Nursery – Prelim

Sheepdog Nursery Running Order and Scores – Preliminaries

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How to use our new tables:

  • The number of lines visible is selectable up to 100 (10, 25, 50, 60, 100) via the dropdown at the upper left.
  • Tables are sortable; click the heading of the column and the table is instantly sorted by that column
  • The searches work over the entire table, making it easy to find a specific handler, dog or score

The top 40% (not to exceed 50 dogs) will run in the second, final Nursery run.

Scores will be released and displayed at the time of the event…

Nursery Running Order as of September  2, 2018

Please Note Preliminary run has been changed to three (3) days

A printable version  NurRORound12018