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The board voted to fill drop outs at the national finals up until the day before the trial starts.

To be guaranteed your money back, you must drop out before September 1. After that, the only way to be given a refund is to have your spot filled.

With that in mind, The secretary will continue to update the website, entry's received, on a daily basis. For the most part, it is updated withing the hour of receiving a cancellation. With that in mind, please do not call Francis to see if you are in. LOOK at the website.

The website will be updated until the 20th of September.

After the 20th of September, the only way to get into the finals is to personally be at the secretary's trailer on the Monday before the finals starts, before 5:00 pm, and sign the provided sheet.


At 5 pm on that day, Francis will remove from the running order the cancellations made after the 20th and fill those spots with the dogs on the sign in sheet.

The dogs on the sign in sheet have to be entered  by the August 1 entry deadline and will be given entry into the trial based on qualification points

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8/16/11:  I am involved with local committee's effort to fund their part of the finals on a day to day basis. Sometimes there are three of these cmte's on the go at one time. The single most difficult task they face is raising money. While we asure them that the usbcha will underwrite their losses, they work extremely hard to see that no losses occur.

Lets discuss the positive's and negative's of raising our sanctioning fees to $3.00 per run, with the extra dollar being given to our local committee that is hosting the finals. That would be a $15,000 to $16,000 cash infusion into their budgets each year. And it wouldn't be a loan, but straight money for them to use to meet their approved budgeted expenses.

The sanctioning fees for the usbcha have always been $2.00. I would think we could stand a raise at some point in time.

Thanks for your input on this,



8//16/11:   In the beginning of the nursery program, we qualified by district's,, x number of dogs from each district and you earned points in your district only to go towards your qualifying team. I believe it would be a good idea to look at doing this again. It would not need be exactly the same, but use the original as a model. It would

A: give us a set number of dogs to run in the nursery finals

B: I believe it would generate more nursery trials in all districts, in turn generating more revenue for the usbcha as a whole.

I am not saying we have a bad system, but I am saying we need not get complacent with what we have. Generating new ideas keeps our sport in a growth mode, helping us keep the efforts to have the different national championships in a positive mindset. Any thoughts??




Hello to all

      i hope everyone is enjoying a good summer trial season.  Just a quick note to encourage you to get your directors nominations into Francis by July 16.   Nominations seems to be in short supply this year.  

Please send in your finals entrys early as well. It saves on the big last minute rush at the deadline. Hope you are enjoying the new wed site. See you at the finals,



The committee to review arena trial sanctioning has come up with no recommendation's  for the board of directors.  The committee has been dismissed.

The aforementioned committee is still talking about sanctioning "arena " trials



In response to membership concern caused by open trials being sanctioned by the USBCHA and AHBA a committee was formed by the president. This committee was made up of the entire board of directors plus Eileen Stein.

The committee split the issue into two different topics. Dual sanctioning, and sanctioning "arena" trials.

The committee made a recommendation to the board. That is to not  

sanction a trial that is sanctioned by any other national organization, specifically AKC,AHBA and ASCA.

If and when the board makes this a motion, the specific wording of that motion will be published for review.


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