B/D Meeting,
2006 B/D Forum Minutes,  


Nov. 29, 2006


The following is a recommendation from the Cattle Dog Committee in regards to their double lift.."The out work will consist of two gathers, with the dog being sent in the opposite direction for the second outrun from the direction of the first outrun. The lookback will be given when the cattle have crossed the plain of the fetch panel, having missed or made the panel.The line of a cross over will be a straight line between the two groups of cattle at the time the lookback is given. There will be a well defined arch marked at 50 yard radius from the position the handler is to stand when sending his dog on the outrun. If the dog crosses this line after the cattle have crossed the plane of the fetch panel, the dog will lose all thirty of the second outrun points. With this exception, the second outrun will be judged the same as the first outrun. The handler will be allowed two commands on his second outrun, one for a lookback, another for direction. Any additional commands will result in the loss of points the same as the first outrun.


Wayne Butler motioned to accept the Cattle Dog recommendation for the double lift, seconded by Pete Carmichael.

Herbert asked for discussions.  After several days of discussions Herbert called for the vote.  Motion Passed

          Wayne Butler, Yes               Chester Williams, Yes          Sandra Milberg, Yes

          Lyle Lad, Yes                            Bruce Smart, Yes               Dean Holcomb, Yes

          Beverly Lambert, yes            Pete Carmichael, Yes               Michele Howard, Yes

          Gene Sheninger, Yes               Kate Broadbent, Yes               Dal Kratzer, No

          Mike Neary, No                Susan Carvalho, Yes


Francis Raley, 11/29/06

 On Oct. 14, 2006 Herbert Holmes posted to the HA Directors Forum; I have the follow rule change request from the Cattle dog Committee . They were unanimous in their support for this change.  The judge will judge the outrun only. He will judge based on the following rules.
1  A dog that crosses over will lose 18 poins on the outrun.

2. A dog that has a redirect will lose one point per redirect, up to 5 points.
3 .A dog that does not go outside the outrun obstacles (post or gate) will lose 10 points.
4. The judge has the authority to call the dog and handler off the field for excessive and uncontrollable abuse of stock at anytime during the run.
5. The outrun will be worth a total of 30 points.


Wayne Butler motioned to accept rule change request from the Cattledog Committee, seconded by Pete Carmichael.


After a discussion on the forum Herbert called for the votes.  Motioned passed.

Mandy Harley – No                           Pete Carmichael - Yes                   Chester Williams – Yes

Dale Kuhrt – No                                   Dean Holcomb – Yes                     Bruce Smart - Yes

Gary Westbrook - No                           Barb Ross – Yes                            Beverly Lambert – Yes

Mike Neary - No                   Wayne Butler – Yes                          Lyle Lad – Yes

Emil Luedecke - No                           Gene Sheninger – Yes                   Sandra Milberg – Yes

Michele Howard - No                           Susan Carvalho – Yes                     Kate Broadbent - Yes

                                                Stormy Winters – Yes


Francis Raley,  Oct. 27, 2006

 Oct. 13, 2006

 President Herbert Holmes posted to the USBCHA Directors Forum the following message.

 At the finals, an official complaint was files by a member against Alasdair MacRae.

 The complaint was that he violated the committee rule about staying off the Nursery field in the mornings before the trial started. That he was abusing to a trial official (nursery course director) and that he violated other rules in talking to the judges.

I appointed a committee, Don Helsley, Karen Child, Jim Swift, Michelle Howard, and myself to deal with this at the finals.

 The committee interviewed 2 witnesses, the course director and Mr. MacRae.  The committee found that Mr. MacRae was in violation of being on the field when he was not supposed to be, and that he was disrespectful to a trial official.  The committee spoke with Mr. MacRae, told him in that being disrespectful to an official he was being offensive to the rest of the members and trial organizers, and that we were personally offended by his actions.  No other action was taken nor is any further action recommended by the committee.

Rrespectfully, committee chairman, Herbert Holmes.


