Forum Minutes,  2008


Nov 18/2008

Lena Bailey motioned to accept the following bid for 2009 Cattle Dog Finals, seconded by Dean Holcomb,
“The following Host Committee would like to make a formal request to host the 2009 Cattledog Finals. The specifics are listed below.  Banner County Cattledog Committee (Committee) Mailing address PO Box 96, Bushnell, NE 69128
Tim Gifford, Harrisburg NE 308-631-0387, Carol Gifford, Harrisburg, NE 308-436-4930
Bill Halligan, Bushnell NE 308-235-5900
Date May 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 2009
The handlers meeting will be on the evening of the 5 th and the trial from the 6 th to the 9 th .
Location South of Gering NE eight miles on highway 71 and 1 mile west on highway 88 on the north side
of the highway.
Camper parking will be available without hookups. The parking is next to Nebraska State Highway 88 and if there is rain during the trial the campers will be able to get to the highway. A covered building will be available for the handlers along with tents for the handlers if the weather is bad.
Commercial flights are available at the following airports. Scottsbluff NE 12 miles. Cheyenne WY 90 miles. Denver CO 200 miles
There are over 200 motel rooms in Gering and Scottsbluff.
Average Annual Rain Fall 14 inches.  Average Temperature in May 65 degrees F.
Trial Field The trial field will be the same as the field used for the USBCHA sanctioned trial on August 8 2008. Handlers from 5 states attended and we can provide names if you have questions. The Trial Field will in a section pasture with the Wild Cat Hills making the north fence. The natural bowl that the field has will give the handler and spectators a better view of the course then in 2008. The handlers post can be set on the west, south or east side of the course if a strong wind is predicted. The double lift set out can be set so the look back will be over 90 degrees from the first outrun with as long an outrun as the cattle will permit. Cattle The same source of cattle used in 2008 has been offered. Local herds with over 400 replacement heifers produced annually will be used as a backup supply of cattle.
Staffingm The handling of the cattle will be done by hired day riders. Clerks and timers are available that have experience clerking at judged live stock events.
Financial, $10,000 will be provided by the USBCHA to the committee for the cost of cattle. This would be due and payable on February 1 st 2009 to complete the contract for the cattle. The committee will pay $4,000 to the handlers as prize money.
The balance of the expenses will be funded by sponsorships sold by the local groups marketing the event. Marketing The Banner County Cattledog Committee, Scottsbluff County Tourism and the Scottsbluff Humane Society will market the Finals.
Banner County Cattledog Committee
Tim Gifford __________________________________ Date ____________
Carol Gifford__________________________________Date ____________
Bill Halligan _________________________________

Motion Passed

Dean Holcomb, yes            Norma Stewart, yes             Emil Luedecke, yes             Jimmy Walker, yes              Wilda Bahr, yes  
Dan Keeton, yes                  Lena Bailey, yes                 Linda Meyer, yes                 Laura Hicks, yes                  Judy Thayer, yes
Michele Howard, yes       Allen Hickenbottom, yes

 Francis Raley,  11/18/09


July 28, 2008

Dean Holcomb motioned, " the USBCHA will hold the National Finals at Belle Grove Planation in September 2010. Dean Holcomb is representing the local group in this proposal. The USBCHA will accept the budget presented earlier to the B/D.  As the budget shows, the event will cost the ISBCHA $5000 up front.  The ISBCHA agrees to underwrite the finals for another $5000 in the event of unforeseen cost or revenue loss.  If the budget does change for whatever reason, Dean Holcomb will contact the USBCHA president, then the USBCHA board will have direct input in any proposed budget changes.  If, after all accounting is done, the event has a net profit, all of the money will be split 70% for USBCHA, 30% for the local group. This money that goes to the USBCHA will go into general funds to be used for all future finals”, seconded by Lena Bailey.  Motion passed.

                Dean Holcomb, yes            Lena Bailey, yes                  Allen Hickenbottom, yes                   Norma Stewart, yes
                Wilda Bahr, yes                   Laura Hicks, yes                  Barb Ross, yes                                     Dan Keeton, yes
                George Stambulic, yes        Michele Howard, yes          Emil Luedecke, yes                            

Francis Raley, 8/1/08-_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

July, 15, 2008

The motion that Open Cattledog Classes with 5 or more entries can be sanctioned passed.  Jimmy Walker motioned that
the passed ruling be retroactive to January 1, 2008, seconded by Dean Holcomb.  Motion failed.

