Nursery Entries Received

Entries for the National Finals must be postmarked on or before Aug. 1. Entry available June 1   Word   PDF

No entries will be accepted after that date.
Beginning on or before August 15, Joanne Murphy (our webmaster) will update the website entries received on a daily basis. Scratches will be filled up until the day before the trial starts. Please do not call either the Secretary or Webmaster to see if you are in. LOOK at the website.

No refund after Sept. 1 in either the Open or Nursery Class unless there is a valid family medical or veterinary excuse. No exceptions. No refund even if your spot is filled. It is the handler's responsibility to make sure your message was received and proper action was taken. Entries/wait list updates are posted within a few hours after cancellations are received, so please check the website to see if you are still on the entry list. If you are, email

Beginning September 10, the only way to get into the Finals is to personally sign in at the secretary's trailer before 5:00 p.m. on the Monday before the finals starts (Sept. 25).


At 5:00 p.m. on Monday, the Secretary will finalize the running order with any final scratches, filling the spots with the dogs on the sign in sheet. The dogs on the sign in sheet have to be entered by the August 1 entry deadline and will be given entry into the trial based on qualification points.

An entrant must notify the trial secretary before the class begins each day (first dog to the post) in order to substitute to an alternate dog (listed on entry form) provided the alternate dog has sufficient qualifying points to be eligible (for the Open) or qualifying legs (for the Nursery. An alternate dog will not be substituted if there is a dog on the sign up sheet that has a greater number of qualification points.

Part I, Rule 4 of the USBCHA Rules states: Members must be in good standing to earn points towards participation in the USBCHA Open Finals and qualifying legs for the USBCHA Nursery Finals. To participate in the USBCHA National Finals, one must also be a member in good standing of the American Border Collie Association (ABCA).
The ABCA is in the process of verifying membership. If you are entered in the Finals and are not a current member of the ABCA, please join prior to the commencement of the National Finals.
An application is available by clicking   ABCA Membership Form

Handlers are responsible for checking the nursery list to ensure the earned legs are correct. If they are not correct, they should contact the USBCHA secretary and/or the trial hosts. This must be done before running orders are drawn.

Nursery Entries received

As of July 21, 2017

1 Anderson Beth Erin 2
2 Ash Kate Kate 1
3 Bailey Hubert Aggie 2
4 Barrentine Diane Wynn 2
5 Basson Faansie Jack 2
6 Basson Faansie Sam 2
7 Boyce Dawn Corbin 1
8 Brannen Connie Derry 2
9 Brisbin Donna Queen 2
10 Brothers Michelle Mac 2
11 Burkey Ron Whip 2
12 Cash Brian Riley 2
13 Chute Peggy Twizzler 2
14 Clawson Carol Gwen 2
15 Coker-Sells Angie Tam 2
16 Coker-Sells Angie Zoe 2
17 Cunningham Lori Buck 2
18 Cunningham Lori Lefty 2
19 Donaldson Nick Irie 2
20 Donaldson Nick Peg 2
21 Enzeroth Ron Clark 2
22 Ferraro Mich Bella NQ
23 Frank Claudia Hank 2
24 Good Cindy Meg 2
25 Gourley Shauna Terra 2
26 Hadley Louise Tug 2
27 Harvard Stewart Nap 2
28 Henigin Jeanine Danni 2
29 Holt Deana Sky 2
30 Johnson Scott Hope 2
31 Karkow Karen Cora 2
32 Keeton Dan Max 2
33 Kelley Robert Becca 2
34 Lambert Beverly Lee 2
35 Lamont Victoria Dram 2
36 McClure Maggi Coal 2
37 Merriman Mike Tibbs 2
38 Millen Roger Mattie 2
39 Milliken Amanda Hazel 2
40 Milliken Amanda Quark 2
41 Minor Mary Jag 2
42 Mitchell Jamie Gael 2
43 Murray Terry Lenore 2
44 Northrup Sharon Earl 2
45 Peterson Cy Clare 2
46 Ratliff Katy Teak 2
47 Ray Barbara Grant 2
48 Reuter Dan Tate 2
49 Reuter Janis Teagan 2
50 Roegner Larry Mo 2
51 Simmons Nancy Diesel 2
52 Teal Denise Joy 2
53 Terpstra Marilyn Olive 2
54 Tesdahl Linda Sunny 2
55 Tietjen Joni Ben 2
56 Tietjen Joni Star 2
57 Watt Gordon Hawk 2
58 Wilson Tom Queen 2
59 Young Dave Tagh 2
60 Zamora Karen T.J. 2


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