Directors on call:            Joyce Geier, Barb Ross, Jim Swift, Sandra Milberg, Beverly Lambert, Dan Gill, Stormy Winters, Amanda Milliken, Vergil Holland, Jeanne Weaver, Gary Westbrook, Red Oliver, Dal Kratzer, Don McCaig, Werner Reitboeck, Amy Coapman, Leo Woodbury, Kent Kuykendall, CynDee Cooper, Lena Bailey.  Two proxies - Ricky Fletcher voted by Dan Gill, Scott Glen voted by Stormy Winters.

Director not on call:  Bill Evans

Officers on call: Mike Canaday, Dan Gill, Francis Raley

ABCA representative not on call - Rusty Childs.

Guests on calls: Larry Jones, Susan Carvalho

Executive Director of the Sturgis Chamber of Commerce, Paul Minor

 1.      Meeting was called to order at 7:05, by President, Mike Canaday.

2.      Stormy Winters moved that the minutes of the previous meeting be accepted, seconded by Sandra Milberg. Passed unanimously.

3.      Mike read a treasurer’s report: checking account  $5,526.69, saving account $34,183.86,. There is still $3,059.30 in the livestock fund and $13,000 has already been paid toward the cost of the sheep for this years Finals.  Mike further reported that we have received a check from Royal Canine for $10,000 although we still have not signed this year’s contract with them.

4.      Dan Gill reported on the preparation for this year Finals. Things are now moving along well especially with the help of Larry Jones.  Larry was on the call and reported that they were working closely with the fair board, which hadn't been that aware of everything we needed.  The fair board has been very receptive to our requests, as we have made them.  They have over seeded the field especially on the right and up the center where it was pretty bare.  A week prior to our taking possession of the field they will run a flail mower over the field to make sure there is no stubble.  They are also putting in a culvert and doing some dozer work on the right side where there were some drainage problems.  Dan reported that Larry has raised some money and people have been very helpful.  The field is looking really good.  Dan also reported that Steve Clendenin has put on a benefit trial for the Finals. This group which puts on the nursery series at Steve’s raised over $8,000 Labor Day weekend for the Finals.  This was primarily the work of novice handlers who did this not to help themselves but to help the National Finals.

5.      Dan also reported that Susan Carvalho was at a benefit trial that Clyde Hall put on and looked at tent placement and RV parking and fencing at the Finals site.  A mile of Bluegrass fencing and posts are in KY on a trailer waiting to come down. The scoreboard and clocks and stuff from the Bluegrass is already in TN waiting for us. The Bluegrass people have scheduled clerks and timekeepers and that is all set. There are more tents at the Bluegrass that have been offered and they are planning how to get them down to TN.  Dan said that the committee felt very positive about things that it is really all coming together.

6.      Mike read a report from Carol Leeman (report on file).  Tasks completed since last report:

1.      HA Banquet details finalized - facility, caterer, menu, decorations, and microphone.

2.      Eye Clinic arrangements finalized per instructions from Sally Lacy.

3.      ABCA Board Meeting, arrangements finalized per instructions from Bruce Smart & Patty Rogers.

4.      Scribe coordinator, Missy Carvalho, has volunteers for all clerk positions and one additional volunteer in each accompanying time slot.

5.      Graphic Artist, John Butler, is supervising the work done on the souvenir program.  A local printing company has started design work on the program and is preparing the finished copy of the ads that have been received.

6.      A food concessions vendor has been selected.

7.      Arrangements have been made for the vendors tent, Secretaries building, temporary electric service order, and a water tank for mobile water capability.

8.      Advertising has begun:  Feature article in the "Tennessee Magazine" reaching 500,000 homes, feature segment on Nashville Public Television's "Tennessee Crossroads", MTSDS members did demonstrations at the Wilson County Fair recently for 10 days as a Promo for the Nationals, Nashville's Channel 5 (CBS affiliate) is doing a story on the host organization in the near future, a second press release is soon to be released.

9.      Continuing improvements have been made to the surface of the trial field.  Additional chippings and fill dirt has been added.

