USBCHA B/D Meeting  -November 14, 2002
Lebanon, TN.

 Directors present:    Dan Gill, Stormy Winters, Joyce Geier, Kent Kuykendall, Dal Kratzer, Beverly Lambert, Jeanne Weaver, Red Oliver, Gary Westbrook, Scott Glen, Barb Ross, Lena Bailey, Amy Coapman, Amanda Milliken, Vergil Holland.

Proxy votes Leo Woodbury by Barb Ross – Sandra Milberg by Amy Coapman.

Directors not present:  Sandra Milberg, Bill Evans, Jim Swift, CynDee Cooper, Leo Woodbury, Ricky Fletcher, Werner Reitboeck
ABCA representative not present:  Rusty Child.
Guest present:  Bud Boudreau, Gene & Pat Litton

1.        Meeting called to order by President Mike Canaday, at 6:05 pm, at the Veteran building, James E. Ward Agricultural Center, Lebanon, Tennessee.

2.        Minutes of last meeting were handed out  - Stormy Winters moved to accept the minutes as presented, Dan Gill seconded – Motion passed.

3.        Directors reviewed the Treasurer’s report.  Francis reported she had deposited $5,000 (sheep fund) and $6,400 (premium money) from ABCA.    Oct. 31st checking account balance $19,388.67, savings account 34,241.91, Livestock Fund $3,064.76.

Balance of checking account, Nov. 5 - $59,562.67.  Gary Westbrook moved to accept Treasurer’s Report, second by Stormy Winters.  Motion passed

4.        2003 National Finals Trial, Sturgis, SD:  Gene Litton, member of the Sturgis local committee, stated that he had received numerous requests to shorten the number of days for the 2003 Finals Open and Nursery Finals.  He said the Sturgis bid could handle the running of two fields simultaneous without any problems.  After much discussion Beverly Lambert moved to run two fields (Open/Nursery) for the 2003 Finals, Gary Westbrook second.  A voice vote was taken.  Motion failed.

Dan Gill


Stormy Winters


Joyce Geier


Kent Kuykendall


Dal Kratzer


Beverly Lambert


Jeanne Weaver


Red Oliver


Gary Westbrook


Scott Glen


Barb Ross


Lena Bailey


Amy Coapman


Amanda Milliken


Vergil Holland


Leo Woodbury


Don McCaig


Sandra Milberg


5.        Beverly Lambert moved that Local Committee run the Nursery class before Open with a second flock of sheep.  Unanimously passed.

6.        Donald McCaig motioned to “Thank” the Lebanon Trial Host Committees and Joint Trial Committee for the fine job they have done on the 2002 National Finals, Amanda second.   Motion passed.

7.        Lena Bailey brought up the subject of overseas handlers running in our National Finals.  Discussion followed.  Beverly Lambert moved that the handler must be a resident of a USBCHA district to compete in the National Finals.   Passed unanimously

8.        Nursery qualifying:  Barb Ross suggested that we limit the number of Nursery dogs that are qualifying.   Some of the suggestions were that a dog has two years to qualify but may run in Nationals only once; leave it like it is, run in the Ranch class for qualifications, or the Open class without a shed.  Beverly Lambert motioned to leave qualifying like it is for another year, Jeanne Weaver second.  Motion passed

9.        Kent Kuykendall moved that a nursery dog that places in the top 20% of a full National style judged Open class, counts as a qualifying placing. Amanda second, Motion passed

10.     Mike Canaday discussed the 2003 cattle dog nationals in Red Bluff, Ca. - a committee has been set up to write judging guide lines for the cattle finals.  Rule committee is Red Oliver, Merle Newton, Gary Westbrook, Wayne Butler, Dwain Thompson and Robin Nuffer.

11.     Amanda Milliken suggested that USBCHA have a chat line for information. Discussion followed.  Beverly Lambert moved that all members be automatically be put on a list for information from USBCHA, Amanda Milliken second. Motion failed.

12.     Dal Kratzer moved that the Presidential elections be done by mail in ballot, Amanda Milliken second.  Roll call vote.  Motion passed

Yes votes:  Stormy Winters, Joyce Geier, Kent Kuykendall, Vergil Holland, Dal Kratzer, Beverly Lambert, Jeanne Weaver, Amanda Milliken, Amy Coapman, Gary Westbrook, Scott Glen, Barb Ross.

No votes: Red Oliver, Don McCaig, Dan Gill, Lena Bailey

13.     Dan Gill moved to adjourn the meeting, Jeanne Weaver second.   Meeting closed at 8:15 p.m.

 Tolli Nelson

Francis Raley, Nov. 14, 2002 

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