B/D Meeting,

Directors on Call:
Beverly Lambert, Kent Kuykendall, Red Oliver, Susan Carptener, Gene Sheninger, Leo Woodbury, Jim Martin, Sandra Milberg, Susie McCallister, Steve Clendenin, Wayne Parker, Pete Carmichael, Barry Moyer, Lena Bailey, Dale Kuhrt, Barbara Ross, Stormy Winters, Kate Broadbent, Gary Westbrook, , Bruce Smart, John Doyle
Directors not on Call: Bob Stephens, Dal Kratzer,
Officers on Call: Mike Canaday, Francis Raley, Dan Gill
Cattledog Committee on Call: Julie Williams, Wayne Butler, Pete Carmichael, Red Oliver, Dan Gill, Robin Nuffer, Chester Williams, Merle Newton
Chairperson of World Trial Committee: Alasdair MacRae

Meeting was called to order at 7:07 p.m. Central Standard Time.

Mike Canaday asked for any corrections to minutes Sandra Milberg moved and Dal Kuhrt seconded. Passed unanimously.

Treasurer $5,235.76 in checking account. In the savings account $28,380.66 in Livestock Fund $3,075. Sandra moved that we accept the report, Dale seconded. Passed unanimously.

Old Business
Mike welcomed new Directors to meeting. Mike reported that the Cattle Dog Committee has been asked to be on the call at 8:00. PM

Mike reported that some time ago, a rule was made that the eyes would be tested at the Cattle Dog National Finals. Gary Westbrook had reported that the ABCA would finance this. Unfortunately the ball has been dropped on this and the ABCA has not appropriated any money for this. Mike suggested that the easiest thing would be to let it go for this year and get it together for next year. Sandra asked if Dr. Ackland would be available for the eye tests for the Cattle Dog Finals. The ABCA did not have this on the agenda and Bruce Smart the President of the ABCA said it was too late to get the funding. Francis also reported that it was pretty late to spring this on the cattle dog people . Motion was made to postponed this rule until 2005 finals made by Beverly Lambert seconded by Kent Kuykendahl. Francis has already made a written request for the ABCA to fund this for next year. Passed unanimously.

Dan Gill reported that in early 2002 we made a rule saying that the outrun and lift would not be judged in 2003 Cattle Dog Finals. This was to be a one year trial basis to help get the California people on board. It was not intended to be a permanent rule change but just a one year trial. Kent Kuykendahl made a motion that we put the rule back to say that it was a one-year rule. After some discussion it was decided that the problem was in what appeared on the website and that the rule that was passed was for one year only and the website will be repaired. Kent's motion was seconded by Sandra and passed unanimously to change the wording on the website to reflect the actual rule that was passed.

2004 Sheep Dog Finals
Mike asked if Leo Woodbury had anything to report. He said that Jo's written report to the committee updated the Committee. Mike reported that the sheep bids had come in and we were getting a bit better deal than last year. Kate Broadbent did the negotiating. This year's nursery sheep will be the same sheep we had for the open last year (from the same flock). We will be having a different flock for the open. All of the sheep will cost $12 a head, which is less then last year. This includes shipping. There is a guarantee of 500 head of nursery sheep. We are going to save about $2,500 over last year. Leo mentioned that Sturgis would like to shorten the days and that most of the handlers felt the same way. We are going to have less daylight this year because of when Labor Day falls. The days requested are September 18th to the 26th . Moved by Red Oliver and seconded Lena Bailey that these dates be accepted for the 2004 Sheep Finals. Dates were accepted unanimously. Beverly proposed that no refunds be allowed after the August 1 entry date and that if any dog that withdraws after this date the vacancy created not be filled. Mike felt that while this is legal it is a back door way of doing it. Kent suggested we could reduce the number of nursery dogs we run back and start the open on the last day of the nursery. He also suggested that people must have a minimum number of points to run or would have to run in a minimum number. Beverly suggested that we compromise and use both motions ie. start on the last nursery day and then, also, close the entries on the first day of September. Dan Gill said he thought we diluted the quality of  the finals to allow us to run 150 dogs. Sandra said we should let everyone come to the Finals and reduce the numbers running in the semi and the final day. Kate said she thought that Bev's proposal was a good one and that we should vote on that motion? Gene Sheninger said he had the By-law in front of him and it has no mention of the number of dogs or trials. Bev moved to table, second by Kent. Unanimously passed. Decided to take this discussion to the internet and reconsider it at the next meeting.

