• Bylaws 5.5: The Secretary shall serve as the custodian of the Association’s records, except those specifically assigned to others.  The Secretary shall maintain a record of Association membership, handle all general correspondence of the Association, shall give due and proper notice of all meetings of the Association and the Board of Directors, and keep accurate records of the Association’s meetings.


  • Must have expertise in Excel – ability to create and manage integrated worksheets with macros to develop and maintain Association records.
  • Must be knowledgeable in Microsoft Word. Must also be able to manage bulk-mailing system on Vertical Response.
  • Requires approximately 20-25 or more hours a week; additional work during August and September and a week at the Sheepdog Finals.


  • Receive and review Trial approval forms
    • Provide trial report forms and info to host
    • Check for timely submission of request
    • Confirm receipt of request to trial host
    • Provide information to the webmaster
  • Process the points for trials and provide to the webmaster
    • Follow-up with hosts not complying with 21-day rule
    • Audit trial results to ensure proper payment, proper point placement and membership for purposes of points
    • Deposit checks and record sanctioning fee income on spreadsheet to forward to Treasurer
  • Monitor the Upcoming Trial list and compare when results are processed
  • Mass mailings: Ballots, Finals entries, etc.
  • Manage judge nomination process, including ballot creating and mailing to ABCA and USBCHA Boards
  • Receive & process entries for the Sheep & Cattle Finals
  • Process running orders for the Sheep & Cattle Finals
  • Maintain updated entry lists for Sheep & Cattle Finals
  • Prepare and enter pedigrees of Finals entries on web site
  • Order ribbons/trophies – sheep and cattle finals
  • Attend Sheepdog Finals
    • Coordinate with trial committee regarding on-site needs
    • Secretary trial
  • Work with the webmaster in relaying information to be posted on the website such as Minutes & Announcements, etc
  • Manage membership applications & membership
    • Welcome letters; confirm contact info
  • Manage information posted on the BOD Forum; record Forum votes
  • Record Minutes of the Annual & BOD meetings
  • Coordinate World Trial entries and issue invitations
  • Main contact/liaison between the Members & BOD: answering questions regarding rules, trial information, membership, etc.
  • Coordinate return of Finals trophies & order new trophies and ribbons
  • Manage daily phone calls and inquiries regarding the HA
  • Maintain corporate records
  • Provide general information to members and aspiring members – answer email, phone calls, mail
  • Maintain Grievance records
  • Deposit checks; create a spreadsheet of income for Treasurer from monies received.
  • Other duties as needed


The secretary will be paid $0.50 from each sheepdog sanctioning fee.  We estimate the total annual payment to be between $4000-$6000.  The secretary will not be an employee of the HA but will be an independent contractor responsible for all income and related taxes on the amount paid.