Cattledog Committee Conference Call
May 11, 2004 

Members on call

Merle Newton, Red Oliver, Chester Williams, Robin Nuffer, Jimmy Walker, Julia Williams, John Doyle, Wayne Butler

Member not on call

Pete Carmichael

Officers on call

Mike Canaday, Francis Raley

Guest on call

Geri Byrne Amy Coapman of Klamath Falls Cattledog Bid, Danny Monzingo, Judy White of  Big Lake, Tx Cattledog Bid

1..                  Serving as chairperson of the call until Mike could get on line Francis welcomed Geri Byrne and Amy Coapman to the call who represented the Klamath Falls bid and Danny Monzingo and Judy White representing the Big Lake bid.  The Committee will have the opportunity to ask questions of the bidders.

2.                  Francis opened the meeting by asking Judy White to read the Big Lake bid.  One of the Committee members had not received the Big Lake bid, all members had received the Klamath bid.

3.                  Mike came on call.  Mike asked Danny to present Big Lake bid for 2005.  Mike asked about the cattle and Danny explained they will be 275 replacement heifers and available to the trial committee at their request prior to the Finals.  The cattle have been gathered on the ranch by dogs in large groups.  The city park is a 20 acre complex, the trial field could have a 350 YARD outrun and 225 yard cross drive.  Trial site is not close to a major road, which eliminates road noise.  Danny said he did not know what breed of cattle the rancher would furnish.  Total bid is in the amount of $11,800.00, does not include the set out crew expenses.  If the bid goes to Big Lake Jimmy Walker said he can to be there for whatever time is needed to work with the cattle, to expose cattle to dogs, showing them where holding and exhaust pens are and pulling out the undesirables.  Chester Williams volunteered to serve on the Committee with Jimmy.  Danny explained that Big Lake has full support of the Texas Sheep/Cattle Dog Association.  Members will be available to help in any way.

4.                  Wayne Butler joined the call.

5.                  Geri Byrne presented the Klamath Falls bid.  Geri explained that she and Amy have had experience hosting National Sheepdog Finals and other large sheep and cattle trials in past years.  Geri felt the cattle were their largest asset in the bid.  There are 275 replacement heifers, bred and raised on their ranch and have been worked with dogs all their life in large groups.  They have not been worked in small groups.  They are British, (Angus and Hereford) crossbred cattle and have had a good health program all their life.  The ranch cattle have been used at other cattle trials in that area.  The trial course would be as large an area as the Committee would want with plenty of room for RV camping and dogs.  The location is two miles from a paved highway.  Geri explained they have ample support from the community.  They included $1,200 for a set out crew in their bid, but if the Association wanted to handle that they could pull that amount out of the bid.  The Klamath bid is $14,000 which includes set out crew expenses.

6.                  Jimmy complimented each bidder for well-written bids. The Committee stated that both bids were excellent.

7.                  Mike, again, thanked both Klamath and Big Lake for their excellent bids.  He appreciated all the work they have put into their bids and HA is fortunate to have received such high quality bids.  He felt that there would not be a problem making a decision on this call and they would be notified of the results.  The Cattledog Committee will present their proposal to the B/D for a final decision.  The bidders disconnected from call.

8.                  Jimmy contacted the rancher that would be furnishing the cattle for the Big Lake bid and he said they would be Charolais crosses and most likely steers. 

9.                  After a lengthy discussion of the two bids Red Oliver moved to accept the Big Lake bid for 2005, second by Jimmy Walker.  Unanimously passed.

10.              John Doyle came on call.

11.              Chester Williams moved to encourage Klamath Falls to bid for the 2006 Cattledog Finals, second by Robin Nuffer.  Unanimously passed.  This will be presented to the B/D for approval by the Cattledog Committee.  After approval will be posted to the Cattledog Rules & Guidelines.

12.              Each member received a Youth Program proposal put forth by Julia Williams.  After a discussion Julia moved to accept the youth program proposal, second Robin Nuffer.  Unanimously passed. 

13.              Julia Williams will chair the Youth Committee along with. Chester Williams and Robin Nuffer.  Additional persons will be appointed to the committee.

14.              Meeting adjourned at 8:15 Central time.


Francis Raley,  5-11-04