World Sheepdog Trial

World Sheepdog Trial

The World Sheep Dog Trial is held once every three years. Handlers from countries around the world come together to compete for the title of World Champion.  


Castle Howard Estate, York, England

Trial Dates

Qualifying:                          September 17-18, 2020
Semi-final:                          September 19, 2020
Final:                                    September 20, 2020

Allotted Places to United States

The ISDS has sent notification to the USBCHA confirming places allotted to the U.S. team, as follows:

Senior Handlers:               10
Young Handlers:               3

Note that a place = 1 dog running

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Entry Information

Entry open date:               February 1, 2020
Entry close date:              April 1, 2020

Senior handler:                 £125 per dog     (approx. $161 USD)
Young handler                   £50 per dog        (approx. $65 USD)

USBCHA will identify the team to the ISDS when entries open.  Each handler will be responsible for submitting a completed official entry with fee to the ISDS between the open and close dates.  Official rules for the competition will be posted on the World Trials website.

Senior Handler Eligibility

Places in the US team for the World Sheepdog Trials will be offered to:

  1. the top five (5) American teams from the 2019 USBCHA Sheepdog Finals (Group 1)
  2. the top five (5) American teams from the 2018 USBCHA Sheepdog Finals (Group 2)

If all ten (10) teams selected do not accept the remaining places will be offered to American teams placing:

  1. sixth (6th) through seventeenth (17th) teams at the 2019 USBCHA Sheepdog Finals (Group 3)
  2. sixth (6th) through seventeenth (17th) teams at the 2018 USBCHA Sheepdog Finals (Group 4)

If the ten (10) places on Team USA are still not filled:

  1. eighteenth (18th) through fortieth (40th) teams (i.e. semi-finalists) from the 2019 USBCHA Sheepdog Finals (Group 5)
  2. eighteenth (18th) through fortieth teams (40th) at the 2018 USBCHA Sheepdog Finals (Group 6)

Based on results from the 2018 and 2019 finals, the ranked ELIGIBILITY LIST with handler expression of interest is shown below.  The ELIGIBILITY LIST will be updated as handlers indicate their intentions to the USBCHA.  Handlers should indicate their interest in competing to the USBCHA Secretary as soon as possible, and make a firm commitment by requesting an official entry form from the Secretary no later than January 15, 2020.  OFFICIAL ENTRY FORMS FROM THE ISDS ARE NOT YET AVAILABLE.  USBCHA will post a link to the form when it is released.


1Shauna GourleyJade1No
2Angie Coker-SellsAndy1Yes
3Faansie BassonSam1Yes
4Patricia MacRaeNell1Yes
5Dennis EdwardsCoup1Yes
6Alisdair MacRaeTweed2Yes
7Barbara RayMaverick2
8Fernando AlvesBen2Yes
9Thad FlemingAli2Yes
10Tom WilsonKate2No
11Mike NearySis3Yes
12Ron BurkeyRocky3Yes
13Beverly LambertLee3Yes
14Dennis EdwardsRoy3Yes
15Bob AllenJoey3Yes
16Terry MurrayMinette3Yes
17Faansie BassonJack3Yes
18Russell McCordCutter3Yes
19Lyle EastMo3
20Jamie MitchellSweep3Yes
21Wyatt FlemingMirk4Yes
22Shauna GourleyMira4
23Joni TietjenDeets5
24Carol ClawsonTimp5
25Mich FerraroMawde5
26Thad FlemingSyd5Yes
27Linda TesdahlGlyn5
28Libby NiederRaven5
29Russell McCordStan5Yes
30Dianne DealKate5
31Ian CaldicottGoose5
32Cy PetersonReba5No
33Terry FolsomQuark5
34Beverly LambertRoy5Yes
35Kay StephensJep5
36Diana SylvestreKip5
37Fernando AlvesNex5Yes
38Kay StephensStorm5
39Angie Coker-SellsSoot6Yes
40Angela AkersCora6
41Loreli JuddSally6
42Bryan WhiteBrae6
43Derek FisherNell6Yes
44Joe HaynesPepper6Yes
45Adrian EspinozaSally6
46Patrick ShannahanGreg6
47Alasdair MacRaePenny6Yes
48Erin SwansonWest6
49Linda TesdahlRoyce6
50Shane HarleyHope6
51Kathy KnoxRob6
52Cindy GoodMeg6
53Angela AkersHazel6
54Karen ZamoraTJ6
55Karen ChildTeff6
56Maggi McClureBuster6

Young Handler Eligibility

  1. A Young Handler must be no more than 21 years of age on day one of the trials (September 17, 2020).
  2. Each U.S. USBCHA district may nominate one young handler no later than December 31, 2019.
  3. Nomination must be followed by  parental consent and release forms.  Links to consent and release forms will be posted on this page.
  4. USBCHA President to select up to three young handlers. Qualifying criteria to include:
    1. Total Open trial points accumulated in 2019 trial year
    2. Total Open trial points accumulated in 2018 trial year
    3. Number of Open trials competed in 2019 trial year
    4. Number of Open trials competed in 2018 trial year
    5. Other criteria as determined by the USBCHA Board of Directors

A list of young handlers who have expressed an interest to the USBCHA in competing in the Young Handler competition is shown below, and will be updated periodically.


5Sophie HemmingsDaveyYes
6Jacob CampbellJoeYes
8Logan LaubBlakeYes