B/D Meeting,
2007 B/D Forum Minutes,  


Forum Minutes, Nov. 7, 2007

 Emil Luedecke moved to take away the outrun poles and go back to the judged outrun (20 points) and judged lift (10 points) at the National Cattle Dog Finals, seconded by Mike Neary.  Motion passed

                 Emil Luedecke, yes            Wilda Bahr, yes                   Sandra Milberg, yes            Barb Ross, yes
                Norma Stewart, yes             Lena Bailey, yes                  Mike Neary, yes                   Beverly Lambert, yes
                Chester Williams, no           Michele Howard, yes          Gene Sheninger, yes            Laura Hicks, yes
                Dean Holcomb, yes           

Herbert asked the Cattle Committee to select a chairperson for the committee.

Francis, Nov. 7, 2007

Forus Minutes,  Oct. 14, 2007

 Mike Neary moved that no judges be used for the Cattle or Sheep Dog finals that are on an AKC approved judging list, seconded by Dale Kuhrt.  Motioned passed.
            Barb Ross, yes             Wilda Bahr, yes                        Beverly Lambert, yes               Sandra Milberg, yes
            Michele Howard, yes    Mike Neary, yes                        Gene Sheninger, yes               Laura Hicks, yes
            Dale Kuhrt, yes            Emil Luedecke, yes                   Judy Thayer, yes                      Bruce Smart, no

 Francis, Raley,  Oct. 16, 2007

Forum Oct. 8, 2007 

Dean Holcomb moved to use two judges for the Cattledog Finals for 2008 and after, seconded by Mike Neary.
Motion passed.
            Kate Broadbent, yes    Norma Stewart, yes     Sandra Milberg, yes      Judy Thayer, yes
            Barb Ross, yes             Gene Sheninger, yes   Dean Holcomb, yes      Wilda Bahr, yes
            Beverly Lambert, yes   Linda Meyer, yes          Laura Hicks, yes           Dale Kuhrt, yes
            Emil Luedecke, yes      Bruce Smart, yes        

Francis, Raley, Oct. 16, 2007

2007 Directors Minutes

Aug. 17, 2007


Dale Kuhrt moved that all  USBCHA National Finals SHEEP and CATTLE shall be fully-judged competitions. The judging is to be based upon good stock work by dog and handler and consistent with the basic tenets of conventional judged stock dog trials. A minimum of two judges shall be used in the finals trials, seconded by Lyle Lad.


After a lengthy discussion Herbert called for the vote.  The motion failed.

                Lyle Lad, yes                        Stormy Winters, yes            Laura Hicks, no                                  Dean Holcomb, no

                Dale Kuhrt, yes                    JoAnn Zoerb, yes                 Beverly Lambert, no                          Michele Howard, no
                Judy Thayer, yes                 Mike Neary, yes                   Chester Williams, no                          Gene Sheninger, no

                Linda Meyer, yes                 Lena Bailey, yes                   Barb Ross, no                                      Kate Broadbent, no

                Leo Woodbury, yes                                                             Bruce Smart, no                                  Wilda Bahr, no

                                                                                                                Sandra Milberg, no

Francis Raley,  8-26-07


July 15, 2007

 USBCHA received a 2008 Cattle Dog Finals bid from Torrington, Wy. (same location as 2007).

The host committee is Stephanie Lofink, Tim Gifford and Bill Halligan.  The dates for the 2008 Cattledog finals is May 14th thru 17th and 18th is needed.


Dean Holcomb moved to accept the 2008 Cattledog Finals bid from Torrington, Wy., seconded by Laura Hicks.  Motion passed.

            Laura Hicks yes                     Lena Bailey yes                     Beverly Lambert - yes

            Wilda Bahr yes                      Emil Luedecke yes                Sandra Milberg - yes

            Gene Sheninger yes             Judy Thayer yes                    Michele Howard - yes

            Barb Ross yes                       Dale Kuhrt yes                     


Francis Raley


July 12, 2007 

After a lengthy discussion of sanctioning Novice classes Beverly Lambert motioned the USBCHA begin a program of sanctioning novice trials.  The HA will charge a $1 per dog sanctioning fee for novice trials.  This will earn the trial "Novice Sanctioning". Such trials will fall under all of the applicable rules and regulations of the HA.  All handlers competing in such events and all groups putting on such events must abide by those rules.

This sanctioning is Novice Sanctioning only and does not qualify a handler for regular membership in the HA. This sanctioning is purely voluntary and is an opportunity for trial hosts to take advantage of HA insurance coverage and the protection of running under HA rules, seconded by Mike Neary.  Motion passed.

            Gene Sheninger yes             Lena Bailey yes                    Sandra Milberg - yes

            Emil Luedecke no                 Dean Holcomb no                 Michele Howard yes

            Dale Huhrt no                       Beverly Lambert yes             Laura Hicks - yes

            Wilda Bahr yes                     Mike Neary yes                     Barb Ross yes

            Bruce Smart yes                   Kate Broadbent - yes


Francis Raley


June 31, 2007

 Laura Hicks checked with Sturgis about the dates of the 2008 Finals.  Due to other dog events at Sturgis they feels it would suit them best to have the finals a week earlier.