Dal Kratzer motioned to accept the committee action. seconded Gary Westbrook.  Motion Passed

Beverly Lambert – yes          Barb Ross – yes               Gary Westbrook - yes

Bruce Smart – yes               Gene Sheninger – yes     Dal Kratzer - yes

Wayne Butler – yes            Emil Luedecke - yes

Michele Howard – yes          Dale Kuhrt - yes

Kate Broadbent – yes     Leo Woodbury - yes


Francis Raley,  Oct. 13, 2006


 July 19, 2006

 President, Herbert Holmes, opened the floor for discussion on payback premiums for 2006 National Finals.  Wayne Butler motioned to pay out the same money at the finals as last (2005) year, $34,459.98, seconded by Michele Howard. Motion passed.

Open Premiums  $ 26,059.98        Nursery Premiums   $8,400.00


Sandra Milberg, yes             Mike Neary, yes          Bruce Smart, yes

Gary Westbrook, yes               Dale Kuhrt, yes          Chester Williams, yes

Kate Broadbent, yes               Mandy Harley, yes          Barb Ross, yes

Michele Howard, yes             Wayne Butler, yes          Leo Woodbury, yes

Emil Luedecke, yes         



July 10, 2006

Forum Minutes


On June 25, 2006 Herbert posted to the forum: We do not have a plan on place for losing a judge in mid trial. It is going to happen some day, illness, disgruntled handler, heart attack etc.  What do we do then? Continue with one? Put in another?

After a discussion Emil motioned at any time during the running of a class at the National Finals, one of the judges becomes disabled in any way that we drop all of this judges previous scores and continue with the other judge to the end of that go-round, seconded by Wayne Butler.   Motion passed

                Sandra Milberg – yes                       Mandy Harley – yes                Leo Woodbury - yes

                Wayne Butler – yes                           Emil Luedecke - yes

                Bruce Smart – yes                           Mike Neary - yes

                Michele Howard – yes                Gary Westbrook – yes

 Francis Raley, July 10, 2006


June 20, 2006

Forum Minutes


The Board supported the interpretation of the Open qualifying By-Law to not let anyone accumulate points until dues are paid.

 June 6, 2006

Forum Minutes

 HA received a bid for the 2007 National Finals from Gettysburg, Pa, Host Committee.  All HA Directors received a copy of the bid.  Trial to be held September 19 – 26, 2007.  President, Herbert Holmes, open the HA Director’s Forum for discussion on the bid. 

 After several weeks of discussion Dean Holcomb moved to accept the Gettysburg, Pa. Host Committee proposal for the National Finals 2007, with the understanding that the trial host committee will profit share back to the Sheep Fund from their net profits, seconded by Bruce Smart.

Bruce Smart told the Directors, “that the Finals 2007 committee agrees that USBCHA shall receive a refund of sheep expense in excess of $10,000 once other commitments have been met.if there is a surplus the Sheep Fund will be reimbursed for the amount spent over $10,000. The remainder would be distributed as Barbara Levinson indicated with 50% to Mabcr and the rest to be used at the discretion of the Finals 2007 Committee.


Herbert Holmes ask the Directors to cast their votes.  Motion passed

                Beverly Lambert – yes                       Kate Broadbent                - yes                       Gary Westbrook - yes

                Sandra Milberg – yes                       Michele Howard  - yes                       Dale Kuhrt – yes

                Mandy Harley – yes                          Wayne Butler     yes                          Dean Holcomb – yes

                Bruce Smart – yes                           Leo Woodbury - no                   


Francis Raley


April 18, 2006

Forum Minutes


After a discussion on the forum on using three or four judges for the National Sheepdog Finals Michele motioned to use four judges, seconded by Sandra Milberg.  Motion failed.  Recorded votes

                Mike Neary – No                                            Beverly Lambert - Yes

                Barb Ross – No                                             Michele Howard - Yes

                Wayne Butler – No                            Mandy Harley - Yes

                Dale Kuhrt – No                                            Sandra Milberg - Yes

                Dean Holcomb – No                      Stormy Winters - Yes

                Bruce Smart – No

                Leo Woodbury - No

Three judges for the Double Lift Finals will be Dal Kratzer, Ray Edwards and Warren Mick.


Francis Raley



April 4, 2006

Forum Minutes

 National Judges were nominated and voted by USBCHA & ABCA Directors.  Warren Mick, Dal Kratzer, Ray Edward/England and Aled Owen/Wales were elected to judge the 2007 National Finals.  Warren Mick and Ray Edwards will judge the first go of Open.  Dal Kratzer and Aled Owen will judge the Nursery rounds and the Semi Finals of the Open.  Dal Kratzer, Ray Edwards, and Warren Mick will judge the Open Finals.




