JULY 31, 2002


Directors on call:           Scott Glen, Barb Ross, Vergil Holland, Lena Bailey, Beverly Lambert, Dan Gill, Red Oliver, Leo Woodbury, Don McCaig, Werner Reitboeck, Gary Westbrook, Jim Swift, Bill Evans, Amy Coapman, Stormy Winters, Kent Kuykendall, Ricky Fletcher, Sandra Milberg,

Directors not on call:       Amanda Milliken, Joyce Geier, CynDee Cooper, Jeanne Weaver, Dal Kratzer

ABCA Representative:     Not on call - Rusty Child

Officers on call:             Mike Canaday, Dan Gill, Francis Raley

Guests on call:               Claudia Franks, Merle Newton

1.       President, Mike Canaday, called meeting to order at 6:00 PM Central Time.

2.       Gary Westbrook moved to accept minutes of previous meeting, second by Sandra Milberg. Passed, unanimously.

3.       Mike gave the treasurer's report - Checking  Account, $ 2,329.51 - Livestock Fund, $ 3,056.66 - Saving Account, $ 34,183.86, total of $ 39,570.03.  Francis said $9,000 has already paid toward the cost of the sheep.

4.       Mike said there would be two quests entering the call.  Merle Newton will be available to answer any questions concerning the 2003 Cattledog Finals bid.  Claudia Franks requested to address the B/D concerning the sanctioning of Gray Summit SDT in October.

5.       Dan Gill, chairperson of the 2002 National Finals, reported the sheep had been received by Vergil Holland.  The lambs averaged 79.14 pounds, all white-faced sheep, healthy, on full feed and will be shorn within two weeks.  Steve Heisman and Bob O'Donnal have been hired for the spotting for the entire trial.  Scott Herns has been hired to work the set out pen.  Susan Carvalho and Carol Leeman are working together and progress is very productive.  Advertising is being sold for the Finals program.  If anyone would like to volunteer to help at the Finals contact Susan Carvalho  # 502-867-1920.  Larry Jones of Lebanon is an active volunteer and working with Susan soliciting donations.  They have been in contact with a number of companies.  Their goal is between $18,000 and $24,000.  Larry has acquired a tractor to use in constructing the temporary fencing.  A mile of fencing material and t-posts has been donated.  Dan said that everything is coming together with a lot of interest from volunteers.  The home office of Cracker Barrel Restaurant is in Lebanon, Tn. and they will donate Gold Club free meal cards, which will be used for the judges.  Dan said he feels good about the Finals, Carol Leeman and all the committees are working together to make a grand event. 

6.       Carol Leeman asked Mike to bring the Directors up to date on the progress of work she has done locally. 

      The rocky area has been filled - some 40 loads of chippings have been spread over the area.  The result is an even surface free from rock outcroppings and crevices.  As material becomes available more chippings will be added. 

      The drainage areas have been addressed; some 20 loads of field dirt have been added to that area of concern. 

      A doublewide trailer (formally used by an auction company's sale office) has been removed from the field.

      A chain-link fence has been erected along the Peyton Road side of the field.

      We are in advanced stages of planning a souvenir program.  Design is complete and printing arrangement has been finalized. 

      Since USBCHA'S decision to mail the program to the membership, advertising requests has increased dramatically. 

      They are gathering a list of local MTSDA volunteers who have committed to work during the Finals.  A coordinator for these volunteers has been named.

      The Wilson Countys tourism director, Ricky Rodriguez, is working with us to get the advertising of the event to the four television stations in a timely fashion.  We are currently working on writing the press releases to be issued at his recommendations.  Mike stated he received today (July 31) a copy of the release.

      A middle Tennessee television show, "Tennessee Crossroads", will film a segment on us in the coming weeks.  It is anticipated to bring in additional attendance at the event.

      A middle Tennessee magazine, "Tennessee", will have a feature story on us that will be released in mid October. 

Tasks in Progress

      Continued improvements to the field.

      Continue gathering information for the production of the program.

      Contracts with tent companies in nearby Nashville are pending.

      Arrangements are pending for facilities for Francis and her staff.

      Work has begun on construction of the set out chute.

7.       Dan asked Kent Kuykendall to comment on who has been hired to spot sheep for the Finals.  Bob O'Donnal is in agreement to set sheep as well as Steve Heisman.  Bob set sheep for the Bluegrass and did a very good job - Steve set sheep at one of the Lexington Finals and has worked the Bluegrass trial for years.  They both have their own horses and at least two dogs each.  They will share the setting responsibility for the entire Finals.  The agreement is $200 a day each plus their fuel out and back home.  Dan asked Vergil Holland to comment on the sheep.  He said the sheep were outstanding good, came through the trip from Texas in good shape.  Vergil feels the lambs will average 90/95 pounds at Finals date.  The yearling ewes that will be used as leaders are also in great shape - they also will be shorn the first of August.  The ewes and lambs will be together at least six weeks to two months prior to the trial.  The lambs get worked as a group each day. 

