Directors on call:  Amy Coapman, Dale Kuhrt, Beverly Lambert, Barry Boyer, Dan Gill, Steve Clendenin, Joyce Geier, Red Oliver, Gary Westbrook, Dal Kratzer, Sandra Milberg, Jeanne Weaver, Susan Carpenter, Jim Swift, Suzy McCallister, Werner Reitboeck, Don McCaig, Stormy Winters, Kate Broadbent, Kent Kuykendall, Barb Ross

Directors not on call:   Vergil Holland, Scott Glen

Guest on call:       Bud Boudreau, chairman of Joint Trial Committee

Officers on call:    Mike Canaday, Dan Gill, Francis Raley

1.             President, Mike Canaday, called the 0e meeting to order at 7 PM, Central Time, June 17, 2003.

2.             Gary Westbrook motioned to accept minutes of last board meeting, March 12, 2003, second by Barry Moyer.  Amy Coapman said she had a correction to the minutes (paragraph eight) where the cattle dog committee is asking for an additional $4,000.  We went on to talk about line item budget and at that time Mike appointed a committee to develop a budget and Beverly Lambert the chairman of it. These minutes do not reflect this.  Mike asked Francis to recheck the recorded tape. Amy asked that Francis check for the exact language because all she remembered was that Beverly was the chairperson and two other people (she thought) were put on the committee, but she could not remember who they were.  Francis said she would check the recorded tape.  Mike asked for any other additions for corrections.  Gary Westbrook moved to accept minutes as presented, seconded by Barry Moyer.  Unanimously passed.

Correction to minutes:  Reviewed tape of March 21, 2003 concerning budget committee   Quote from tape, “Item 10. Amy suggested to have a line item budget, Beverly agreed that this is a good idea.  Beverly said it would be a planning tool for our organization, because we are getting to be a larger association.  We are approaching big companies for sponsorship money, and this is how non profit organizations do business.  Beverly suggested that Mike appoint a committee to start drawing up a budget.  She stated it may take a couple of years to do this. Stormy Winters moved for Beverly to chair the committee, Beverley said no.  Mike said that he and Francis will work on a line item budget on where we are spending our money. Any committee would have to start with that information.  Beverly said she would send Mike a copy of a budget to see the kind of items that are usually used in a budget.  Amy said that would be great, that he could present it to the Directors, they have a look and Mike can appoint a committee, then go forward”. 

3.             Mike said he had one item of old business that has to do with 2003 National Cattledog Finals  It is an additional cost for the cattle and feed. The cattle were to come from a cutting event in Red Bluff.  The original date given for the Finals in Red Bluff was to coincide with that cutting event, a week after in Red Bluff.  Apparently wrong dates were given and it became clear about three/four weeks before the Finals the cattle were coming in a week early which meant they had to be fed an extra week.  Stormy Winters motioned to pay Merle Newton the additional cost of cattle and feed for the 2003 Cattledog Finals, second by Don McCaig.  Unanimously passed. 

4.             Treasurer’s Report:  Checking account $4,292.54,  Savings account $33, 327.75, Livestock Fund $3,065.00  Total $40,685.29.

5.             Mike asked Jeanne Weaver to report on the By-law rule clarification committee.  In the last B/D meeting Article 4 of the By-Laws was discussed concerning general memberships and voting members.  She quoted the ruling, “a general member shall consist of those persons who have run a dog in any trial (ie Novice, Pro Novice or Open) sanctioned by this Association with in two years”.  She stated that we had decided that was a conflicting statement so she checked with Eileen Stein and she agrees that we need to clarified it..  Jeanne said HA’S only sanctioned Open at the time the By-Law’s were written, not sanctioned Nursery classes.  Jeanne read the letter from Eileen Stein to the Directors.  Copy on file.  The problem is we have not been careful about who has became a general member and who has voted in the past.  Also, now the Nursery class should be included. . After a lengthy discussion Steve Clendenin moved that HA’s start sending out a colored ballot that the person has to record with signature the last sanctioned Open or Nursery trial they competed in within the last two years and any other manner regarding the USBCHA, seconded by Stormy Winters.  Unanimously passed.

6.             Susan Carpenter moved to change the language on the membership application form so that it will still read sanctioned and in parenthesis (currently Open & Nursery classes are sanctioned) and that will coincide with the lawyer explanation of our existing by-laws  , seconded by Jeanne Weaver.  Unanimously passed.  Beverly Lambert suggested that colored cards be given to Open/Nursery handlers at the annual meeting to identify voting members.  Francis said she could do this. 

