National Sheepdog Finals 2018 Old

2018 National Sheepdog Finals

September 24-29, 2018

Alturas, CA

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29.2 was the lowest pts to be accepted in 2017 finals, VA
22.6 was lowest pts to be accepted in 2016 finals, CO
11.2 was lowest pts to be accepted in 2015 finals, CA
7.6 was lowest pts to be accepted in 2014 finals, CO
24.6 was lowest pts to be accepted in 2013 finals, VA
16.8 was lowest pts to be accepted in 2012 finals, OR
19.6 was lowest pts to be accepted in 2011 finals, CO

Point year is from August 1 to July 31 of the year of the Finals

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National Sheepdog 2018 Entry Form –      SheepdogFinalsEntry2018Word          SheepdogFinalsEntry2018PDF 

Pay Entry Fee by PayPal

It is still necessary to email the secretary of USBCHA your completed  entry form
and registration or proof of age for nursery, before she can process your entry.


The 2018 National Sheepdog Finals will once again be held at the beautiful Alturas, CA, September 24 – September 29. We thank them for allowing us to have this event.
The USBCHA Annual Meeting will be September 26, 2018 under the Handlers’ Tent at Alturus.


OpenROQual2018 NurRORound12018  Nursery Round 1 Scores
Open Qualifying Scores Open Semi Scores Nursery Final Scores
Open Finals Scores Pedigrees   Judges




  TRIAL COMMITTEE:  Faansie Basson, Dianne Deal, Dennis Gellings, Patrick Shannahan, Tom Wilson

  • Entries for the National Finals must be postmarked on or before Aug. 1.  Entries are now closed.
    No entries will be accepted after that date.
    Beginning on or before August 15, Joanne Murphy (our webmaster) will update the website entries received on a daily basis. Scratches will be filled up until the day before the trial starts. Please do not call either the Secretary or Webmaster to see if you are in. LOOK at the website.

    NO REFUND AFTER Sept. 1 in either the Open or Nursery Class unless there is a valid family medical or veterinary excuse. No exceptions; no refund even if your spot is filled.  It is the handler’s responsibility to make sure your message was received and proper action was taken. Entries/waitlist updates are posted within 24 hours after cancellations are received, so please check the website to see if you are still on the entry list. If you are, email the secretary

  • On-site waitlist: Beginning September 21, the only way to get into the Finals is to personally sign in at the secretary’s trailer before 5:00 p.m. on the Sunday, Sept. 23 – the day before the finals start.      NO EXCEPTIONS – PLEASE, DON’T ASK.

    At 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 23, the Secretary will fill any spots resulting from scratches with dogs from the sign-up sheet. Subsequent scratches (made after Sunday at 5:00) will also be filled from the sign-up sheet or by qualified alternate dogs when appropriate (see below). The dogs on the sign-up sheet and alternates have to be entered by the August 1 entry deadline and will be given entry into the trial based on qualification points.

    An entrant must notify the Trial Secretary 30 minutes before the class begins each day (first dog to the post) in order to substitute an alternate dog (listed on entry form). An alternate dog must have sufficient qualifying points to be eligible (for the Open) or qualifying legs (for the Nursery). An alternate dog will not be substituted if there is a dog on the sign-up sheet that has a greater number of qualification points. Handlers on the sign-up sheet are required to check in with the Secretary 30 minutes prior to the first dog on the field to be eligible to run in place of any scratches for that day.