10.  Steve Alsup is constructing the setout chute system per written plans provided by Steve Clendenin.

11.  Paul Comer is constructing a handler's platform/post.

Following is needed from the Handlers' Association:

1.      Written confirmation that Dan Gill, or his designee, has assumed full responsibility for providing the necessary fencing.

2.      Detailed drawing showing the area of the field that will be available for use by spectators, vendors and necessary equipment.  Cannot continue with any more detailed planning until we receive some communication from the Trial Committee about placement of the fencing they plan to erect.  In order to effectively prepare we must have this information no later than October 10.

3.      Finally, we need your continued support, considerations and encouragement.

7.      Dan reported that he, Kent Kuykendall and Steve Clendenin spent about three hours walking the field but that no one from the local committee was there to go over it with them. Dan reported that they would be in TN on Nov. 4th with a large crew of volunteers to erect the fence. Kent and Dan agreed that they would need to be on the site to draw a map as Carol Leeman requested. Dan reported that Steve would be in the area around the October 10 and he would talk to Steve about going over there and diagramming it out or walking over it with Carol.

8.      There being no discussion Stormy moved and Gary Westbrook seconded passing the sanctioning rule as proposed by the committee. Rule reads" Trials hosted or sponsored by, affiliated with, or benefiting any organization which advocates or supports conformation breeding or showing of Border Collies, and trials held in conjunction with any event sanctioned or sponsored by such an organization, are ineligible for sanctioning by the USBCHA".  The rule passed unanimously. Dal Kratzer asked where in the rules this would go.  Dal suggested that we require a written commitment from people putting on trials that they will abide by the rules.  Beverly Lambert reported that the feeling of the committee was that compliance was not likely to be a major problem and that at this stage all that was necessary was that the USBCHA take a position and would only need to do more if it became a problem in the future.  Dal said we should have a statement that if the rules were not followed we would de-sanction the trial. Mike reported that we do de-sanction trials if they violate the rules.  Dal suggested that he and Red Oliver re-write the rules around the running order and how it is drawn.  Mike said that all these rules around how the course is laid out and the running order are drawn apply to the Finals and not to all sanctioned trials.  Gary asked that Red, Dal and Beverly get together and discuss this issue. It was decided that all of section two should to be examined.  Mike appointed Red, Dal and Beverly to examine this section of the rules, Beverly to act as chair.

9.      Mike moved on to new business.  Mike read a letter from Kate Broadbent saying she never received a newsletter or an entry form and while she knew the closing date for entries had changed she thought it was August 31 and not August 15 and so had not sent her entries in until to late for the finals.  Since Kate moves around so much from job to job she often doesn't get her mail.  Amy Coapman reported that Kate had been around the scene for a long time and should know that the entry deadline is August first and she should have checked and that this year we have a waiting list and cannot put her at the front of the list.  It was moved by Sandra Milberg seconded by Amanda Milliken that since there is no waiting list for the Nursery Finals that Kate be allowed to run in the Nursery Finals. Two opposed, Ricky Fletcher, Kent Kuykendall, the rest in favor, motion passed.  Barb Ross moved that  Kate has supported the finals a lot that she be put on the end of the waiting list for the open, second by Dan Gill.  Jeannie Weaver asked that we discuss this further as Kate's dogs are very qualified and have a lot of points and the object of the Finals is to find the best dog.  She further said that the big problem is that we changed the closing date and we should take that into consideration.  Jeannie moved to allow Kate to enter the finals if there are scratches from the current order, that she should move to the top of the waiting list.  Barb said she had a motion on the floor.  Mike called for a roll call vote.  Motion passed with 3 no votes - Kent Kuykendall, Ricky Fletcher, Joyce Geier. 

