July 4, 2017

National Sheepdog Finals Webcast

 Sheepdog Finals – Webcast

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Thank you to all who contributed to the 2017 Sheepdog Finals Live Streaming Webcast.  It was a huge success with over 2000 viewers and an average viewing time of 3 hours and 45 minutes!  We are now raising funds to support the live streaming for the 2018 Finals in Alturas CA.

Our goal:  $10,000 beyond the USBCHA and ABCA contributions — we are $1800 short of that Goal

Donations of $100.00 or more will receive a free DVD of Semi finals and Finals

Note: You may donate via PayPal by clicking the Donate button at the bottom of this page, or you may send a check to USBCHA Secretary, 1556 Harding St.,
Enumclaw, Wa 98022. Make checks payable to USBCHA and please note on the check it is for Live Streaming. 


United States Border Collie Handlers’ Association
American Border Collie Association
Karl and Karen Snepp
Canadian Border Collie Association




Utah Stockdog Association
Ontario Border Collie Club
Russell McCord
Ellice Freas
Hannah Agee
D Bar W Ranch
Russell Roach
Toni Faris
Bill Wilder
Peggy Taylor
     Leslie Knight
Denny Bettencourt
Patti Sowell   
Jeanne Boudrieau
Kitty Jones
Margaret Lass-Gardiner
Anita Pratt
Susan Schoen
Toni Trimble
Linda Workman

Diane Barrentine, Dominos.com
Donna Kulawiak
Sally Molloy    
Pamela Mueller
Kris & Ken Brown
Dennis & Marlene Edwards
Linda Vishoot
Joanne Hardy
Linda Gray in memory of Rex
Barry Zimmerman
Laura Tomaszewski
True Colors Farm
Audrey Baldessari Sherry Perkins
Jan Canaday
RedTope Lucy & Diego
Michael Meredith
Constance Burnet
Robban Mateja
Leslie Baumann
Kathy Rivers
Roger Kuchenbecker
Star of the North SDT-Pearse Ward
Deb Sussman
Lori Tsuruda
Steve Larson
Regina Steiner

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