                Jimmy Walker, yes              Dean Holcomb, no              Lena Bailey, no                   Barb Ross, no                      
                Dick Williams, no                Dan Keeton, no                   Michele Howard, no           Emil Luedecke, no
                Amanda Milliken, no          Judy Thayer, no                   Laura Hicks, no                  

Francis Raley,


June 30, 2008

 The B/D will vote on receiving the excess monies from the 2007 National Finals (approximately $20,000) with the following conditions:  Richard Williams motioned, the USBCHA must earmark the money in a separate account (possibly a CD). The money can only be used to fund a National Finals that will be held East of the Mississippi (which could include Eastern Canada). The money will be dispersed in total to the next local committee awarded the bid to host that finals. The award of this money will not effect other monies normally provided by the USBCHA to a national finals local committee. The availability of money will be advertised in order that potential local committees considering bidding for the finals may properly consider receipt of these funds in their financial projections, seconded by Dean Holcomb.  Motion passed

            Allen Hickenbottom, yes  Amanda Milliken, yes      Dick Williams, yes          Laura Hicks, yes
            Barb Ross, yes                Dean Holcomb, yes         Warren Mick, yes          Jimmy Walker, yes
            Lena Bailey, yes               Judy Thayer, yes              Dan Keeton, yes           Wilda Bahr, yes
            Norma Stewart, yes       

Francis Raley, July 17, 2008


May 31, 2008

 Jimmy Walker moved that Open Cattledog Classes with 5 or more entries can be sanctioned,  seconded by Dean Holcomb.  Motion passed.

            Dean Holcomb, yes       Lena Bailey, yes            Jimmy Walker, yes                Allen Hickenbottom, yes
            Laura Hicks, yes            Norma Stewart, yes       Wilda Bahr, yes                     Emil Luedecke, yes
            Michele Howard, yes     Dan Keeton, yes           Barb Ross, yes

 Jimmy Walker moved that beginning January 1, 2009, the sanctioning fee for cattledog classes be $4.00 per entry for both the Open Class and the Nursery Class, seconded by Dean Holcomb.  Motion passed.

            Dean Holcomb, yes       Lena Bailey, yes            Jimmy Walker, yes        Allen Hickenbottom, yes
            Laura Hicks, yes           Norma Stewart, yes       Wilda Bahr, yes             Emil Luedecke, yes
            Michele Howard, yes     Dan Keeton, yes            Barb Ross, yes

 Francis Raley, June 27, 2008


April 30, 2008

 First Motion: Dean Holcomb motioned to add to the Open Rules as in the Nursery Rules, Section 31-Rule B, to state that all handlers must be a current paid member of USBCHA before the handler’s dog receives qualification points for the Finals, seconded by Dan Keeton.  Motion passed

 Second Motion: Allen Hickenbottom proposed the following change in the first sentence of Section 1 "Membership Requirements and/or Privileges", Paragraph D; to read “Only members in good standing shall earn points to participate in the National Open and Nursery class finals” seconded by Lena Bailey.  Motion passed.

These motions do not change any rule, but add wording to reinforce the long standing rule of the USBCHA to not allow point earning before membership dues have been paid.

             Lena Bailey, yes to 2nd motion                      Wilda Bahr, yes to both motions

            Jimmy Walker, yes to both motions                Dean Holcomb, yes to both motions

            Linda Meyer, yes to both motions                   Barb Ross, yes to both motions

            Michele Howard, yes to both motions             Judy Thayer, yes to both motions

            Norma Stewart, yes to both motions               Dick Williams, yes to both motions

            Dan Keeton, yes to both motions                    Emil Luedecke, yes to both motions

 Francis Raley, 5/23/08


April 8, 2008

 Jimmy Walker motioned to add “other than the USBCHA National Finals and the CBCA Canadian National Championships" to rule Section 5 #L, seconded by Wilda Bahr,  Rule will read “Eligibility to run in the USBCHA Open and Nursery Sheepdog Finals is limited to citizens of the United States and/or Canada, and to non-citizens who have been physically present in the United States and /or Canada for at least nine months of the qualifying year for the Finals they seek to enter, and who have not run in the National sheepdog or Cattledog trial of any other country during the same calendar year as the Finals they seek to enter OTHER THAN THE USBCHA NATIONAL FINALS AND THE CBCA CANADIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS.  Motion passed.

