“A Judging Clinic” – Blu-ray

The USBCHA, in an effort to support and improve our judges, has endeavored to produce a video of six top judges providing their insight to how they prepare for a judging assignment, setting up courses, run time on a course, handler’s meetings, and anything else that might have come to mind which they feel important. There are also 12 narrated runs which are judged with a focus on how and why points were taken. Almost 4 hours of invaluable content for anyone involved in our trials. A special thanks to the Committee (Linda Tesdahl, Chair, Dianne Deal, Lyle Lad, Carol Clawson) and to Dave Imas who did the videos and a ton of work to make this happen.  See a brief preview here:  https://vimeo.com/289490992  

The Blu-Ray will be available beginning at the USBCHA Annual Meeting on September 26.  We will take orders once they are sold out.