Changes to USBCHA Trial Insurance

During a comprehensive review of the USBCHA General Liability (GL) Insurance policy, our insurance carrier informed us that the USBCHA GL Insurance policy could only be applied to events hosted by the USBCHA and that trial hosts would have significant gaps in coverage if the USBCHA offered coverage to sanctioned trials not hosted by the USBCHA. 
Because of this, the USBHCA regrettably has withdrawn the additional insured option previously extended to trial hosts of sanctioned trials. We encourage trial hosts to obtain their own General Liability coverage for events they hold. We are investigating other options and hope to be able to publish insurance resources on the website identifying insurance carriers and agents who would offer affordable GL coverage to trial hosts and information about the type of coverage trial hosts should purchase.
We regret not being able to offer this service to trial hosts as we have in the past but having been informed by our carrier that doing so would put trial hosts at risk of not being covered in the event of an incident at their trial, we feel it is the only responsible option at this time.”