Local & Trial Committee  Conference Call

When:  Aug. 25, 2004

Members on call:  Bud Boudreau, Jim Swift, Gary Westbrook, Pete Carmichael, Leo     Woodbury, Barb Ross, Scott Glen, Joni Swanke, Scott Glen,
Members not on call:  Jo Woodbury, Gene Litton, Pat Litto
Officers on call:  Mike Canaday, Francis Raley

  1. President Mike Canaday called the meeting to order at 8:04 pm Central Time.

  2. Leo said everything was in order for the National Finals.  At the last B/D meeting it was decided to begin the Open class on Tuesday afternoon if needed to complete the class on schedule.  Francis said there are 150 entries at this time.  September 1 is the last day to cancel and refill spots. 

  3. Leo moved that the first twelve Open dogs, conditions permitting, will run Tuesday afternoon at 2 pm, seconded by Bud Boudreau.  Motion passed

  4. Leo said a ditch mower would be used to cut the grass shorter than last year.  Open sheep will be delivered Monday.  Bud said they have plans to graze the sheep more this year. 

  5. Francis reported there are 71 entries in Nursery.  There will be an announcer for the last three days of the Open and volunteers for the Nursery.  Leo will asked Gene Litton to be in charge of the volunteer announcers.  Gary Westbrook is in charge of appointing the course directors.

  6. Joni was received $200.00 donations toward the buckles. 

  7. Meeting adjourned at 9 pm Central.

 Francis Raley,  Aug. 25, 2004