7.             Barb Ross entered call at this time.

8.             Bud Boudreau, chairperson of the Joint Trial Committee reported on their conference call on May 21st.  The Joint Trial Committee had a conference call on May 21 and those minutes were included in the Directors packet.  He had been to the trial site and work is in progress for improving the RV parking area.  He believes that nearly everyone parking in the RV park will be able to view the trial site from their campers.  They have secured the set out crew, crew to work holding pens and person to take care of sheep. In case of extreme weather there is a close RV park for campers to move to. They will make arrangements for the Nursery crew exhaust and Open have each handler exhaust the next handler’s sheep.  He stated that the local committee was working very hard to see that the National Finals would be successful and everything seems to be coming together.  There were two representatives from Sturgis at the Woodbury’s trial.  The sheep used at Woodbury’s trial will be the nursery sheep at the Finals.  Bud said they were run twice and a very nice flock.  Committee in charge of programs has begun their work.  Bud was excited about the about the trial field and the enthusiasm of the town and community.  Advertising has gone out to several large magazines.  Bob O’Donnell and Sonia Craig will be the set out crew, but they have several back up persons to help in case of emergencies.  Stormy Winters strongly suggested that the pen gate should not have a wheel.  In case of bad weather the wheel clogs with mud, causes problems trying to close the gate.  He feels there should be a gate that swings on hinges.  Bud thought this was a good idea.  Stormy volunteered to build a pen.  Don McCaig suggested the inside of the pen not be painted.  Red thought the local trial committee should be in charge of the pen.  Mike suggested the pen be larger than the International regulations because of the type of sheep that will be used.  Mike ask Bud to take these recommendations back to the local committee, as well as a 9 x 9 pen instead of a 6 x 9 pen.   Again Mike stated that in case of bad weather the campers will be asked to move to a RV park.  No further questions Bud disconnected from call.  Jo Woodbury had reported to Francis that they now believe there will be two practice fields.  This should be on Sturgis’s web site in a couple of weeks.  The local committee had received the bid for announcing the finals from Ray Crabtree.  Dale Kuhrt had called Francis to say that Jack King would be sending in a bid for announcing.  Jo reported that the National Finals has been advertised in the South Dakota Black Hills publication, mailing of 200,000.  This has already been mailed at no cost to the HA.  Dan has received information concerning the amount of advertising from Jo Woodbury and very impressed with the amount of exposure the National Finals is receiving.

9.             Dan Gill has been working with Larry Jones, Tractor Supply and OLN to gain sponsorship.  They will be meeting with Tractor and OLN on Friday the 13th and asking for $20,000 sponsor money.  He reported that Tractor Supply will again sponsor the National Finals in the amount of $5,000.00 at this time.  Tractor Supply is a subsidiary of Canine Nation (TV channel) connected with OLN, they are trying to format a deal to film the National Finals.  They should hear from OLN by the 20th of the month.  Dan stated that OLN is aware of Martin Penfold filming the Finals.  Mike stated that in the event the 2003 Finals was filmed by Canine Nation handlers must sign a release (that all handlers must agree to be filmed & shown on TV) when they enter.  Gerald Myatt, friend of Dan and Larry Jones, owner of Standing Stone Cutlery has donated twenty (numbered, limited edition) bone handle knives (two blade trapper) for the top 20 dogs.  These with be itched with USBCHA National Finals and date of the Finals.  Dan moved that we accept the donation of knives, seconded by Kent Kuykendall.  Unanimously passed.  There will be approximate fifty knives (numbered) available to handlers, will not be a numbered top twenty knife.

10.         Susan Carpenter moved for HA to pay for a half page ad in the 2003 National Finals program in appreciation of their contribution of the knife awards, second by Dale Kuhrt.  Unanimously passed.

11.         Steve Clendenin moved that eye test certificates be good for 25 months from the date of the examination, second by Gary Westbrook.  Unanimously passed.

12.         Don McCaig moved that handlers must sign a release on the 2003 National Sheepdog entry form for their image to be used on TV, seconded by Kent Kuykendall.  Unanimously passed.

13.         One of the recommendations from the trial committee was to run back the top high scoring Nursery dogs for the second go-round, combined scores.  Beverly Lambert moved to run back the top 50 in Nursery for the second go, second by Steve Clendenin.  Motion passed, one no vote, Susan Carpenter.

14.         Stormy Winters moved to run back the top 45 for the semi finals, clean slate, second by Kate Broadbent.  Motion passed, one no vote, Beverly Lambert.

15.         Susan Carpenter moved for the premium money remain the same amount as 2002, $26,800 in Open and $9,000 in Nursery, but in case more sponsor money is received the premiums may be revisited, second by Dan Gill.  Unanimously passed.

16.         Beverly Lambert disconnected from call.

17.               Kent suggested having two judges judging each go round.  Kent said he had accepted the job of judging and if he had to judge five days in a roll that would be fine.  Kate Broadbent moved that all classes have no less than two judges per go round at the National Sheepdog Finals and three judges on the final day, seconded by Joyce Geier.  Unanimously passed.

18.               Gary Westbrook suggested Kent and Angie judge the first go round of Nursery, Bobby and Angie the second go round, first go round of open Kent and Bobby, top 45 go round Bobby and Angie, the top 20 all three judges.  Don McCaig moved to a accept Gary’s rotation of judging, second by Stormy Winters.  Don McCaig with draw his motion.  Tabled till next B/D meeting.

19.               Kent moved to reinstate Gary’s rotation of judging for the National Finals, seconded by Joyce Geier.  Unanimously passed.

20.               Directors agreed the entry deadline for the National Sheepdog Finals to be August 1, 2003, also the judges fees remain as 2002.

21.               Mike gave an update on the 2003 National Cattledog Finals stating the finals were very good.  Had good runs, good cattle and it was enjoyed by everyone. 

22.               Mike asked all Directors to check Heather Nadelman’s web site “www.littlehats”.  It is basically an informational site regarding beginners getting into trials, practically USBCHA style.  However it does link to other sites.  What she is asking for is a free link and we have not done that before.  We basically use links for our sponsors and Martin Penfold to films the National Finals.  This was tabled till next B/D meeting.

23.               Stormy moved to adjourned,

 Francis Raley, June 10, 2003