8.       Mike reported that we have not received sponsorship from Royal Canin.  Francis has been in contact with Sharon Lund and Sharon has submitted the request for the premium money.  Plans are made for their advertisement in the program book and reserved booth space.  Francis will contact Sharon concerning the contract. ($10,000 check has since arrived)

9.       Next item on the agenda was setting the premiums for the finals.  Francis informed the Directors that in 2001, $26,800 was paid to the Open class and $12,00 in Nursery.  Stormy Winter moved to leave premium monies same total as 2001, second by Beverly Lambert.  Amy Coapman questioned about leaving $12,000 the same for nursery but only paying the top twenty.  Passed, unanimously. 

10.   Claudia Frank had request to address the B/D concerning the sanctioning of the Gray Summit trial, Oct. 14, 2002.  She stated she had been a member of USBCHA for a number of years and competes as an open handler.  She felt that it would be a good idea to have a trial at a similar time as the Border Collie of America National Specialty.  Claudia has sponsored several HA'S trial for BC rescue, for Bluegrass and only seemed natural to sponsor a trial for handlers who were not familiar with an ISDS type trial could come and participate since they would be in that part of the country.  Also, the local trialers in that area would have an opportunity to earn open points. She did speak with CynDee Cooper (director in that area) to make sure that they would not be ruffling any feathers and it did not seem to be a problem.  Claudia made application to the HA office the same as before through Francis and their secretary, Connie Brannen, and did not think anymore about it until she read some email messages.  She concluded from the messages that the trial sponsors had a hidden agenda.  She feels that people do not understand how the AKC defines things and were throwing rocks without knowing the whole situation.  She had posted the Board recently and thought if anyone had any questions she could answer.  Claudia spoke with her friend Jeanne Weaver and apparently what she plans to do is not to do anything about the October trial but perhaps offer a change in regulations for the sanctioning of trial and whatever the rules are she would follow. No attempt was ever made to be subversive to the HA or ABCA.   The Board of Directors of BCSA  had no intention of  offending USBCHA.  Claudia stated, nothing was intended in a negative way.  She asked if anyone had any questions.  It was asked if there is any incentive going to be offered to handlers who participate in ISDS style trials to cross register their dogs with AKC.  Claudia said there was not - it is set up like any other USBCHA trial, open to any breed and anyone can enter, money has been donated for prizes.  The BCSA would get $15,000 in entry fees if they put on an AKC trial that day; they are giving that entry fee money up to have the ISDS style trial.  If they had all open handlers that day the most entry fee money they would take in would be $1,700.  It is being done as an educational thing for people and has been put forth as a good thing.  The field is the same location as the Shepherd's Crook trial, about a 275 yard outrun.  The course has been used for USBCHA trials a number of times.  Red Oliver asked if the AKC people pushed you for the trial would the AKC get something out of it?  She said that AKC gets nothing out of the trial.  AKC is only concerned with events that get their event number if you send in an application for and during certain hours and certain grounds.  This is the same type of trial as if she were holding it in her yard.  Beverly Lambert commented that some concerns was in having a USBCHA sanctioned event that was also being sanctioned by the BCSA that it appeared that we were cozening up to that association more than we wanted.  Claudia agreed that it did appear that way because there was no way for her to say BCSA is not a AKC club because it is - but the trial is being held on a separate day without any AKC affiliation, but it does have a BCSA affiliation.  Beverly stated that for us the one is very much the other.  Claudia realized that it is unclear to handlers.  Beverly said she did not think it was unclear as when we were fighting hard to keep the AKC from registering the BC the BCSA stepped up to act as the parent club so dogs could be registered.  Beverly said there is a clear relationship between AKC and BCSA and that's what is offensive.  Claudia said she understood and that she fought as hard as anyone else.  Don McCaig asked Claudia if BCSA was going to have AKC trials during the week?  Yes - the following three days AKC will have trials.  So one could go to the Grey Summit trial, then go over and run in the AKC trials.  Claudia said a lot of people would be doing that if the dogs were AKC registered.  Amy said she had some discomfort when the entry form indicated the trial was sponsored by Border Collie Supporters of America, no one really knew what that meant - and would like to hear Claudia's take on that.  Claudia said the reason it was done that way was because of rules - the BCSA is a member club of AKC, as such they cannot hold events sanctioned by any other group.  For example, if they wanted to hold an American Herding Breed Association trial, in order to do that they have to have another name on their insurance policy.  That is very common practice for member clubs all over the country, but it normally only seen in agility trials.  Mike thanked Claudia for addressing the Directors.  Claudia stated if anyone had anymore questions feel free to email her or give her a call.  Claudia said she would not do this again.  At this time Claudia left the call.