March 18, 2006

Forum minutes


HA received three 2007 Cattledog Finals bids.  Each Director received copies of each bid.  Herbert opened the floor for discussion.  All the bid were excellent bids.

                Goshen County Chamber of Commerce, Torrington Wyoming

                Big Lake Texas Chamber of Commerce

Marilyn Hahn & Kathy Rose (Herdbound Productions, LLC) Eagle Point, Oregon

Wayne Butler motioned to vote on the three 2007 Cattledog Finals proposals, seconded by Emil Luedecke.

The 2007 Cattledog Finals will be held in Torrington, Wy. 

                Leo Woodbury – Wy                 Sandra Milberg – Wy                       Barb Ross - Wy

                Michele Howard – Wy                       Gary Westbrook – Wy                 Dean Holcomb - Wy

                Mandy Harley – Wy                         Wayne Butler – Wy                          Beverly Lambert – Wy

                Dake Kuhrt – Wy                                           Emil Luedecke – Wy


Francis Raley



March 12, 2007

Forum Minutes


After a discussion by HA Directors on the USBCHA forum Gary Westbrook moved to withdraw his motion to not sanction arena Sheep and Cattle trials, Dale Kuhrt withdrew his second.  The motion has been withdrawn.


Francis Raley




March 10, 2006 – Forum motion.

Gary Westbrook made the following motion "I move that we not sanction any timed arena trial:sheep or cattle."

Dale Kurt seconded the motion. After discusion, Gary Westbrook moved to withdraw his motion. There were no objections, the motion was withdrawn.




HA Forum Minutes,


 In the event a judge has cause to DQ a competitor, he or she must do so by showing a flag to the course director. This is to be done with no discussion with the other judge(s). we are looking for independent actions from the judges. If the Cd sees a flag from each judge, he will confirm, then ask the competitor to retire from the field. If the CD does not see a flag from each judge, he will inform the DQing judge, who will continue scoring the remainder of the run. (finish here with one of the two options below)

Option A: The DQing judge will take all the points from the phase of work where the offense occured.
 option B: The DQing judge will take points from the score that reflects
his opinion of the severity of the offense. 

Option C:  The DQing judge will take points from the score that  reflects his opinion of the severity of the offense, up to a maximum  of all points allotted to that segment of work 

An explanation of the above optoins would be:

Option A:  If the judge flags(DQs) he must take all of that phase
Option B if the judge flags, he can take as little or as much as he
Option C:   If the judge flags he can take as little or as much as he wants, up to the maximum points allowed for that phase. (keep in mind these options go into effect when not all the judges are DQing that run).

There are 16 votes cast
Option A -- 2
option  B--  7
option  C -- 7
Because of the tie, I will vote B, so option B will be put in the end of the paragraph.

The results of the above vote make the new rule read:


In the event a judge has cause to DQ a competitor, he or she must do so by showing a flag to course director. This is to be done with no discussion with the other judge(s). We are looking for independent action from the judges. If the course director sees a flag from each judge, he will confirm, then ask the

competitor to retire from the field. If the course director does not see a flag from each judge, he will inform the DQing judge who will continue to score the run. The DQing judge will take points from the run that reflects his opinion of the severity of the offense.( If the judge flags, he can take as few or as many points as he wants irregardless of the phase of work.)


This was removed from the minutes on web and replaced with the above rule change.  A competitor so disqualified shall not be entitled to a prize of any kind not withstanding that, before the disqualification he has earned points entitling him to a prize. If the dog is not disqualified it shall be penalized by the loss of points as each judge in his discretion thinks fit, but not exceeding the number of points allowed for the phase of work in which the gripping or biting occurs.


Francis, Feb. 9, 2006



A vote was taken on the USBCHA forum to raise the judging fee for the National Sheepdog.  Mike Neary motioned to raise the judging fee to $1,750.00, seconded by Sandra Milberg.  Motioned passed. There was not any no votes recorded.

Dale Kuhrt, yes – Leo Woodbury, yes – Gary Westbrook, yes – Bruce Smart, yes – Sandra Milberg, yes – Michele Howard, yes – Emil Luedecke, yes – Mike Neary, yes


Francis Raley,  Jan. 27, 2006