Nursery – Finals

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The top 40% (not to exceed 50 dogs) will run in the second, final Nursery run.

Scores will be released and displayed at the time of the event…

Printable Running for Nursery Finals   USBCHA-SheepdogNursery-Finals-2017

#HandlerDogRound 1Round 2Total
1Haley HunewillSyd151127278
2Jean GellingsQuinn14288230
3Maggi McClureCoal149146295
4Joni TietjenBen157172329
5Dave YoungTagh13087217
6Angie Coker-SellsZoe131149280
7Michelle BrothersMac132105237
8Faansie BassonJack153149302
9Ken MacKenzieAngus146156302
10Bob WasherCork158114272
11Maria AmodeiPoe13181212
12Amanda MillikenQuark149135284
13Leslie ScruggsSipsey154DQ154
14Lyle LadNick133RT133
15Mindy BowerSteele123DQ123
16Adrian EspinozaTic126119245
17Leon ArmentroutPickett148158306
18Dan KeetonMax12398221
19Beverly LambertLee134149283
20Claudia FrankHank12084204
21Leslie ScruggsRex118120238
22Angie Coker-SellsTam159RT159
23Tom WilsonQueen153120273
24Victoria WilcoxBrenn12170121
25Derek FisherQueen143115258
26Tony StewartWhy133112245
27Karen KarkowCora119123242
28Stewart HarvardNap147115262
29Laura VishootTony119RT119
30Ron BurkeyWhip151RT151
31Bob AllenGrace119131250
32Patrick ShannahanGreg126RT126
33Faansie BassonSam127125252
34Scott GlenAndy151106257
35Linda TesdahlSunny117RT117
36Jamie MitchellGael119111230
37Mich FerraroBella122129251
38Lori CunninghamBuck15999258
39Amanda MillikenHazel151140291
40Haley HunewillZac158168326
41Joni TietjenStar143144287
42Gordon WattHawk13171202
43Dwight ParkerRayl155DQ155
44Ken MacKenzieGrace123RT123
45Louise HadleyTug120DQ120