United States Border Collie Handlers Association

Board of Directors Meeting - Running Y Resort, Klamath Falls, OR

September 27, 2001

Directors present:         Red Oliver, Scott Glen, Jeanne Weaver, Dal Kratzer, Stormy Winters, Amy Coapman, Jim Swift, Warren Mick, Dan Gill, Gary Westbrook, Barb Ross, Bill Evans, Bev Lambert, Lena Bailey, Amanda Milliken, and Ralph Pulfer.

Directors not present:   Cyndee Cooper, Pat Collins, Don McCaig, Ricky Fletcher, Werner Reitboeck, Kent Kuykendall, Vergil Holland

Officers present:          Mike Canaday, Dan Gill, Francis Raley


The meeting was called to order by President Mike Canaday at  8:12 PM


Stormy Winters made a motion to approve the minutes of the April 25th meeting. Ralph Pulfer seconded. Motion passed. The treasurerís reports were read and discussed. Amy Coapman made a motion and Gary Westbrook seconded to accept the treasurerís reports. Motion passed.


The Cattle Dog Open and Nursery Finals reports were discussed and clarified. Amanda Milliken made a motion and Amy Coapman seconded that the report be accepted. Motion passed.


Bev Lambert made a motion and Stormy Winters seconded that the audit be approved as presented. Motion passed.


Amy Coapman made a report on the 2001 Sheepdog Finals for John Doyle. She reported that everything was going well and that the sheep were working well. It was suggested that a collection box be put out for the man who was bringing in fresh water for the campers.




Dal Kratzer talked about qualifying for the Nursery finals..Several people were concerned that they may not have enough Nursery trials to qualify if one had to have two qualifying runs. It was stated that it has already been passed that one needs two runs to qualify. Bev Lambert wanted to put a year hold on it before it was put into affect.




It was reported that there was going to be a benefit trial for cancer patient Julie Williams so she and her family can be sent on a trip or something special. The trial committee requested that USBCHA donated the $1.00 per dog that they collected for sanctioning the trial. Stormy made a motion and Bill Evans seconded that the funds be refunded. Motion passed.


Terry Folsom put forth a proposal for the HA to provide a small trophy for the handler to keep when they win Best Gather, Drive Shed and Pen. Amanda Milliken made a motion and Dan Gill seconded that the proposal be accepted as written with the exception of not going back the five years as requested. Motion passed.


Jim Swift and Barb Ross talked about the concern for the dogs that are asked to run during hot weather. Several suggestions were discussed and it was requested that the HA send out a letter saying that the judge has the right to stop a handlers run if the dog seems in distress and suggests that the trial committee make water available even if it is on the trial course. It was suggested that said letter be sent out with the trial packets.


Two proposals for the 2002 Cattledog Finals were presented and the proposal from Bud Finley, Benton Ar. accepted. The motion was made by Bev Lambert and seconded by Stormy Winters.  Motion passed.


Dan Gill made a motion and Ralph Pulfer seconded that the meeting be adjourned. Motion passed and the meeting was adjourned at 9:35pm.


Respectfully submitted by Tolli Nelson

Francis Raley, Nov. 17, 2001