MARCH 12, 2003

 Directors on call:    Barb Ross, Barry Moyer, Steve Clendenin, Jeanne Weaver, Dale Kuhrt, Susan Carpenter, Gary Westbrook, Jim Swift, Kate Broadbent, Stormy Winters, Dal Kratzer, Dan Gill, Beverly Lambert, Amy Coapman, Sandra Milberg, Red Oliver

Directors not on call:    Suzy McCallister, Don McCaig, Joyce Geier, Dan Gill, Kent Kuykendall, Vergil Holland

1.        Francis introduced and welcomed the new directors.  Susan Carpenter was named to serve the balance of Leo Woodbury’s term (2003) for district four.  Dale Kuhrt was named to serve balance of CynDee Cooper’s term 2004.  Both Leo and CynDee had moved out of their districts.

2.       Mike Canaday called meeting to order at 8:05.   Stormy Winters moved and Gary Westbrook seconded the acceptance of the minutes as read. Unanimous passed.

3.       Mike gave treasurers report. $46,000.00 in saving and $9,633.79 in the checking account.  Francis reported that ABCA had sent their $5000 contribution for the cattle finals.

4.       Merle Newton then brought the B/D up to date on the 2003 cattle finals.  Merle said the program was being printed. Merle also reported that they had the food people lined up and tents for them and the other vendors planned. That evening entertainment was also rounded up. The field had been planted in rye grass and with a little rain it should be looking good. The field has all been fenced with new 4 foot woven wire fence. There is building for Francis and a new stand for the judge on a trailer that can be moved around.  The pens are all in place.  Merle reported that the cattle will be there almost two weeks before the trial.  While there is some feed they will need hay.  There should be about 250 head.  A local company is going to furnish white, steel cattle panels for the course.

5.       At this point Mike moved on the recommended changes from the Cattle committee.  Mike started by reminding the Directors that we are still looking for a host for the 2004 Cattle Finals.  Francis said she was pretty sure she had a bid coming.  Gary said a north Arkansas group was interested but only if it was judged and points and not just points.

6.       The first recommendation from the cattle committee was to have poles outside the fetch and drive gates.  This was to make it more like a judged trial to differentiate between the dogs that work the cattle down the field well and just misses the gates as opposed to the dog that never gets near the obstacle.  Add posts horizontal to the drive gate and 10’ away and posts horizontal to the fetch gates and 25' away. Stock coming between a panel and the pole will receive 2 points a head and 5 points a head for getting the panel..  Dan Gill moved and Amy Coapman second the acceptance of this new rule for the fetch and drive.  Unanimously passed

7.       The next recommendation was for the preliminary round the obstacle at the handler's feet (usually a chute) and in the second round the pen should serve as the post which the stock would have to be turned around in order to complete the fetch rather then crossing a line as in past years. Beverly Lambert moved and Gary seconded. Mike clarified that this would not preclude having a time line depending upon the stock.  Unanimously passed.

8.       The final recommendation was for a double lift finals for the last day of the Open.  For the double lift three head of cattle would be set on one side of the field.  Once the dog has lifted those cattle the other three would be made visible to him.  Mike said we need to sort of ease into this.  The distance between the two groups will be about 150 or 175 yards. This year the dog will be allowed to go back any way he can.  We will see how it works and then try and refine it for next year.  Merle reported that the current plan is to put up a row of big square bales and hide the cattle there in a corner.  Motion by Beverly that we have a double lift final on the last run of the Cattle finals seconded by Amy. Unanimously passed

9.       Mike apologized that this meeting is so late but he has been waiting to hear from our sponsors.  At this time we do not have a contract with Royal Canine for this year.

10.   Cattle dog committee is asking for an additional $4,000 for prize money in Open and $2,000 in Nursery.  Stormy moved and Gary seconded that we give the money to the trial.  Steve Clendenin asked if this would impact the sheep finals.  Mike said it would not.  Amy asked if we should not have a line item budget so the Directors would know where the money is coming from.  Discussion on the possible value of an annual budget for the organization was followed.  The motion passed unanimously to give $6.000 to the Cattle finals.

11.   There being no more questions for Merle he left the call.

12.   Mike then moved to Jo and Leo Woodbury's report on the Finals. It was suggested that we change the night of the annual meeting from Saturday to Thursday so that more members would be there for the annual meeting and it would not conflict with the Highland Games.  Suggested that the Directors meet on Wednesday and the annual meeting be on Thursday.  Moved by Dan and seconded by Steve. Passed unanimously.

13.   Francis reported that the web site would be up next week for the sheep final. Dan reported that he had talked to Leo and that things really seem to be coming together and everyone seems to be excited about it.

14.   Mike reported that Leo Woodbury has been working to get bids together for the sheep by advertising in regional sheep publications We had voted to have two flocks, one for the Open and one for the Nursery.  .

15.   Francis reminded everyone to get their judges ballots in.  They are due the 19th of March.

16.   Amy moved that the dues dates for membership be moved from Nov. 1 to January 1 seconded by Jeanne Weaver. Unanimously passed.

17.   Dal Kratzer reported that he had asked Martin Penfold how many tapes he would need to have sold for him to continue to film the finals.  Mike said he had talked to Martin and what he wanted was for the HA to buy 50 tapes at retail price which we have done.  We use some of the tapes for potential sponsors.  Martin is satisfied with this arrangement.  The only time we will have a problem with his filming the Finals will be if we conflict with the International.  We need to be able to shift the dates in 2004 so we don't conflict with the International so we can get good judges.  Mike has spoken to Leo and asked him to talk to his committee and Sturgis if we can move the dates and he is checking.  Dal moved that we buy 50 tapes from Martin plus pay up to $500 in expenses for him at the Finals. Amy seconded. Unanimously passed

18.   Steve moved that we change the rules on the Nursery so that we only run back the top 50 dogs at the nursery finals. Mike suggested that if we are going to do this we give the membership a bit of time to have some input on this.  Dan seconded the motion. Dal moved to table the motion and Amy seconded. Unanimously passed.

19.   Gary Westbrook said that a member of his district asked him to suggest that dogs be allowed to keep their points for two years.  Gary was informed that this is by-law and can only be changed at the annual meeting by the membership.  Gary was told to urge his member to submit a by-law amendment.

20.   Jeanne asked if who can vote  in the organization has been changed.  She said her understanding was that only handlers who ran in sanctioned USBCHA trials could vote.  Jeanne thought this could become a major issue as more people become involved in the organization.  Jeanne said the rules now state only open handlers and as the rule is written is maybe what we should be doing.  Currently we are allowing all general members to vote.  On the membership form it asks what trials you have run in.  Steve says what is happening is people are listing open trials they run at when they don't run in the open but in other classes.  Red Oliver read the rule that says that any general member can vote and a general member is anyone who has run in a sanctioned trial. Discussion followed as to what constituted a sanctioned trial and if running in novice at a sanctioned open trial should count.  Amy said that we only sanction Open and Nursery.  Mike formed a committee of Jeanne, Red, Mike, Jeanne will serve as the Chairperson.  Susan said that what we are really trying to do is clarifying the language of an existing rule.

21.   Francis informed the Directors that there is nowhere in the rules that states there must a minimum of ten (10) dogs in an Open class to be a sanctioned trial. This has been common practice for years. Amy moved that an Open trial must have ten dogs to be sanctioned sheep or cattle trial, seconded by Susan.. Unanimously passed.

22.   Meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM Central time.


Respectfully submitted,

Beverly Lambert