Directors on call:  Stormy Winters, Jim Swift, CynDee Cooper, Vergil Holland, Amy Coapman, Gary Westbrook, Werner Reitboeck, Gill Dan, Beverly Lambert, Lena Bailey, Ricky Fletcher, Jeanne Weaver, Leo Woodbury, Don McCaig, Red Oliver, Sandra Milberg, Dal Kratzer, Joyce Geier, Barb Ross, Kent Kuykendall

Directors not on call:                Scott Glen, Bill Evans, Amanda Milliken

ABCA representative not on call:                Rusty Child

Officers on call:                Mike Canaday, Dan Gill, Francis Raley


1.        Meeting called to order at 7:05 PM, central time.

2.        Motion to dispense with reading the minutes made by Dan Gill seconded by Gary Westbrook. Passed, unanimous

3.      Discussion moved to the 2002 Sheepdog Finals.  Mike Canaday said he knew that there were a lot of rumors flying around and he wanted to lay them to rest.  Mike said that the best thing was to go back to the beginning . There should be about $12,000 from the ABCA and another $6000 from the HA.  However, the finals have gotten to be pretty expensive. When the bid was first accepted one of the factors in accepting the TN bid was the desire of our members to have the finals in the east again and that costs a lot more money than a Finals in the west.

4.       Mike said we knew that the sheep were going to be a major expense and we needed to work on that and the whole budget tonight.  Carol originally budgeted $3,500 for fencing which was for professional people to put up the fence.  Mike thought that we needed to be more proactive to control cost over runs. This time we will be putting up quite a bit of the money for the finals and we need to take a more proactive role in where that money gets spent.  Mike said he had spoken to Bruce Smart, president of the ABCA, and he agreed that as expenses come in the HA or ABCA will write checks to cover them.

5.        The rental on the fairgrounds for example was budgeted at $5000 was down to $1200 for a while and Mike said he had just gotten a lease agreement for $2600. This still does not appear to be a fixed amount. This includes the field where the sheep will be kept. There is no extra charge for that field but it will need to be fenced.  Each camper is going to be charged $12.00 a night for hook up which includes electricity and a dumping station. They are also charging us for each vendor $110 and each concession, $35. The total user cost is still being negotiated as they are requiring additional money for EMTs and security. Mike was hoping that we could find some people attending the event that could fill that role. This would be for the use of the grounds from the 10th to the end of the finals.  There is some negotiation possible with this contract but Mike said we are committed to having the finals in Lebanon and its a bit late to go somewhere else. He thought the total for the grounds with the camper fees will be around $8-$9,000 which is about what VA paid. Dan Gill mentioned that there was a man working down in TN who is optimistic about his chances of raising some money. Dan also said that several people are putting on benefit trials for the finals who will make their checks out directly to the HA to help off set the cost.

6.        Larry Tomlinson, the fair ground supervisor, said that even small events at the field garner 4-5000 people. Mike said that he was reluctant to spend a large sum of money advertising since that worked so poorly in KY several years ago.  If we do get spectators, however, these financial problems will be a lot less.  Donald asked who gets the gate. Mike said the good thing is that we will get the gate, but we will have to cover all the expenses.  Donald suggested that we have a lawyer look at the Fair grounds contract and mentioned that Eileen Stein did VAs. Sandra Milberg said she agreed with Donald that we should really have a cap on the final figure.  Several people said that they thought that everything should be in the contract.  Kent said we should get input from all of the directors in the negotiations.  Donald said that Mike did need to move forward with this and we aren't going to be able to negotiate a contract with a committee.  Donald said, we need to trust someone to make the contract.  Kent suggested that the trials committee do it.  Mike said that the guy already had a contract for $5000 that Carol signed.

7.        Donald asked if Carol had the bodies to do the work necessary for putting on a finals?  Kent said probably not. Dan said that he, Steven Clendenin, Kent and Dal will go and do the work to put up the fencing which the Blue Grass is going to loan us.

8.        Sandra asked if there was going to be a problem with the contract getting in early to put up the fencing?  Mike said he has been in contact with the people and this isn't a problem.  Kent asked that we make sure. Barbara Ross said we should have a copy of the original contract.  Joyce Geier said maybe we could compare the two.  Donald said he felt badly about this but he wondered if Carol had the bodies to run the trial.  Dan said they have six active members. Dan said that Larry Jones has taken on part of this and is working on lining up volunteer workers for the gate and that sort of thing.

9.        Joyce asked what actions were going to come out of this discussion.  Beverly Lambert said we needed to authorize someone to sign a contract.  Joyce said that there were many other things that needed to be discussed.  Beverly said that this was all stuff that the trials committee was going to need to handle.  Barb asked who was going to be the liaison between the fair and us?  Should Carol continue to do this?  Donald said this was a good question.  Who is in charge?  Donald said it should probably be Dan since he is the chair of the Trials Committee.  Ricky said that we should just give Dan the authority to make the contract.  Sandra said we need to have a lawyer look at the contract.  Kent asked if Mike was in agreement.  Beverly moved that the Board authorize Dan to enter into a contract for use of the fair grounds.  Donald seconded.  Passed unanimously.  Dan said he will enter into discussion with Mike and the Trial Committee and make an agreement.  Beverly made a motion to authorize trials committee to run the finals under the leadership of Dan Gill.  Amy seconded.  Passed unanimously.  Dan was thankful.

