April 5, 2010  4:00 pm central standard time

Beverly Lambert moved that we removed rule two from the USBCHA Nursery Rules, seconded by Warren Mick. SECTION 31: Rule 2. Imported dogs are eligible for the USBCHA Nursery ONLY if imported BEFORE they reach one (1) year of age. Motion failed.

Dick Williams, no               Jim Murphy, no                Emil Luedecke, no                Barb Ross, no
    Beverly Lambert, yes        Geri Byrne, no                   Bob Stephens, no               Dan Keeton, no
    Barbara :Levinson, no        Sonia Craig, no                  Ron Burkey, no                     Wilda Bahr, no
Francis Raley,  4/18/10
 SECTION 31: Rule 2. Imported dogs are eligible for the

Geri Byrne motioned to pay for one half the cost ($3400) of one day's webcasting as approved in Heather's proposal. At the same time this motion takes away the previous approval of funding one half of a two day webcast, seconded by Allen Hickenbottom.   Motion Failed.

Barb Ross, yes                             Barbara Ray, no               Beverly Lambert, no
Allen Hickenbottom, yes               Marianna Schreeder, no    Warren, Mick, no
Emil Luedecke, yes                      Dick Williams, no              Judy Thayer, no
Geri Byrne, yes                           Jim Murphy, no                 Bob Stephens, no
Ron Burkey, yes                         Amanda Milliken, no          Dan Keeton, no
 Sonia Craig, yes                        Norma Stewart, no            Barbara Levinson, no
George Stambulic, yes                  

Francis Raley, 3/28/10


Filming for the 2010 National Finals: Amanda Milliken motioned to approve half of the funding for two days, for a three camera job, seconded by Wilda Bahr.  Motion passed.

Emil Luedecke, no               Dick Williams, yes          Wilda Bahr, yes              Jim Murphy, yes
Barb Ross, no                     Bob Stephens, yes          Amanda Milliken, yes     Warren Mick, yes
Geri Byrne, No                    Barbara Ray, yes           Barbara Levinson, yes    Beverly Lambert, yes
Allen Hickenbottom, no        Ellen Nieslanik, yes        Norma Stewart, yes        Dan Keeton, yes
Sonia, Craig, no

Francis Raley, March 3, 2010


Jan. 25, 2010

Barbara Levinson move that we choose the next world team by initiating and advertising an application process; and that once the applications are received, we implement the same selection criteria used in identifying the US world team in 2008, seconded by Bob Stephens.  Motion passed.
Geri Byrne, yes        Emil Luedecke, yes        Bob Stephens, yes        Norma Stewart, yes
Ron Burkey, yes       Allen Hickenbottom, yes      Barb Ross, yes        Barbara Levinson, yes
Dan Keeton, yes       Wilda Bahr, yes       Amanda Milliken, yes          Judy Thayer, yes
Francis, Raley, 23, 2010



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