2004 Budget
Francis reported that the amount of membership money is down. This is a result of fewer lifetime memberships, also, because some people don't join every year. For example, if they don't expect to go to the Finals they might not join. This is also the first year that memberships have been due on January 1 instead of November 1. Sanctioning fees went up in both sheep and cattle. Kent asked if we could have a team to look at the spending in different areas to see if there were places where we might be able to save a few dollars. Francis offered to serve with Kent on this and said she would be the chair. Kate volunteered to serve on a sponsorship committee. Kent asked if Tractor Supply was still on board. Dan said he believed they were. Beverly suggested that all of the local Border Collie organizations be asked to put on benefit trials for the National Finals. That this was their National Finals and they had a vested interest in the success of this event. Kate said she would start out with this.

Mike asked if everyone had gotten a copy of the letter from the Merrill Lynch representative asking to sponsor the Finals in exchange for access to the USBCHA mailing list. He would only use the list for one quarterly mailing of their newsletter and there would be no soliciting. Mike reported that we have done this with other major sponsors. Beverly moved that we accept the proposal and Stormy seconded. Bruce objected to giving out the membership list and said there was not a release of that information. Mike reminded that we have done this in the past. We gave it to Royal Canine It was part of our deal with them. All in favor except Bruce voted no. The board passed on their thanks to Jo and Leo for arranging this. Mike said we could put a box on the application to check if anyone does not want their address released to sponsors. Sandra said we should let the membership know what they are getting (sponsor money for finals) in exchange for letting their information out.

Dale moved and Stormy seconded to accept budget. New Business

Mike reported that we bought a new computer for Francis. It cost $1,800.00, with rebates $1,700.00 Stormy moved and Susan Carpenter seconded to buy a new printer for Francis. Passed unanimously.

2004 National Finals Judges
Francis stated she had not sent nominations for Judges. The reason being that no International Judge can arrive till after the National Finals begins if they are running in the International Trial.. Mike formed a Judges committee of Beverly and Kent to address the nomination of judges. Beverly requested suggestions for how we decide who will judge what and how many judges for open and nursery trial.

Residency requirement for National Finals.
Barb was asked for clarification of what makes a resident. Lena said that as it was her proposition originally she would like to say that this is our championship, she felt that a person should have to choose which championship they were going to run in, the US, or the International or the European as you must be a resident to run in any of those Finals. Susan said that she felt that it should only be a person who actually lives permanently in the US or Canada. Beverly suggested that we could require that the person must have been here for six months and not have run in any other National Finals. Lena said that she felt that this is what the World Finals was for. That all of our other trials were open to any dog, but that our National Final is open only to North America. Kent will work with Eileen Stein, Barb Ross and Lena Bailey to clarify the rule.

Break Down of scores on the website.
Barbara Ross said that all of the breakdowns of all the scores could go on the website as soon as each round is completed. Beverly moved Lena seconded. Passed Unanimously.

Francis asked if a page could be made for training clinics on the website. Beverly said a fee should be charged for it.. This will be revisited in the future.

Kent brought up proposals to clean up the wording of the rules that was submitted by Dan Gill, Dale Kuhrt, Gary Westbrook and Kent. Beverly moved to accept the proposed changes. Seconded by Stormy. Passed unanimously. Discussion followed.

World Finals
Mike reported he had asked Alasdair MacRae to contact the World Committee on this. Canada will be handling their entries separately. The USBCHA will be handling this only for the US. Stormy reported that Canada was expecting to get 15 slots. Mike said that the first thing was to find out who wanted to go as it will be a fairly expensive event to attend. It was important to determine that the people selected would actually go. Alasdair reported that he was chairing the committee that included Beverly Lambert, Kent. Kuykendall, Jeanne. Weaver, Pat Shannahan, Herbert. Holmes, Sandra. Milberg. Alasdair reported he has requested 40 spots but he doubted if we would get that many. Alasdair said that there will be 20 or more countries attending. The world trial is hoping to run 240 dogs. They are planning to run them on more then one qualifying field. The committee will develop a couple of scenarios for qualifying dogs and submit them to the BOD for their consideration., also send questionnaire to the membership asking who would be interested in competing.

