AllenJoey1651515151515966.48.2010.00.00
8Bob JohnsonPace205151515015100954.10.2510.00.00
9Ron MadisonBlaze205510151515852.43.6810.00.00
10Michael McNuttTia20500151510150803.27.4010.00.00251
11Bob JohnsonFlint15100015151510803.29.4410.00.00252
12Richard BrandonWoodrow174015150515713.27.3010.00.00