              Michele Howard, yes                          Norma Stewart, yes             Laura Hicks, yes                  Amanda Milliken, yes

              Allen Hickenbottom, yes                     Jimmy Walker, yes               Judy Thayer, yes                  Lena Bailey, yes

              Dean Holcomb, yes                           George Stambulic, yes           Barb Ross, yes                    Dick Williams, yes

 Francis Raley, April 23, 2008


April 16, 2008

The following persons will be 2008 National Finals Judges. There was only
four persons nominated.

Gary Westbrook, Ar.
Bobby Henderson, Scotland
Alf Kyme, England
Barbara Ray, Va

Francis Raley


May 12, 2008

Dean Holcomb motioned to delete the sentence in Cowdog Rules , Section 22, 4-C, which reads; points will not be awarded until the cattle have daylited the outer ends of either the left or right obstacle, seconded by Wilda Bahr.   Motion passed.
            Dean Holcomb, yes        Allen Hichenbottom, yes              Jimmy Walker, yes         Judy Thayer, yes
            Lena Bailey, yes             Dan Keeton, yes                         Laura Hicks, yes             George Stambulic, yes
            Barb Ross                      Norma Stewart, yes                    Michele Howard, yes       Dick Williams, yes

 Francis Raley, March 31, 2008


March 19, 2008

As of this date, March 19, 2008 Chester Williams resigned as Director of 4 (Texas, New Mexico, Az.).  Jimmy Walker, Hillsboro, Tx. was on the 2007 ballot and received votes.

Jimmy has agreed to serve Chester's unexpired term which is the class of 2009.

Francis Raley, 3/19/08


March 3, 2008

 Beverly Lambert motioned the following, seconded by Lena Bailey.  Motions passed.


1.     At the National Finals there will always be water available on the field so the dogs can cool themselves and that handlers are allowed to direct their dogs to the water and the dogs may use the water with no points penalty. Handlers may not leave the post to go to the water with their dog. If the handler is on the way to or in the shedding ring or on the way to the pen they may detour to the water. The clock will not be stopped. Handler and dog are still being judged on the actions of the stock and anything that the stock do may cause a loss of points or if the stock leave the trial area disqualification. The HA recommends that all HA sanctioned trials adopt this rule.

Lena Bailey, yes               Judy Thayer, yes                        Amanda Milliken, yes      Barb Ross, yes

Wilda Bahr, yes                George Stambulic, yes                Norma Stewart, yes        Dan Keeton, yes

Allen Hickenbottom, yes    Beverly Lambert, yes                  Dick Williams, yes          Michele Howard, yes

Dean Holcomb, yes           Kate Broadbent, yes

2.   Any judge that feels that a dog is not capable of continuing with his run because he is showing signs of stress should disqualify that dog and handler. This would include over heating, lameness or demonstrated inability to do the work required.

Lena Bailey, yes               Judy Thayer, yes                        Amanda Milliken, yes      Barb Ross, no

Wilda Bahr, no                 George Stambulic, yes                Norma Stewart, yes        Dan Keeton, yes

Allen Hickenbottom, yes    Beverly Lambert, yes                 Dick Williams, yes          Michele Howard, no

Dean Holcomb, yes          Kate Broadbent, yes


Francis Raley, 3/16/08


Feb.  28, 2008

Emil Luedecke motioned and Barb Ross seconded, “A motion that is made and seconded must be placed on the USBCHA web site for one week, minimum, before it can be voted on by the board.  Motion passed.

            Allen Hickenbottom, yes              Dean Holcomb, yes                    Barb Ross, yes               Lena Bailey,yes
            Emil Luedecke, yes                     Beverly Lambert, yes                 Michele Howard, yes       Dan Keeton, yes
            Wilda Bahr, yes                          Laura Hicks, yes                         Dick Williams, yes

 Francis Raley, March 10, 2008


Feb. 19, 2008

 Beverly Lambert moved  to have a more open forum allowing the members read only access to director discussions and votes. 
The motion to accept the forum proposal died for lack of a second. 

Francis Raley, Feb. 26, 2008 __________________________________________________________________________________________________

Feb. 6, 2008

 Emil Luedecke motioned to not sanction Novice classes, seconded by Michele Howard.  Motion passed.

HA Association will no longer sanction Novice of any type.
                Emil Luedecke, yes                                          Judy Thayer, yes                              Dan Keeton, yes
                Dean Holcomb, yes                                         Michele  Howard, yes                      George Stambulic, yes
                Linda Meyer, yes                                             Norma Stewart, yes                        Dick Williams, yes
                Kate Broadbent, yes                                       Lena Bailey, yes                               Laura Hicks, yes         

Francis Raley, Feb. 19, 2008