July 5, 2019

Director Nominations-2019

District 1 

Mary Minor:No Bio has been submitted at this time

District 2    

District 3    

District 4       

District 5

District 6

District 8

Frank Smith: I am 29 years old and live in Atlanta, GA. I have had border collies for the last 8 years and have trialed in. Open for the last 5 years. I mainly focus on sheep trials but have also competed in a few cattle trials. Due to my work schedule, I am not able to trial as much as I would like. My time away from work is focused on working my dogs and trialing. My passion, for the working border collie and the sport ofherding, is steadfast. As a current USBCHA director, I have enjoyed the opportunity to give back to thesport and hope to do so by continuing as such. I have an increased interest in encouraging the growth of the cattle program as well as supporting the continued growth and popularity of the sheep program. Most importantly, I would like to support and encourage new handlers of my generation to get involved in the sport.

Lucia Skipwith Lilien: No Bio has been submitted at this time

District 9

Amanda Milliken: I have a better than thirty year history with competitive sheep dog  trialling.  I won the US National finals in 2005 with my home bred and trained Bart.   I won the US National Nursery Finals with Dorey nine years ago.  Meanwhile I have competed in most major trials in the USA and Canada, fairly successfully. I was the founding president of the CBCA, Canada’s National Register of Border Collies.  I began, and continue to run, one of North America’s largest trials, the Kingston Sheep Dog Trials, now in its thirty second year.  In addition, I host trials at my home farm in Kingston.  I keep a flock of mostly North Country Cheviots.  I am the CEO of Home Cardiographics, based at Hotel Dieu Hospital in Kingston Ontario. I have served several terms on this board before and look forward to continued input


District 10 

Director at Large  

Stuart Ballantyne: No Bio has been submitted at this time