 Herbert moved to change the dates of the 08 finals to the start day of the Tuesday after Meeker, and run until they are over, proposed on the following Sunday. Those tentative dates are September 9 thry Sept 14. 2008. seconded by Michele Howard.  Motion passed.

            Michele Howard yes              Jo Ann Zoerb yes                  Mike Nearly - yes
            Emil Luedecke yes                Gene Sheninger yes              Kate Broadbent yes            
            Dean Holcomb - yes                  Lena Bailey yes                     Judy Thayer - yes
            Beverly Lambert yes             Norma Stewart - yes

  After checking with Meeker the definite dates of the 2008 National Finals is Sept. 9th.

 Francis Raley


June 22, 2007

 USBCHA received an invitation to participate in the 2008 World Trial.  ISDS will be hosting World Trial at Dinefwr Park, Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, South Wales Sept. 11 thru 14, 2008.  There are 242 teams allocated for the World trial. The number of places allocated for the team from USA is 24.  Canada will be allocated a team separate from the US team.

Herbert asked for a discussion and also give their suggestions as how to qualify for the 08 World trial. 

 After a period with very little action a committee was formed and their plan was then submitted to the board.  After consideration this plan was rejected.

 Emil Luedecke motioned to use the top 17 from the National Finals to pick the USBCHA World Team, seconded by Barb Ross.  Again there was discussions that handlers may not be able to

Attend the 2007 National Finals.  Forum vote taken;  Motion failed

            Dean Holcomb yes                Lena Bailey no                       Barb Ross - no
            Laura Hicks yes                     Sandra Milberg no                 Leo Woodbury no
            Bruce Smart abstain             Emil Luedecke yes                Michele Howard - no   
            Gene Sheninger no               Judy Thayer no                      Norma Stewart no
            Beverly Lambert no              Wilda Bahr - no
Lena Bailey motioned to send 24 dogs to the world Trial starting from the top (highest points) and going down till 24 dogs has been chosen.

 After discussions Lena withdrew her motion.

Herbert proposed to pick the 08 world trial team from the top point earners in each of the U.S districts, starting with district one, then continuing on thru the remaining districts. This will give the high point dogs from each district an opportunity to go. (remember, each qualifier can take two dogs). Remaining positions will be filled from placings at the 07 nationals finals, starting with the top 17, then remaining semi finalist, then remaining qualifying round participants. If any slots remain open, we will then go to the 07 point list in general and fill according to total points earned for 2007. No member may qualify who does not have any 07 points.

 Michele Howard and Sandra Milberg asked that the motion be amended to read the world trial qualifiers will be chosen from the top point earner in each individual district. We will go thru the districts once offering spots to the top point earner from that district, then to the second high earner and so on until we go thru each handler in a district. Then on to district 2, 3,4,ect until all 8 districts are offered a chance to send a handler. then the remaining spots pass on to the national finals participants, top 17 first, then top 40, then remainder of the 150. If after the national participants are offered a spot, then we will go to the high point earning dogs from the 06,07 qualifying year. A dog must have earned a point to be eligible."  District point earners are from the 06,07 point list from ALL trials not just trials in their districts forum vote taken.

Motion passed.   

          Lena Bailey yes               Emil Luedecke yes           Beverly Lambert - no
          Michele Howard yes         Laura Hicks yes               Judy Thayer - yes
          Gene Sheninger yes         Barb Ross yes                 Dean Holcomb yes
          Sandra Milberg yes          Leo Woodbury - yes

 Francis Raley


June 18, 2007 

On May 3rd Herbert presented to the Board a description of work done with Laura Hicks and her committee in regard to Sturgis hosting the Finals in 2008.  He offered her (her gruop of helpers) $5,000 up front to do the work of getting the trial set up.  In return, from the financial side, all sponsorships would come back to us, then we would give them a 30% commission from this sponsorship, after they reach the guaranteed $5,000. This gives them some working capitol and ensures that their effort is going to reap some reward.  Laura has contacted sheep producers in the area. It is not going to be as easy as it was in 06 due to a severe reduction in numbers because of the drought.  However, the sheep will be available, just might be 2 and 3 year olds ,or all lambs, or more money. The cost will be around $12.00 per head, and should include shipping Laura has met with the chamber representatives, and the BLM folks. The field is available for our use. The chamber is not going to take as active role as they have in the past.  The Sturgis Chamber wants to have the trial one week earlier than we voted on.  Laura and Renee Labree have investigated the possibility of a concurrent nursery field and think it can be done.

Dean Holcomb motioned to move forward with the finals going to Sturgis in 2008, seconded by Wilda Bahr.  Motion passed.