11.   Barb Ross had sent out a questionnaire to see what her district members thoughts were on this subject.  The survey showed that they did not want any association of USBCHA and AKC combined trials.  There was no objection to having a trial in a close location of a AKC trials. 

12.   After a lengthy discussion of sanctioning USBCHA trials Don McCaig moved to leave the sanction on (October Gray Summit) this year but that we make a rule that we will no longer sanction trials which are sponsored the AKC or member affiliated club, second by Beverly Lambert.  After more discussion Beverly stated that it might be best to come back at the next meeting with better wording of the motion, Don said this would be acceptable with him.  Eileen Stein has suggested a rule change and Beverly would like to get back with her.  Don withdrew his motion.  Red Oliver volunteered to serve on the rule committee.  Mike will tell Claudia the sanctioning of Gray Summit will not been pulled but the Directors will submit a proposal eliminating any sanctioning of trials that are affiliated with AKC. Beverly Lambert will chair the rule change committee.

13.   Francis asked the Directors to change the months that the eye test is acceptable.  Beverly moved that the eye test would be good for 27 months instead of 25 months, second by Dan Gill. Passed, unanimously.

14.   Beverly moved that Pat Shannahan and Chuck O'Reilly judge both go-rounds for nursery, John Templeton the first go-round of open, Pat & Chuck the top fifty on Saturday and all three the double lift on Sunday, second by Stormy Winters. Passed, unanimously.

15.   Merle Newton, Red Bluff, CA., came on call to present his 2003 National Cattledog bid to host National Cattledog Finals, April 10, 11, 12, 13 of 2003.  Merle explained the site, type of cattle, size of course, etc. to the committee.  Merle said Red Bluff is accustomed to hosting large events and has ample motels and restaurants to compliment the event.  The trial location is about 18 miles out of Red Bluff.  A local cattleman will be supplying the cattle.  They will be 600 to 700 lb. cattle that are accustomed to being handled on foot.  They have used cattle from the same ranch at other trials and they have worked well.  Cattle will be on site one to two days before the trial.  They have a number of experienced people to help set and handle the cattle.  These people have helped with other trials at the ranch and are very familiar with low stress livestock handling.  The cost of  the Finals will be $9,850.00 - this includes 220 head of cattle, hauling, hay, toilets, tables and miscellaneous expense.  The local trial committee will consist of Merle Newton, Julia Williams, Mike Canaday and Geri Byrne.  Dan Gill moved to accept the Crystal Rose 2003 Cattledog bid, second by Stormy Winters.  Beverly asked if the entire Cattledog Committee was in favor of this bid.  Mike said it was a unanimous vote in favor of the bid.  Beverly called for questions.  Amy Coapman said she is concerned that the $9,800 bid is high enough.  The $1,500 for toilets, table and miscellaneous expense seemed low.  She wondered if the Directors would want to consider putting a little more money into the bid.  Mike responded that they believe there will other monies coming in. The vote was then taken and Passed, unanimously.  Merle thanked the committee for their time and looks forward to the 2003 Cattledog Finals.  At this time Merle left the call.

16.   Dan Gill presented the Cattledog Committee recommendations for 2003 Cattledog Finals.  Amy moved to accept the Cattledog Committee recommendations, second by Dan Gill. Passed, unanimously

      Lowering entry number to the top 60 dogs from 75.

      Open - Two go-rounds, combined scores.  Double lift finals for top 20  - clean slate

      Nursery - 2 go-rounds (combined scores)  - top 10 Finals with clean slate.

      The running order for the Finals will be 1st Open, 1st Nursery, 2nd Open, 2nd Nursery, 

17.   Beverly Lambert moved to pay the Sheepdog judges the same as 2001, second by Stormy Winters. . Passed, unanimously.

18.   Mike has had some inquires about Cyn-Dee Cooper moving out of her district to Texas. The by-laws do not state what happens when a Director moves from their district.  In the past the Director has served out their term.  Beverly and Don will write a proposal to change the By-laws on this matter. 

19.   It was agreed - in the event that entries in the nursery finals exceed 100 dogs only the top 60 dogs will get a second run.  If entries exceed 140 then a standard will be imposed on the first run.

20.   Leo Woodbury suggested:  Sun. Mon & Tue. - first go-round of open.  Wed/Thur/Fri - two go-rounds of nursery.  Saturday - top 50 of open.  Sunday - top 20 double lift.  There was a discussion and some of the Directors thought this would work best for the nursery dogs.  Because the running order has already been published it could not be changed this year.  This will be put forward to the membership at the annual meeting. 

21.   Sandra Milberg asked if any bids had been received for the 2003 Sheepdog Finals.  Leo Woodbury is working on a bid and will let the Directors know when the deal is finalized.

22.   Meeting adjourned at 9 PM central time.


Francis Raley, July 31, 2002




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