B/D Meeting, Sept. 17, 2003
Sturgis, SD

Directors present: Jim Swift, Red Oliver, Susan Carpenter, Sandra Milberg, Amy Coapman, Kate Broadbent, Barbara Ross, Joyce Geier, Dale Kuhrt, Stormy Winters, Dal Kratzer, Gary Westbrook, Kent Kuykendall, Donald McCaig, Jeanne Weaver, Beverly Lambert

Members not present: Suzy McCallister, Barry Moyer, Dan Gill, Steve Clendenin, Werner Reitboeck, Scott Glen, Virgil Holland

Officers present: Mike Canaday

1. President, Mike Canaday called the meeting to order at 7:45.

2. Stormy Winters moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Beverly Lambert. Passed unanimously.

3. Francis was not at the meeting so Mike read the treasurer's report, checking account balance Aug. 30 $9,362.04, Saving Account 33,349.95, Livestock Account 3,071.20.

4. Old Business: Review of 2003 Finals Updates. Jim reported that the Nursery Finals went off very well. Sheep were great and the event went well. Amy asked about a nursery dog that was not allowed to run. Barb reported that there was a question about the dog's birth date and so the dog was not allowed to run.
5. Mike said that he was concerned about how long the grass was in field. Mike suggested that we write to the powers that be that we were concerned that the grass not be any longer than it is now for future years. Stormy reported that because of road construction the field didn't get grazed as much as it will for next year and it shouldn't be a problem. Beverly asked if we could ask informally. Mike said that there were too many people involved to do it informally. Donald said that an official letter could say "how pleased we were with how things went this year and list a few things we would like to do differently". Mike suggested a conference call with the trial committee after the finals to go over various things including such a letter. Mike also reported that the BLM has a charge of $4 a handler fee which was not known when we received the bid.. Sturgis has agreed to pay half of it. Donald moved and Dale seconded that we pay the $280 fee. Mike also reported that the many volunteers have been invited to the banquet and Jo Woodbury has asked if the HA would like to be one of the sponsors for the volunteers dinners. Kate so moved and Stormy seconded. Passed unanimously.

6. Stormy moved that we outlaw cold cuts at the annual meeting. Donald seconded. It was unanimously voted to have a hot meal at next year's annual director's meeting.

7. It was reported that a couple of people have driven across the field in spite of all our talking. If these people do this again then they will be asked to leave and park at an RV camp and not be allowed to park here next year. Mike also reported that there have been a lot of volunteers at this trial, mostly because of the extra judge. Kate moved that Jo and the office workers be given finals jackets, seconded Stormy. Passed unanimously.

8. Joyce said that we should do something about the people who drove on the field. She suggested that the people be fined and all or some of the money be given to the Fort along with an apology from the Committee. General discussion followed. Beverly suggested that the violators be told they must move out and stay at the campgrounds. Kate moved that the offending parties be told that they must move their camper off the grounds as soon as the ground dries out and that this action be announced to everyone. Donald seconded. Susan asked that the motion be amended to say that if these people do any further damage to the ground that they not be allowed to park on the grounds for the next two years. Mike said that would be unsportsmanlike conduct and we could fine them for that. Kate and Donald accepted the amendment. Passed unanimously.

9. Under new business Mike reported that we had a problem with someone trying to enter a dog that was too old in the nursery. That the problem was with their interpretation of our existing rule. In addition to asking for a vote from all of the directors Mike also contacted three attorneys including one Texas (where we are incorporated). All of the attorneys contacted understood the wording of our rules and understood the complaint and agreed with our interpretation of the rule. One of the attorneys agreed to take the case pro bono but it has not gone forward. Jeanne asked why there was no official vote. Mike explained that it was because we went with the opinion of the attorney and their interpretation of the rulebook. Beverly said that it was an awkwardly worded rule. There was general agreement. Mike suggested that we just add Eileen Stein's wording to the existing rule. The statement "A dog is eligible for the Nursery Finals if its third birthday falls on or after July 1 of the year in which that Nursery Final is held." Donald moved and Stormy seconded that the new wording be added to the rulebook. Passed unanimously. Susan asked what we should do about ineligible dogs running in nursery classes. The general feeling was that it was not a problem.

10. Mike reported that we had a complaint from a Pro/Novice handler who has a life time membership and can no longer vote. Barb said was it really right that if a person was a member for years, a life member, and they could no longer run that they could no longer vote? The general agreement was that this did indeed mean what non handlers could not vote. There was general agreement.

11. The next item was a request to host the USBCHA National Brace Championship. Kate suggested that we respond by saying that there isn't sufficient interest in our country for a national brace competition but we would encourage them to offer a brace class. Beverly seconded. Sandra said she agreed. Unanimously passed.

12. Under new business Kate said that the question has come up again and again about the legal draw. There is also an issue around water on the course for hot days. Kate suggested that we have a kit that goes out to trial managers with information about some of these issues that the trial managers should know. Sandra said that we should have a recommendation/guideline that there be "so many sheep per handler" and adequate water and shade that we need to police ourselves. Amy reported that Julia Williams has a website on suggestions for hosting a trial. Susan said that when we are putting together these guidelines to tell hosts to be very cautious about adjusting the time on the course because of the heat. Donald suggested that we do "best practices" when we put something together. Mike said that the feeling seemed to be that we create a committee. Stormy moved that we form such a committee and that Kate be the chair. Jeanne seconded. Sandra and Donald and Susan volunteered to help out.

13. Stormy moved that we adjourn at 8:53 seconded by Kate.

Beverly Lambert, Sept. 17, 2003