Lena Bailey yes                         Wilda Bahr - yes
Michele Howard yes                   Barb Ross - yes

Gene Sheninger yes                   Jo Ann Zoerb - yes

Linda Meyer yes                        Beverly Lambert - yes

Sandra Milberg yes                    Kate Broadbent - yes

Emil Luedecke yes                     July Thayer yes

Dean Holcomb yes                    

Francis Raley, June 18, 2007


April 12, 2007

ISDS will host the next World SDT at Dinefwr Park, Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, South Wales
Sept. 11 thru 14, 2008.  There are 242 teams allocated for the World trial. The number of places allocated for the team from USA is 24.

Herbert opened the floor for discussion on qualifying for the 2008 World Trial.  Many ideas and suggestions were tossed about. 

Emil Luedecke moved to use the top 17 from the National Finals to pick the US World Trial Team, seconded by Barb Ross. Because of so many unanswered questions such as, some handlers may not be able to attend the HA Finals, some handlers may not be able to afford to go, should Meeker and the Bluegrass be involved in selecting a team, etc.  The motion failed.

            Dean Holcomb, yes                Lena Bailey, no                     Barb Ross, no

            Laura Hicks, yes                     Sandra Milberg, no               Leo Woodbury, no

            Emil Luedecke, yes                Michele Howard, no             Judy Thayer, no

            Bruce Smart, Abstained        Gene Sheninger, no              Norma Stewart, no

                                                              Bevely Lambert, no    

 Herbert again opened the floor for qualifying for the 2008 World Trial.

 Francis Raley,  April 12, 2007


March 30, 2007

In November 06, a member, Bridget Fridley, filed a complaint against another member, Scott Kelsoe, for unsporstmanlike conduct. Herbert Holmes appointed a committee; Lena Bailey,chairperson, Dean Holcomb, Don Helsley, Amy Coapman, and Tracey Derx.  

In the Matter of Bridget Fridley vs. Scott Kelsoe, occurred on 11/11/06.  The Disciplinary Committee consisting of Lena Bailey, Amy Coapman, Tracy Derx, Don Helsley, and Dean Holcomb reviewed the complaint put forth by Bridget Fridley and interviewed witnesses and others familiar with the circumstances. Lena Bailey

We found:
1) that Scott Kelsoe demonstrated unsportsmanlike conduct in violation of USBCHA Rulebook Section 4 M #8 by blowing whistles familiar to his wife's dog during her run on the trial field. This matter was settled in a satisfactory manner by the Course Director and trial hosts, and Mr. Kelsoe apologized for his conduct.
2) that an argument concerning the above-described situation ensued between Mr. Kelsoe and Bridget Fridley when Ms. Fridley approached Mr. Kelsoe after the trial officials had spoken to him and continued to push the issue. In our judgment this also constitutes unsportsmanlike conduct on Ms. Fridley's part.

Therefore, we recommend that:
1) a mild reprimand be issued to both parties by the Board of Directors on the matter of unsportsmanlike conduct at a sanctioned event and
2) that since the original complaint had validity, the USBCHA deal with the filing fee paid by Ms. Fridley accordingly.

Certified letters were mailed to Mr. Kelsoe and Ms. Fridley on March 27, 2007.  Letters on file.

 Mike Neary motioned to enter action into the minutes of the board per our rules, seconded by Emil Luedecke.  Motion passed

            Beverly Lambert, yes              Chester Williams, yes            Emil Luedecke, yes
            Mike Neary, yes                    Dean Holcomb, yes               Norma Stewart, yes
            Barb Ross, yes                       Lena Bailey, yes                    Bruce Smart, yes
            Laura Nicks, yes                    Judy Thayer, yes                   Sandra Milberg, yes

 Francis Raley, March 30, 2007


March 10, 2007

 Herbert opened the floor for discussion on change of format at the National Sheep Finals.  Herbert had received the following suggestions

1.                    20 dogs into final day.

2.                    45 dogs into semi finals

3.                    Add the semi and preliminary scores to determine finals.

4.                    Set number of dogs each day.

After a lengthy discussion,  Sandra Milberg moved t
o run 40 dogs in the semi's and 17 dogs to run  in the finals, seconded by Lena Bailey.  Motion passed

Dean Holcomb, yes          Lena Bailey, yes             Kate Broadbent, yes

Laura Hicks, yes               Norma Stewart, yes        Sandra Milberg, yes

Emil Luedecke, yes           Barb Ross, yes               Dale Kuhrt, yes         

Bruce Smart, yes                Judy Thayer, yes          Michele Howard, yes

                Francis Raley, 3-15-07


January 2, 2007

Herbert opened the floor for nomination for 2007 & 2008 officers.

Michele Howard nominated Herbert Holmes for President, Jim Swift for Vice President and Francis Raley for Sec/Tres, seconded by Santa Milberg.

 Emil Luedecke motioned the nomination cease, seconded by Mike Neary.

There was no opposition to the motion.  Herbert Holmes, Jim Swift and Francis Raley were elected by acclamation.

 Francis Raley,  Jan. 11, 2007