Purina Award

The USBCHA is pleased to announce the Nestle Purina Award For The Outstanding Field Trial Herding Dog.

This is an annual award honoring North America’s top winning field trial herding dog from trials held throughout the year. The owner of the winning dog will receive an oil painting of their dog, a cash prize of $1,000.00 ($2,000.00 if they are an active Purina Pro Club member) and a year’s supply of Pro Plan dog food for the dog.

To find the winner, USBCHA included the total points of dogs from their top five HA-sanctioned trials under current points system, just as listed in the USBCHA web site for Rank Order, and then added the National Finals standings at 1.5 points value. The National Champion would likely earn 45 points from 150 entries, and points would then continue down beyond the top 17 to the next highest scoring dogs in the semi-finals, and finally the remaining few points to the dogs who just missed the cut in the preliminaries. The award year mirrors the USBCHA qualification dates of August 1st through July 31st.

USBCHA and Purina Pro Plan are pleased to announce the Nestle Purina Award for the Outstanding Field Trial Herding Dog for the 2018-19 trial year was won by Alasdair MacRae and Tweed.

For the 2019-20 trial year, USBCHA plans to update the Purina Award points race monthly, listing the top 20 teams. 

Standings through January 6, 2020 are as follows:

PlaceHandlerDogPurina Points
1Basson, FaansieJack121.6
2Milliken, AmandaHowell120.6
3Allen, BobJoey111
4Basson, FaansieSam96.8
5Lambert, BeverlyLee95
6Edwards, DennisCoup91.6
7MacRae, PatriciaNell87.6
8Haynes, JoePepper86.6
9Gourley, ShaunaJade86.2
10Schreeder, MariannaStar85.8
11Ferraro, MichMawde84.6
12Edwards, DennisRoy84
13Hinton, TracyLad83.6
14Burkey, RonRocky82.6
15Neary, MikeSis82.6
16Murray, TerryMinette81.4
17Tietjen, JoniBen79.6
18White, BryanBrae79.6
19Ray, BarbaraGrant79.2
20McCord, RussellCutter77.2