August 2, 2017

Open – Prelim

Cattledog Open Running Order and Scores – Preliminaries

Semi-Finals Finals


How to use our new tables:

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Scores will be released and displayed at the time of the event…

Updated 22 September 2017

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1Wayne BamberRoxanne
2Niyole LivingstonTif
3Bob SalmonCap
4Sara-Jo GahmHank
5Bob AllenSassy
6Ron MadisonBlaze
7Lyle EastChip
8Nicole RhodesBart
9John HolmanRoy
10Tony StewartBlue
11Michael McNuttRio
12Bob JohnsonBob
13Rick WallBud
14Richard BrandonDan
15Dwight ParkerAllie
16Tim NaaszMac
17Bob RoeSage
18Leon ArmentroutSam
19Jerry DavisLou
20Dan GillRen
21Richard HallRosie
22Deb MeierRicky
23Lyle EastMo
24Brian BrownSmore
25Richard HallSkip
26Curtis TravisGriff
27Dwight ParkerBond
28Jerry DavisRita
29John HolmanMeg
30Leon ArmentroutPickett
31Denny AshcraftShine
32Sara-Jo GahmBoss
33Tony StewartRanda
34Bob RoeGrizz
35Michael McNuttDink
36Kevin LippeDan
37Tom DamewoodRoper
38Bob JohnsonPace
39Richard BrandonJess
40Ashley WrightMaker
41Bob AllenGrace
42Dan GillSage
43Tanya WilliamsNick



1Bob AllenGrace
2Leon ArmentroutPickett
3Bob RoeGrizz
4Tim NaaszMac
5Jerry DavisLou
6Tony StewartBlue
7Niyole LivingstonTif
8Bob JohnsonBob
9Dan GillSage
10Richard BrandonJess
11John HolmanMeg
12Bob SalmonCap
13Richard HallSkip
14Curtis TravisGriff
15Michael McNuttRio
16Lyle EastChip
17Dwight ParkerBond
18Bob AllenSassy
19Bob RoeSage
20Richard BrandonDan
21Tanya WilliamsNick
22Ashley WrightMaker
23Nicole RhodesBart
24Brian BrownSmore
25Sara-Jo GahmHank
26Tony StewartRanda
27Dan GillRen
28Wayne BamberRoxanne
29Lyle EastMo
30John HolmanRoy
31Rick WallBud
32Richard HallRosie
33Michael McNuttDink
34Denny AshcraftShine
35Dwight ParkerAllie
36Sara-Jo GahmBoss
37Ron MadisonBlaze
38Deb MeierRicky
39Tom DamewoodRoper
40Bob JohnsonPace
41Leon ArmentroutSam
42Kevin LippeDan
43Jerry DavisRita