Directors on call:      Dan Gill, Lena Bailey, Joyce Geier, Bill Evans, Jim Swift, Stormy Winters, Ricky Fletcher, Werner Reitboeck, Amanda Milliken,  Scott Glen, Sandra Milberg, Amy Coapman, Gary Westbrook, Vergil
Holland,  Kent Kuykendall, Red Oliver, Dal Kratzer, Barb Ross,

Directors not on call: Beverly Lambert, Leo Woodbury, Jeanne Weaver, Don
McCaig, CynDee Cooper

1.      Meeting called to order by President Mike Canaday, at 7 PM, Central  Time.
2.      Francis Raley read the minutes of the last B/D meeting held in  Labanon, Tn. on Nov. 14, 2002.  Stormy moved to accept minutes as read,  second by Amanda Milliken.  Unanimously passed
3.      Mike gave the treasurer's report:  Check account balance Dec. 5th  $ 8,755.34 - Saving Account $36,237.19 - livestock fund  $3,066.59.  Total $ 48,059.22.  Stormy moved to accept Treasure's report, second by Sandra Milberg. Unanimously passed
4.      Mike said the only item on the meeting was nominations for the  officers.
5.      Stormy Winters nominated Mike Canaday, Joyce Geier nominated Kent Kuykendall, Stormy moved that nominations cease, second by Dal  Kratzer. Unanimously passed
6.      Stormy Winters nominated Dan Gill for Vice President, Joyce Geier nominated Susan Carvalho  Dal Kratzer moved that nominations cease, second by Stormy Winter.  Unanimously  passed
7.      Stormy Winters nominated Francis Raley for Secretary.  Stormy moved the nominations cease, second by Dan Gill. Unanimously passed
8.      Mike stated that Francis will be accepting the votes by email or fax for seven days after the ballot is emailed to directors.
9.      Sandra asked how much out of pocket expenses was paid by HA  Association.  She asked if we had enough spectators and sponsors to cover  the cost.  Mike said he thought we had done very well, with the help of people who solicited sponsors.  Some of the sponsors were Tractor Supply Co  giving $5,000, Steve Clendenin's benefit trial donating $8,600, other  donations that probably totaled another $5,000.  Despite the weather being cold and wet the gate took in around $7,000.  If the weather had been better he  felt like there would have been more spectators.  He believed the finals were finically successful as well mainly due to the people in that district that  got behind the Finals.  Larry Jones was instrumental in obtaining sponsorship from Tractor Supply and others.  Mike said he feels that it was a very successful Finals.
10.     Dan thanked the Directors and Joint Trial Committee for their support, everyone working together made a successful Finals.
11.     Joyce Geier asked how Francis would be sending the ballots. Francis will email/fax ballots to Directors with expected date  return of one week.
12.     Ricky Fletcher, retiring Director, said he had enjoyed working with the Directors, and has been pleased with what he has seen taken place and the addition of the web site.
13.     Stormy Winters moved to adjourn, second by Sandra Milberg.

Francis Raley, Dec. 10, 2002

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