10.  Lena Bailey joined the call.

11.  Mike moved on to the 2003 National Finals. Paul Minor, executive director of the Sturgis Chamber of Commerce made a presentation to the board about their Finals bid.  Dan asked if they would consider doing the Finals for two years with an option for another year. Paul said no that they would not.  Dan said he had been to the motorcycle event the city puts on and it’s a very good event. Paul also said that the city was putting a lot into the event.  Sandra said the proposal sounded great and she has had a positive response from many members around the event.  Sandra said that she would like to have a review after the first year's event and we could discuss the pros and cons around the event.  A review of what needed to be fixed or corrected.  Paul said he had no problem with that.  He said that the Chamber hosted several other events and that this sort of a review is pretty standard after each of these events.  Dan asked about the acquisition of the sheep and the cost. Leo Woodbury said that there are hundreds of thousands of sheep in the Sturgis area.  The plan was to advertise in the local livestock magazines for bids on the sheep and then examine the offered sheep. Dan asked who would have the final say so on whether or not a bid was accepted?  Leo said he would expect it to be up to the HA board to accept the bid.  Dan asked if this could be put in writing that the board would have the final say on the sheep.  Beverly reported that she had a problem with the proposal around the local committee responsibilities.  She felt that it was important to have the trials committee be appointed by the HA and be separate from the local committee.  She felt that the local committees primary responsibility was to put on a good event and that the HA’s responsibility was to find the best dog and that these two goals were not always the same. She also felt it was important that this trial clearly be run by the HA and not by a group of local handlers. Leo said he wouldn't want to have to re-do everything the day before the event because the HA trial committee had a problem with how things were organized. Barb said how qualified the local committee was and that they should be the committee for the whole trial. Donald McCaig said that he was from the Virginia committee and they had a lot of conflicts with the trial committee so he understood the Sturgis Committee’s concerns and but that this is the HA Finals and they need to have the final authority.  Dan said he had no doubt that these people would do a great job, but that the HA needs to have the Finals say. Red suggested that we just call the local committee the Trials committee.  There was considerable discussion. Kent said that the trials committee has always been appointed from all over the country and that we need that input. Dal said it seemed like a recipe for conflict. Joyce Geier said that Bev's points about checks and a balance between the two committees is probably a good thing. Sandra said she observed what went on in Oregon and who said what and that there were a lot of hurt feelings and that this was unnecessary. Mike said that at the Finals every handler should have the same chance and that without the work of the Trials Committee in Oregon this would not have been the case. Donald said that in Virginia they were a really qualified local committee and that there was still some disagreement and hurt feelings and that this was a good thing and probably unavoidable. Paul Minor said that the local committee asked for additional members and maybe the HA could just appoint more people to the committee and that they meet with the local committee and lay out the field?  Donald said that there are different interests around the event. Mike said that Paul was real honest about his desire to have the event in Sturgis because of the benefits the event might bring to the town.  Amanda moved to accept Sturgis's bid.  Stormy seconded. 

12.  Mike said we could go on to other stuff about the proposal and come back to this after Paul left the call.  Mike asked how the money would work.  Paul reported that the Chamber is not a profit making organization and isn't doing this to make money but to bring people to town who will use member services and to have events for people to go to locally.  In terms of the money if there was a surplus with any of these committees we keep the money separate for each event in an escrow account.  Mike asked if they have entered into this sort of an agreement with any other organization that would split the money after three years. Paul said no that there is always the risk that the event won't make it and the Chamber will have to cover the costs.  Mike asked how much money we were talking about from Sturgis to put on the Finals.  Paul said he used the Oregon budget and guessed that while there would be changes he came up with $55,400 which included everything, merchandise, rooms, ten rooms for 8 days $5400, rental cars $1500 and he would try to off set these with donations.  Just talking expenses and he thought he could make an income that would match it.  Mike said he was trying to give a picture of the commitment from Sturgis. $6-7000 would be spent in advertising costs. $2000 was budgeted for tents. $900 for a PA system.  Dal asked about fencing.  Paul thought that they could just get the fencing done as a donation, but it might make sense to buy the wire if we were doing it for three years.  The Chamber of Commerce will pay for fencing.  The city isn't going to lay out any money but the Chamber will.  Mike asked what would be taken in at the gate.  Oregon took in $10,000 in gate.  Paul said he didn't know what to expect.  The Scottish games drew 2400-2500 people and had a gate of about $10,000 at $6 adults and $3 kids.  Paul said that their goal was to break even.  Sandra asked what the Sturgis population was.  In the immediate surrounding area 7,000 and Rapid City is about 65,000 people, but they are counting on a lot of out of town people. The area has 3,000,000 tourists each year.  Mike summarized the expenses of the HA, the sheep, judges, sheep spotters, announcer.  Mike said if there was any money left after three years how would it be split. Paul said we would split 50-50.  Mike asked if that could be included in the contract.  Kent asked about the banquet rooms if they would be paid for by Sturgis committee or the HA?  Barb said that she thought the HA would be responsible for the sheep, judges and supplying the material for the printing.  Paul said he thought it would be a HA responsibility to pay for the banquets.  Leo said the Sturgis committee would find a suitable location and the HA would pay for it.  Paul said he didn’t think there was anything else on the list that would be a charged to the HA.  Kent said this should probably be spelled out clearly.  There being no other questions for Paul he left the call.