Cattle Dog Committee:
Cattle Dog Committee: Chester Williams, Pete Carmichael, Robin Nuffer, Dan Gill, Merle Newton, Wayne Butler, Julie Williams and Red Oliver. Sandra was concerned about the dog not being penalized for coming to the head of the cattle. Beverly suggested we could vote on the rules for the Finals and come back to the guidelines. Dan reported that these rules are part of a synthesis of many associations as we have gradually brought together different organizations with very different formats to their trials. That this has been a success as these handlers from different organizations have gradually improved their dog's abilities in order to compete. Dan said that one of the complaints he has heard is that we are trying to make cattle dogs look like sheep dogs. We don't need to have the same shape trial as a sheep trial, we will have different shaped courses and different kinds of obstacles than a sheepdog trial. To bring these rules together everyone has had to give. Mike then gave a history of his running in cattle trials and cattle trials in the West. He said that when he started the trials were mostly arena trials and that very few of the dogs had good outruns and that most of the obstacles were along the fence. In three years these trials have evolved a great deal.

Mike said that an opinion survey went out to everyone who had a dog qualified over the past three years. Dan said that the quality of the dogs running in the National Finals has improved every year.

Beverly moved that all of the proposed rules of the Cattle Committee except section 26 (guidelines) be accepted second by Bruce Smart, Beverly amended motion that everything be accepted with the change that the outrun be 20 points instead of 15,. Some discussion of the fetch obstacle followed and the chute followed.. Passed unanimously.

Beverly proposed that the following statement proceed the judging guidelines. "In all cases in applying these guidelines in judging the outrun and the lift the disposition and action of the cattle must be taken into consideration in judging the performance of the dog."

Beverly pointed out that the remaining part of the proposal is guidelines and not rules. Dan agreed with Beverly that these were guidelines. Sandra said that she did not like to give points for poor performance. Mike pointed out that these had been changed every year. Kent said that he had looked at these over and over and talked to at least 4 members of the rules committee who said that they didn't like them. Kent said he opposed the guidelines because of the format. He said that he had judged a lot of trials and that the awarding of points is not a system that is going to work. That by awarding points its possible to give more points for a phase of work then it is worth.

Merle said that the awarding of points instead of the deducting of points was to differentiate them from the sheep finals and to make them easier for handlers to understand that were new to judging.

Gary said he didn't resign from the rules committee, he resigned from the cattle committee. Gary reported that at the first meeting the majority of the people felt they didn't want judges and with that in mind they did the best they could with some give and take on both sides. Gary moved to amend Beverly's motion that since we have already gone to 20 points on the outrun to make all points taken off instead of given, to make all the minimums two points for the outrun and one point on the lift.. Kent said he would not want to vote on anything that was pending work, only on finish work. Motion died for lack of a second.

Beverly moved and Kent seconded to table the guidelines, Rule Committee to redo the format of the guidelines and address at the next meeting.. Gary no, everyone else yes. Kent moved that since the guidelines will be reworded that we not use the new guidelines this year cause they are being rushed, to run the Finals the same way the first two Cattledog Finals were judged, with the exception for the new rules. Not to use the new guideline even if they are passed. Beverly proposed to remove the points from the guidelines and just leave them as broad guidelines for this year to help guide the new handlers as to how outruns are generally judged. Beverly proposed that the guidelines go as they are without the points. Kate seconded, to add a statement that list faults that shall be penalized and #one (guideline) eliminated. The rule committee can work on the guidelines for the follow year. Red asked if this motion is only for this year, Kate answered yes. Kent read a letter from Ralph Pulfer opposed to the guidelines. He then listed the names of other people who had sent him letters and read excerpts from a number of other letters. Vote was called for. Motion failed.

Beverly Lambert



Barb Ross


Wayne Parker



Barry Moyer


Sandra Milberg



Bruce Smart


Gene Sheninger



Dal. Kratzer

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Red Oliver



Gary Westbrook


Steve Clendenin



Jim Martin


Dale Kuhrt



John Doyle


Pete Carmichael



Kate Broadbent


Susan Carpenter



Leo Woobury


Suzy McCallister



Stormy Winters


Lena Bailey



Kent Kuykendall


Beverly moved that guidelines go back to committee seconded by Kate. Passed unanimously.

Steve Clendenin said he had judged a lot of livestock trials and you can't give points, its always a deduction of points. He challenged any member of the committee to set up points that would be any better then a sheepdog course and how it's judged. Pete said the reason they were giving points because after the gather phase they were giving points for the rest of trial. Robin said she appreciated the suggestions for revising. That all of the discussions in the committee have been about cattle and that these guidelines are the beginning stages of how to judge cattle. These were meant to be guidelines and that we were making this more difficult than it needs to be.

Adjourned meeting at 10:30

Francis Raley