10.     Mike reported that Leo Woodbury has been working on finding a sheep deal for us for quite a while. But with the price of sheep changing most of the early bids have disappeared.  We have had five bids ranging from $18,000 to $25,000 plus feed.  We should have $14,000 in the sheep fund this year. We are going to go with the lowest bid which is a very good bid from someone who will get us good sheep.  Dan said that the sheep will be coming out of Texas into KY in the next three weeks which will give them plenty of time to acclimate.  They will be within 3 hour haul of the trial.  This was the low bid at  $18,000 which includes all of the hauling but doesn't include death loss or feeding at the finals.  Dan moved that we add an additional $4,000 to our livestock fund. Stormy Winters seconded.  Joyce asked where it was going to come from.  Mike said the general fund. These sheep would be the same quality as this years Bluegrass sheep.  Mike said these are not all going to be all lambs each handler will get one ewe and three lambs.  Mike said the lambs are going weigh a minimum of 80 lbs at the finals.  The total should be about 550 lambs and 175 ewes. Motion passed, unanimous.

11.     Mike gave the treasurers report as follows,  checking account $ 2,123.23, livestock fund $4,052.84,  savings acc.  $43,145.03.  Stormy moved and Gary seconded acceptance of treasurers report. Passed, unanimous.

12.     Francis proposed that the minutes of HA Board meetings be posted on the website. She suggested that she have 21 days to post the minutes and they be posted as unapproved and then be dated when approved..  Donald asked that we also post the agenda.  Gary moved, Ricky seconded the motion to post the minutes and B/D agenda.  Passed unanimous.

13.     Francis said she will put the previous meeting’s minutes on the web site now.  Francis will not mail the minutes to the members unless they request a hard copy be mailed to them.

14.     After some discussion Beverly moved that we post the agenda of regular meetings at least 7 days prior to the meeting on the web site. Ricky seconded. Passed, unanimous.

15.     Francis said that premiums for the sheepdog finals need to be approved before the entries go out.  Mike said we haven't received the money from Royal Canin yet.  Lena Bailey said that she would like the monies to be against the number of dogs running, so if 60 dogs run instead of 150 the premiums would be different in the nursery.  After much discussion Stormy moved that we pay the top 20 combined dogs in the nursery, Beverly seconded. Passed, unanimous.  Decision on premium monies were tabled till next B/D meeting.

16.     Moved by Stormy and seconded by Donald that the HA pay the $598.50 to cover over runs at the 2001 finals. Unanimous vote. 

17.     Jeanne Weaver said according to Article II of our bylaws our purpose is to work for the improvement and preservation of the border collies as  working dogs.  Jeanne moved, due to the fact the trial to be held on Oct. 14 in Grey Summit, Mo. was sanctioned by the Border Collie Society of America and to be held in conjunction with a ABC conformation event  for Border Collies which is in direct conflict with the By-laws Article II, I move to withdraw the sanctioning of said trial.  Mike said that there were legal issues involved here and this motion should be run by an attorney.  Donald said that any joint directors of the ABCA and USBCHA should abstain from this discussion and vote.  Red moved to table the motion until Eileen Stein can come up with some legal language, seconded by Dal Kratzer.  Mike appointed a committee to discuss USBCHA's response to AKC registration of working Border Collies.  Jeannie Weaver, chair, Red Oliver and Barbara Ross were appointed to the committee.  The committee will deal with requests of sanctioning for USBCHA trials.

18.     Beverly moved that as a result of an error in the by-laws the rules do not limit handlers to two dogs at the National Finals and in as much as it has been a long standing tradition of the HA that no handler run more then two dogs in finals the board request that no handler enter more then two dogs in this year's finals. There is a by-laws amendment proposed for this year’s annual meeting to limit handlers to run two dogs in the finals.  Red seconded.  Lena asked if this affects entering an alternate dog.  Mike said that it didn't. Passed, unanimous.

19.     Joyce asked if we wanted to broaden our sanctioning to cover people who were convicted of acts of cruelty. After some discussion it was decided to appoint a committee to come up with a recommended amendment to the by-laws after speaking with an attorney.  Joyce Geier chairperson , Amy Coapman, Barb Ross and Gary Westbrook volunteered to help with the committee.  Gary wanted to make sure we were just dealing with dogs.  It was generally agreed that we should limit to the abuse of dogs.

20.     Francis asked what the deadline was for entering the finals, should it remain August 1st.  Dan moved that the entry deadline be August 15th, just for 2002, second by Amy Coapman.  After some discussion motion passed, unanimous.

21.     Mike proposed that every member get a copy of the program for the cattle and sheep finals. All the handlers would do is pay for the mailing if the host committee wished to provide the programs. This would help the host committee in selling advertising.  Lena moved and Dal seconded the motion.  Motion passed..  Joyce Geier opposed,  Barbara Ross abstained.

22.     Beverly moved adjournment and Donald seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:40 PM.


Francis Raley,  July 1, 2002



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