B/D Meeting,

Board of Directors Meeting,  Gettysburg, Pa.
Sept. 18, 2007

 Directors present:  Sandra Milberg, Linda Meyer, Barb Ross, Beverly Lambert, Judy Thayer, Emil Luedecke, Herbert Holmes, Gene Sheninger, Bruce Smart, Dean Holcomb, Lyle Lad, Lena Bailey,

Directors not present:  Michele Howard, Wilda Bahr, Leo Woodbury, Laura Hicks, Dale Kuhrt, Mike Neary, Norma Stewart, Kate Broadbent, JoAnn Zoerb, Stormy Winters, Chester Williams.

Officers present:  Herbert Holmes, Francis Raley

          The meeting was called to order by President Herbert Holmes.

         The directors were given a packet which included past minutes and treasurerís report.  After viewing the minutes Beverly Lambert moved to accept the minutes of last meeting, seconded by Gene Sheninger.  Motioned passed.

         Herbert gave the treasurerís report explaining that he felt the Association is in good shape financially.  Herbert asked that a formal letter be written to American Border Collie Association requesting funding of both Sheep and Cattle finals. 

         Bruce Smart moved to accept the Treasurerís repost, seconded by Barb Ross.  Motion passed.

         Emil Luedecke reported that Dan Keeton had entered the National Finals but was unable to attend because of the death of his mother.  Emil moved that his entry fees be returned, seconded by Dean Holcomb.  Motion passed.

         The subject of hosting the National Finals in Canada in the future was present to the Directors, after a lengthy discussion Herbert said he would take this to the Directors on the forum for more discussion.

         Meeting was adjourned at 9:30 pm.

Francis Raley,  Sept. 18, 2007