13.  Mike said we had a pretty clear idea of what was going to be supplied and asked if Susan had anything else to say about the 2002 Finals.  Susan said they took the panels down to Clyde’s from the Bluegrass and that if the Bluegrass committee was willing they had some additional tents they could loan the Finals.  She also saw the banquet facilities and they look fine.  Mike said Susan also sold $2000 worth of ads.

14.  Donald said he had spoken to Tom Wilson who said he had seen the field and said it was outstanding, a first rate field.  Donald said that a couple of years ago he went around Virginia because we were having so much trouble with these bids and asked about buying a place and setting it up in one place permanently.  The one objection he ran into was that some dogs run better on some courses.  If you are running on the same course every year you begin to breed for one kind of dog.  Donald suspected Sturgis wants to have a gradually increasing successful trial and to continue it after three years. It is a good location in the center of the country with good sheep.  Donald said he wasn't sure how he felt about this but that it was very important.  We are starting down the path of a permanent location for the National Finals and this should go out to the membership, the three years should go to the membership.

15.  Sandra said we don't have a lot of option out there as we haven’t any other bids.  Red said that one of our big problems has always been the planning for the trials.  Half the local committee doesn't show up when they need to.  Amy surveyed her district members how they felt about the three years in the same place.  She said that people were very vocal pro and con on this issue and that there is certainly a local advantage to people and that that needs to be considered.  Dan said that he could see the pros and cons after TN and OK. Gary said that he had had a lot of questions coming into the meeting but he felt he had had them all answered and he felt good about the bid.  Lena Bailey asked if there had been discussion about the Nursery being in the middle of the Open. Lena said this had been discussed before and that she would like to do the Nursery after the Open but if we couldn't then put the Nursery after the Open Semi-Finals.  Leo said that the vote should be contingent on those changes suggested.  Dan said he thought that it was a great committee and wanted to have all the things discussed included in the proposal.  Donald said we should have a lawyer look at this.  Beverly asked if Leo would be comfortable with a trial committee of 4 local committee members and 4 or 5 HA members.  Mike said that we would appoint the committee as we always do but 4 members will come from the local committee. Kent said that the local committee should have people on the committee.  Mike said they always have.  Dan asked if Leo was comfortable with that and Leo said that he was.  Leo said he didn't want to do things twice.  Donald said that if we aren't spending any money on this trial that maybe we can go with some airfares to get some of the committee members out to the trial site ahead of time.  Amanda called question. Red said that the local committee will be the local committee and will be the same through out the trial but the trial committee will make decisions during the trial.  The vote to accept the Sturgis bid for the Finals for the next three years passed, unanimous.

16.  Gary said that in view of all the work Francis does and doesn't get paid  he wondered if we could give EB and Francis a lifetime membership in the HA. Barb seconded.  Motion passed to a resounding cheer.

17.  Mike reported that Lisa Davis is having a trial called the Southern National Sheepdog Championship called the Southern Nationals for short. Mike has received several inquiries about this use of the name National Sheepdog Championship.  Dan said that someone looked into it and by not using the word Finals in the title it doesn’t matter.  Lisa said it was being called this because of the southern national stock car races.  It was decided that no action was required on this matter.

18.  Leo said that with all the nursery dogs coming up does the Nursery need to have its own Finals?  There was some discussion but the hour being late the meeting was adjourned.

 Beverly Lambert

Francis Raley  9-17-2002

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