Michele Howard  make a motion that the running orders for all USBCHA sanctioned trials be drawn in accordance with the same rules governing the drawing of our National Finals, seconded by Dick Williams.  Motion failed.

Dick Williams, no                        Barbara Ray, no                        Beverly Lambert, no
Emil Luedecke, no                      Sonia Craig, no                          Judy Thayer, no
Allen Hickenbottom, yes              Amanda Milliken, no                   Dan Keeton, no
Dean Holcomb, yes                    Bob Stephens, no                        Mariana Schreeder, no
Michele Howard, yes                   George Stambulic, no                 Barb Ross, no
Wilda Bahr, yes

Francis Raley,  11/16/09



Sept. 8, 2009

 Beverly Lambert motioned, For 2009, I move we run back 40% of the nursery dogs in the second go, with the minimum amount being 30 dogs run back total, seconded by Marianna Schreeder.  Motion passed.
Emil Luedecke, yes          Dan Keeton, yes               Jimmy Walker, yes          Allen Hickenbottom, yes
Kate Broadbent, yes       Mickele Howard, yes         George Stambulic, yes     Bob Stephens, yes
Dean Holcomb, yes         Wilda Bahr, yes                 Marianna Schreeder, yes 

Francis Raley


Aug 11, 2009

 Herbert Holmes motioned to put the below items in place for the 2010 Cattle Finals, seconded by Marianna Schreeder.  Motion passed.

 1. Extend both Open and Nursery qualifying to the last day of March, 2010

2. Allow handlers to enter third dogs on a provisional basis, the provision being that the trial does not fill, then third dogs are allowed. the third dogs would be allowed in order of qualifying points earned for open, and all allowed in the nursery.
3. Allow late entry's for the open and nursery.  Late entry's would not get into the trial ahead of any on time entry, regardless of points earned.

Bob Stephens, yes         Michele Howard, yes       Dan Keeton, yes                        George Stambulic, yes
Judy Thayer, yes           Sonia Craig, yes             Marianna Schreeder, yes           
Emil Luedecke, yes         Dick Williams, yes          Dean Holcomb, yes        Amanda Milliken, yes
Beverly Lambert, yes     Allen Hickenbottom, yes

 Francis Raley,  8/11/09

Jan.  25, 2009

Wilda Bahr motioned to eliminate the requirement to have a minimum of one North American judge at the Nationals Finals, seconded by Amanda Milliken.  Motion failed.

Bob Stephens, yes                      Jimmy Walker, yes                     Wilda Bahr,yes
Barbara Ray, yes                         Amanda Milliken, yes                   
Dean Holcomb, no                       Barb Ross, no                             Sonia Craig, no
Dick Williams, no                         Roy Taber, no                             Judy Thayer, no
Allen Hickenbottom, no              Marianna Schreeder, no            Warren Mick, no
George Stambulic, no                   Emil Luedecke, no

Francis Raley,  Feb. 4, 2009


 Jan. 5, 09


Emil Luedecke nominated Herbert Holmes for President  of USBCHA for a two year term, Michele Howard for Vice President and Francis Raley for Secretary/Treasure. Allen Hickenbottom nominated Dean Holcomb for Vice President.  Bob Stephens moved to cease Nominations, seconded by Emil Luedecke.  Herbert Holmes and Francis Raley were elected by acclamation. 

Marianna Schreeder, yes                    Emil Luedecke, yes                    Judy Thayer, yes

Allen Hickenbottom, yes                    Bob Stephens, yes                     Jimmy Walker, yes

Kate Broadbent, yes                            Dan Keeton, yes                        Wilda Bahr, yes

Dick Williams, yes                                Barb Ross, yes                           Ellen Nieslanik, yes

Sonia Craig, yes                                    George Stambulic, yes              Dean Holcomb, yes

Michele Howard, yes                           Barbara Ray, yes                        Amanda Milliken, yes

Votes was taken by email to Francis Raley for Vice President.  Dean Holcomb was elected Vice President by a very narrow margin.  Ballots on file.

 Francis Raley,  Jan. 3, 2009


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