Board of Directors Meeting, Klamath Falls OR., Sept 22, 09

 Directors present:  Herbert Holmes, Ellen Nieslanik, Roy Taber, Bob Stephens, Michelle Howard, George Stambulic, Amanda Milliken, Kate Broadbent, Beverly Lambert, Wilda Bahr, Barb Ross, Emil Luedecke, Dan Keeton. Kate Broadbent.

Directors not present:  Sonia Craig, Jimmy Walker, Allen Hickenbottom, Judy Thayer, Dick Williams, Gene Sheninger, Barbara Ray.

Officers present:  Herbert Holmes, Francis Raley

 Meeting was called to order by President Herbert Holmes at 8:14 pm

 Beverly Lambert motioned to accept the minutes of last meetings, seconded by Kate Broadbent.  Motion approved.

 Herbert Holmes reviewed the Treasurer’s report saying that income was growing in spite of the economy.  He explained there will be an added charge for the trial field this year.  Due to weather the hay crops were late, and the owner was unable to cut before the trial dates.

 The cattledog program was discussed on how to encourage entries in the cattle finals.  The qualifying fees for cattle dogs were increased from $2.00 to $4.00 hoping to bring in more income. The cattledog Finals lost less money in 2009 than 2008. Some discussion was given to possibly putting cattle Finals with an established trial.  Beverly Lambert motioned to extend cattledog program for another year then re-evaluate the progress next year, seconded by Barb Ross.  Motion passed.

 Ellen Nieslanik presented a formal proposal from 2011 Exploration Trial Committee (Ellen Nieslanik, Dan Keeton & Bridget Strang) in partnership with Strang Ranch and the Aspen Valley Land Trust to host the 2011 USBCHA National Sheepdog Finals in Carbondate, Colorado, September 13 – 18, 2011.  Ellen answered questions from Directors,  Amanda Milliken motioned to accept 2011 bid from Valley Land Trust , seconded by Beverly Lambert.  Motion passed.

Herbert announced that the 2010 National Nursery Finals at Belle Grove Plantaion will run on  Friday, Saturday & Sunday prior the National Finals.

 No other business the meeting was adjourned.

 Francis Raley,  Sept 22, 2009