B/D Meeting,

.Board of Directors Meeting Sept. 14, 2005
Sturgis, SD

 Directors present: Herbert Holmes, Bev Lambert, Sandra Milberg, Jim Swift, Pete Carmichael, Gary Westbrook, Bruce Smart, Francis Raley, Barb Ross, and Dal Kratzer.

Directors not present:  Mandy Harley, John Doyle, Leo Woodbury, Dale Kuhrt, Susan Carpenter, Lena Bailey, Gene Sheninger, Wayne Parker, Wayne Butler, Kate Broadbent, Stormy Winters, Bob Stephens, Susan Carvalho.

Officers Present:  Herbert Holmes, Jim Swift, Francis Raley

 The meeting was called to order by President Herbert Holmes at Philtown Restaurant in Sturgis, SD at 7:55 pm.

 Bev Lambert made a motion and Dal Kratzer seconded that the minutes of the last B/O meeting to approved as read   Motion passed.

 Bev made a motion and Sandra Milberg seconded that the Treasurerís report be approved. There was a discussion about the way the treasurerís report was presented and it was pointed out that the presentation was much improved. The treasurerís report showed that the club is doing very well.  Motion passed.

 Lifetime membership dues:  Herbert said that Broughton and Broughton suggested to put them in a ten year CD.  Discussion followed.  Gary motioned and Beverly  seconded that $10,000 be put in a one year CD and roll it over for five years. Motion passed.

 Bev made a motion and Gary seconded that lifetime memberships be prorated over ten years.  Motion passed.

 There was a lengthy discussion about ways to create new sponsors and bringing in more money.

 Dal made a motion and Bev seconded to table the approval for the course for the cattle dog finals.

 Beverly Lambert  motioned  and Dal seconded that judges nominations for the National Cattle and Sheep Finals  come from the general membership.  Motion passed.  The membership may nominate persons to judge the Sheep and Cattle National Finals beginning in the 2006 trial season.  At proper time the nomination form will be on the web site.    The B/O will cast votes from the nominees to select the judges. Motion passed.

 Sandra made a motion and Beverly Lambert  seconded that an individual can only judge the Sheep and Cattle finals every five years.  Motion passed.  After a discussion  Sandra Milberg motioned and Gary Westbrook  seconded that the motion be amended that a person can judge again after three years.  Motion passed.

 Sandra Milberg motioned and Barb Ross seconded to change the filing time for an official protest from7 to 14 days.  Motion passed.

 Dal Kratzer motioned and Pete Carmichael seconded that the HA follow Robertís rules of order.   Motion passed.

 The committee has no recommendation to do anything different for novice sanctioned trials. A discussion followed concerning insurance and who was covered and who was not.  Eileen Stein will report to Dal her findings about the insurance.

 Gary Westbrook made a motion to keep the entries the same for the cattle dog trials but it died for the lack of a second.

 Bev Lambert made a motion and Pete Carmichael seconded to increase the entries for the National Cattledog Finals to $250.   Motion passed.  Gary Westbrook  voted no and Bruce Smart and Dal Kratzer abstained.

 Beverly Lambert  made a motion and Bruce Smart seconded that $200 be given to Francis to send a card to each member who sent in dues to acknowledge that it was received.  Motion passed.

 Bev made a motion and Bruce seconded to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 9:55.pm.

 Minutes taken by Tolli Nelson
Francis Raley,  Sept. 14, 2005